How To Find The Model/Serial Number Of A Washing Machine

If your washing machine develops a fault or needs a replacement part, it helps if you can quote the serial number and model number. This will help the repairer or sales operative identify your exact model making sure you get the correct replacement part.

Finding these identifying numbers can be tricky in some cases which is where this article comes in. In this article I will tell you all of the likely (and unlikely) places you will find the model and serial number for your washing machine.

Where To Find The Model Number & Serial Number On A Washing Machine

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Most freestanding front loading washing machines have a sticker which will display the model number and serial number. Different manufacturers place this sticker in different places which can make it difficult to find. These places include;

On The Inside Of The Washer’s Door

This is the most common place for the sticker to be found. Many manufacturers put the sticker with the serial and model number on the inside of the door.

I listed this position first because, hopefully this is the only place you’ll need to look. The majority of washing machines have the sticker placed on the inside of the door because it makes it easier to find.

It will typically be a white sticker with black text on it which is often located behind the door but attached to the body of the appliance just above the door opening.

On The Door Frame

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If the sticker isn’t above the door, it could be attached to the actual door frame. It will typically be located on the frame just below the glass. 

This used to be common but has gone out of fashion in recent years because in this position the sticker can easily become wet which can cause the text to rub off.

Behind The Washer’s Kickplate

In some cases, the sticker will be located behind the bottom kick plate of the appliance. You will need to lever the kick plate off using a flat screwdriver or similar.

The sticker will typically be located opposite the drain pump on the left hand side of the kick plate. If your washer’s sticker is here, you can either take a photo of it or move the sticker to a more accessible location.

Behind The Filter Flap

Some manufacturers hide the information sticker behind the filter flap at the bottom front of the appliance. All you need to do is open the filter flap and look at the inside of the flap.

Again, it might be a good idea to take a photo of the sticker for future reference.

At The Back Of The Appliance

If you’ve looked in all of the places mentioned so far and you haven’t found the sticker, you’ll need to pull the appliance away from the wall. There will typically be another information sticker located on the back of the appliance.

This is because the manufacturer will have anticipated that the other sticker will have become unreadable over time. The sticker at the rear of the machine will typically be located close to the wastewater pipe.

On The Side Of The Appliance

In some cases, the sticker will have been placed on the side of the washer. Once again this will mean moving the appliance if it is under a worktop or similar.

Once located you might want to take a photo of the sticker for future reference or move it to a location that’s easier to read in the future.

Are There Any Brand Specific Locations For Information Stickers?

Although the location of the sticker giving information including the model number and serial number is often different from model to model, some manufacturers do have a common site for placing stickers. These include;

Location Commonly UsedBrand
Inside The DoorMiele, Bosch, Whirlpool & Hotpoint
On The Door FrameBeko, Hoover, Indesit, LG, AEG & Zanussi

What About Top Loaders?

top loading washing machine drum

On top loader washing machines the information sticker is typically located in one of the following places;

  • Under The Lid
  • On The Back Of The Control Panel
  • At The Bottom Left Corner of The Appliance
  • On The Back Of The Washer Near The Water Inlet

What Information Will You Need?

If you’re after a specific part for your appliance or you want to get a technician to come and investigate a particular fault with your washing machine, it’s best to gather as much information as you can.

You should write down or photograph all of the information found on the sticker including the serial number, model number and any other production numbers etc, and quote this to the spares department or service centre. This will give them all they need to know to ensure they send the correct parts for the job.

What About Integrated Washing Machines?

Integrated Washing Machine

If you can’t find the sticker on an integrated washer from any of the places listed above, your only option would be to remove the appliance from its cupboard location. This can be a difficult task due to many factors including the location of pipework and cabling etc.

Added to which you might damage any flooring when moving the appliance. The serial number and model number on most integrated washers are clearly visible without resorting to moving the appliance.

You might need to be more observant to find it, but it’s usually somewhere easily accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the model and serial number on a washing machine?

The model number and serial number on a washing machine can be found in one of the following places; On the inside of the door, on the door frame, behind the kick plate, behind the filter flap, at the back of the machine or on the side of the machine.

Is the model number the same as the serial number on a washing machine?

No, the model number and the serial number are different things. The model number refers to a group of washing machines which are all the same model. Whereas the serial number is unique to each individual appliance.

Can you tell how old a washing machine is by the serial number?

Yes, you can tell how old a washing machine is by the serial number. This is because each serial number is unique to the washing machine unlike the model number which refers to all models of the same type.

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