Laundry Coming Out The Washing Machine Hot? Here’s why…

All washing machines should rinse using cold water which means that if your clothes are leaving the washer hot, there’s something wrong. This can be caused by connecting the water inlet feeds up incorrectly, the heating element being defective or the washer isn’t rinsing the clothes at all.

In this article I look into each of these issues and explain what’s likely to be causing the problem as well as offering ways to solve it. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Are Clothes Leaving The Washing Machine Feeling Hot?

As I said there are a few reasons why your washer could be leaving your clothes hot. These include;

Inlet Hoses Incorrectly Connected

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The first thing that springs to mind is that whoever installed your washing machine has connected the inlet hoses the wrong way round. If your washer has a hot and cold feed then it needs to be connected to the hot water supply as well as the cold water supply.

The hot inlet hose should be red and the cold inlet hose should be blue and these should be connected to the correct lugs on the washer. If these hoses have been connected incorrectly, it will mean the washer is drawing cold water to wash the laundry and hot water to rinse it.

You can check this by opening the detergent dispenser drawer as the water is running to rinse the laundry. By placing your hand into the flow of water you will be able to determine the temperature.

If the rinse water is hot, it’s most likely that the hoses have been connected to the wrong feeds. This is an easy mistake to rectify as all you need to do is disconnect the inlet hoses and reconnect them in the correct order.

Washing Machine Failing To Rinse At All

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Many modern washing machines are cold fill only which means there is no chance of hot water entering the appliance from outside. Which would indicate that the hot water problem is happening in the actual washing machine.

The most likely scenario here is that the wash cycle runs as normal but then aborts before reaching the rinse cycle. This would mean the washer ends and when you remove the clothes they still feel hot from the wash cycle.

However, the washer should throw up an error code if this was the case. But if you think this is the cause, you will need to start a wash cycle and keep an eye on it as it runs through the various stages.

If it does fail to rinse this could be caused by a number of issues, including;

Twisted Or Kinked Drain Hose

washing machine drain hose

If the drain hose is twisted or has a kink, it can prevent the water from the wash cycle from draining away. The sensors in the machine will detect the presence of water and prevent the rinse cycle from starting. To solve this all you need to do is straighten the drain hose to remove any twists or kinks.

Clogged Drain Hose

If the drain hose isn’t twisted or kinked, the problem could be due to a blockage in the drain hose. You may need to push a plumber’s snake through the hose to clear any blockage.

Clogged Filter

This is the most common cause of a washer that fails to rinse. You will need to consult your user manual for the location of the filter on your appliance. Then remove the filter and clean it under a fast running tap. Any stubborn stains or debris can be removed using a soft brush like an old toothbrush for example. 

Take care when removing the filter especially if the washer still has water in the drum. You will need to place a few towels on the floor as well as a shallow container to catch the water that will gush out through the filter housing.

You will need to only partially remove the filter by unscrewing it then allow water to fill your container and then close the filter again and repeat until the drum is completely drained of water.

Faulty Drain Pump

If the drain pump develops a fault, it will not function properly and water will remain in the drum of the washer. This will prevent the washer from advancing into the rinse cycle.

If you suspect the drain pump is defective, I recommend contacting a technician to investigate and replace the pump if necessary.

Defective Heating Element

Two people putting clothes in a laundry basket from the washer

It is highly unlikely but not impossible that the heating element is working continuously and keeping all of the water used in each cycle hot. You would expect an error code to be displayed if the heating element was defective or the program to abort.

However, a defective heating element could technically cause this issue but it’s extremely rare. Which is why I’ve left it to last. If you suspect the heating element is the cause of the problem I recommend contacting a technician to investigate and replace it if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my clothes coming out of the washing machine hot?

If your clothes are coming out of the washing machine hot it could be because the hot and cold feed hoses have been connected incorrectly and need swapping, the washer is failing to rinse due to issues with the drainage system or the heating element is defective.

Is it normal for a washing machine to be hot?

It is perfectly normal for a washing machine to be hot during a hot wash cycle. However all modern washing machines rinse using cold water. If your washer is hot after the rinse cycle you might have a problem.

How can I fix a washing machine that’s not rinsing?

If your washing machine isn’t rinsing you can fix it by straightening a twisted drain hose, unclogging the drain hose and/or drain filter or repairing or replacing the drain pump. 

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