Is It OK To Put A Tumble Dryer Under The Stairs?

Wondering if your under-stair space could be the perfect spot for your tumble dryer? 

The good news is, it’s absolutely okay. However, before you roll in the appliance, let’s learn the ins and outs to guarantee a seamless fit and operation. The key? Meeting essential requirements for safety and efficiency, from ventilation needs to power supply considerations.

So, can the space under your stairs truly accommodate a tumble dryer? Let’s find out.

Is The Space Under Your Stairs Ready For A Tumble Dryer? (Requirement Checklist)

Good Ventilation

Proper ventilation is key when considering this placement. Why? Because allowing the hot, moist air produced by the tumble dryer to escape is crucial. If moisture lingers, it might lead to unwanted mould and health issues. Secure a vented door or an open space to facilitate airflow.

Enough Space

Measurements matter! Check if there’s sufficient space for the tumble dryer—15 cm clearance at the back and 30 cm on all sides for proper air circulation. Also, add an extra 120 cm in the front for comfortable door opening. You have to get the right measurements of your dryer and the space under your stairs to make sure it will fit properly.

For a vented door, opt for lightweight materials to maintain an open, breathable space. A vented door is a much better choice than a wooden one because it will allow the heat to escape instead of getting trapped inside.

Power Supply

For a seamless operation, your tumble dryer needs a dedicated electrical circuit. This not only guarantees proper functionality but also prevents circuit overloads. 

If your tumble dryer has a power and water outlet, make sure that you can easily access it in case of emergencies if you need to switch it off.

Consult an electrician if you’re unsure about your current plug socket meeting the machine’s requirements or in need of installing a new one.


Tumble dryers can be noisy but poor installation can also contribute to this. 

To lessen this, secure your machine and make sure it’s properly levelled. Affordable rubber stabilisers attached to the dryer’s feet can help minimise vibrations. 

For an even quieter operation, consider investing in audio foam attached to the door, walls, and ceiling.

Potential Risks of Placing Your Tumble Dryer Under the Stairs

While the under-stairs spot seems convenient, not meeting the requirements could lead to serious issues. 

Health risks, damage to the appliance and space, and even accidents like fires are potential dangers. 

Avoid placing the dryer on a carpet and keep flammable items away, such as clothes and cleaning supplies, to prevent overheating or fire hazards.

Choosing The Right Tumble Dryer For Under-Stair Placement

Tumble Dryer

Vented Dryers

If your under-stairs space is far from an outside wall, or vent installation is impractical, a vented dryer might not be the best choice. These dryers release hot air through a hose requiring external venting to prevent moisture buildup.

Portable Dryers

Designed for small spaces, portable dryers offer flexibility but often come with a higher price tag compared to regular-sized models.

Condenser Dryers & Heat Pump Dryers

Ideal for unconventional spaces, condenser dryers collect moisture in a tank, which you’ll need to empty after each drying session, eliminating the need for water outlets or external vents.

Alternative Suitable Places For Your Tumble Dryer

Considering alternatives? Here are some popular choices:

Utility Room or Kitchen

Vents, electricity, and water connections are readily available in these spaces, making them ideal for easy tumble dryer placement. No need for major renovations, making them both practical and cost-effective. Plus, having your tumble dryer next to the washing machine streamlines your laundry routine.

Bathroom Placement

A creative option if you have ample space and follow the safety guidelines, providing a convenient all-in-one laundry solution. Just make sure there is a safe distance of at least 3 metres from the electrical socket to the bath/shower area.

Garage or Outbuildings

A classic choice, but needs temperature maintenance to prevent machine issues. Keep it above 5°C to avoid operational issues. 

Pro tip: Save space by stacking your washing machine and tumble dryer. Invest in a stacking kit or consult a professional to guarantee a secure setup, and consider noise and vibration levels before stacking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a tumble dryer under the stairs?

Yes, you can put a tumble dryer under the stairs if you meet the necessary safety requirements, like good ventilation and enough space.

Can a tumble dryer go anywhere?

While tumble dryers offer flexibility, they need specific conditions. They can’t go just anywhere; consider factors like ventilation, space, and power supply.

Do you need ventilation for a tumble dryer?

Yes, ventilation is important for a tumble dryer. It allows hot, moist air to escape, preventing issues like mould. Consider a vented door or an open space for better airflow.

Do tumble dryers need space around them?

Yes, tumble dryers need space around them. Add a 15 cm clearance at the back, 30 cm on all sides, and an extra 120 cm in the front for proper air circulation and comfortable door opening.

Where not to put a tumble dryer?

Avoid placing a tumble dryer on a carpet and keep flammable items away, such as clothes and cleaning supplies. Also, it is not ideal if the under-stairs space lacks proper ventilation or sufficient room.

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