30 Reasons To Buy A Handheld Steam Cleaner

A handheld steam cleaner is such a useful little tool. If you don’t own one you really are missing out and no doubt struggling to complete tasks that take literally seconds with the steam cleaner. It’s no wonder so many people are buying these great little tools. They’re inexpensive, easy to use and clean hard stains quickly.

If you’re not sure whether a handheld steam cleaner is right for you. Or if you’ve never seen or heard of one before keep reading to find out just how useful and vital a handheld steam cleaner can be.

Here’s Why Handheld Steam Cleaners Are So Popular

  1. Reasonably Priced
    Starting at just under £20 the handheld steam cleaner is amazing value for money.
  2. Removing Stains From Tile Grout
    If you have been struggling to keep the grout clean between the tiles, probably using a toothbrush and grazing your hands and losing your nails in the process. Then you’ll know just what an absolute pain this chore is. Steam cleaners come with a grout attachment, specially designed to remove dirt and stains from these awkward to reach places.
  3. Easily Cleaning Barbeque Grills
    There’s nothing better than having a barbeque on a warm summer’s evening, and there’s nothing worse than cleaning the barbeque grill once it’s cooled down. Using the handheld steamer it’s a doddle, the high pressure steam jet blasts all that grease and grime away in no time. No chemicals, no scrubbing, and no cursing.
  4. Oven Cleaning Becomes Fun
    Dirty, greasy ovens are the curse of every kitchen. Cleaning the oven involves exposing yourself to harmful chemicals and hours of scrubbing with a brush and hot water. The handheld steam cleaner works fast and easily to remove all of the grease, burnt on food and gunk. Leaving your oven as clean as the day you bought it.
  5. Sanitizing And Disinfecting Pet Cages
    Cleaning a pet’s cage can be a chore, it often involves taking the cage outdoors and hosing it down. Then adding disinfectant, some of which can be harmful to pets. Steaming contains no chemicals and yet sanitizes and disinfects as it cleans.
  6. Cleaning The Toilet
    This is another one of those tasks nobody wants to do. It has to be done unfortunately, usually with a scrubbing brush and a lot of elbow grease. A steam cleaner will make short work of cleaning the toilet and due to the angle of the nozzle, it can clean all the parts usually unreachable. All without the need for harmful and often expensive chemicals.
  7. Cleaning Curtains
    If you have ever had your curtains professionally cleaned you will know how much of a chore it can be. First you have to remove the curtains from the track, then remove all of the curtain hooks and then wash and dry the curtains before rehanging them. Using a steamer, you leave the curtains hanging up and steam clean them in their hanging position. Using the upholstery attachment just steam the curtains in a fraction of the time it would usually take.
  8. Sanitize The Dustbin
    We often neglect the dustbin because it’s not a pleasant task, but it needs doing to prevent mould, germs and bacteria. Using the steam cleaner will eliminate smells, germs, and bacteria quickly and efficiently.
  9. Removes Wallpaper Fast
    When redecorating, there is always some wallpaper that doesn’t come off the walls too easily. Instead of struggling with a damp cloth for ages, apply some steam from the steam cleaner and that wallpaper will lift off with ease.
  10. Keep Baby’s Accessories Germ Free
    We all like to protect our babies from diseases and the germs that cause illness. Steam cleaning is a safe, non-toxic way to clean toys, strollers, high-chairs, bouncers, cribs and much more, without resorting to potentially harmful chemicals.
  11. Wrinkle-Free Clothes
    No need to bother with getting the steam iron and ironing board out. Just steam the clothes on hangers using the steam cleaner. Many steam cleaners come with a clothes attachment, if yours doesn’t use the upholstery attachment instead. 
  12. Bacteria-Free Clothing
    Whilst steaming out the wrinkles from clothes, you will also be removing any bacteria as well. The trouble with eco-wash programs on washing machines is they use a temperature too low to remove germs and bacteria, the steam cleaner deals with them keeping your clothes not only wrinkle-free but germ-free too.
  13. Deep-Cleaning Mattresses
    To remove dust and other debris from the mattress which can be a breeding ground for bed bugs and dust mites, vacuum the mattress and then use the steamer to remove all germs,  bacteria, and insects.
  14. Degrease The Stovetop
    Over time, burnt food, grease and other food particles get burnt on and stuck to the stovetop. Instead of applying harmful chemical cleaners and working up a sweat scrubbing the stains away, just use the power of steam. The steam cleaner will remove all stains and bacteria, leaving the stovetop clean and hygienic.
  15. Cleaning The Fridge
    Food and drinks often get spilled in the fridge, we wipe up most of the mess, but the little bits that remain cause the problems. Bacteria sets in causing those spills to smell and create germs. The power of hot steam will deal with the stains, smell and the root cause, the bacteria.
  16. Clean Garden Furniture
    The garden furniture is exposed to the worst of the weather and the environment. To keep it looking clean and fresh, give it a quick blast from the steamer.
  17. Sanitise Door Handles
    The high temperature from the steam will remove any germs and bacteria from door handles and light switches etc.
  18. Clean Ceiling Fan Blades
    The blades on a ceiling fan can get coated in dust and grime, to easily clean them without any struggle, use the power of steam.
  19. Clean And Sanitise Car Upholstery
    Vacuum the seats then use the steam cleaner to deep clean and sanitise the chairs, floor carpets, dashboard and anywhere necessary in the car.
  20. Steam Clean The Windows
    Most steam cleaners have a window attachment this makes short work of cleaning the windows.
  21. Cleaning Furniture
    Particularly useful if you have young children, the steam cleaner with the upholstery attachment will remove stains and bacteria from furniture.
  22. Defrost The Freezer
    Simply unplug the freezer, and apply steam directly to the ice. Be sure to have a large bowl to collect all of the ice melt to save flooding the floor.
  23. Cleaning Carpets
    The steamer is the ideal way to clean carpets. It removes dirt and bacteria without soaking the carpets. Meaning they will dry quicker.
  24. Disinfect The Water Dispenser
    You will sometimes notice mould growth in your water dispenser. This can lead to illness and disease. Use the steam cleaner to easily remove this mould and return your water dispenser to its former glory.
  25. Keep Skirting Boards Spotless
    Skirting boards often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning, and yet they are often the dirtiest part of the wall. To remove dirt, stains and scuff marks easily and fast, use the steam cleaner.
  26. Clean Ornaments
    Dusting ornaments is a chore, but removing the dust with a steam cleaner is fun, and it’s quicker too.
  27. Remove Limescale From Shower Screens
    Hard water creates limescale. That’s one of the facts of life. Steam cleaners can remove the limescale easily. Any stubborn scale can be treated with white vinegar first and then steamed.
  28. Clean And Disinfect The Bathroom Floor
    Steam is a great disinfectant due to the high temperature required to turn water into steam. The high-powered jet of steam lifts dirt. It’s a winning combination in the bathroom.
  29. Low Running Costs
    Apart from the initial purchase price and the water, the only other cost is the small amount of electricity needed to run the steamer. With hand held steamers rated at between 900 to 1600 Watts, the average running cost for electricity consumption per hour is between just under 15 pence per hour and 25.5 pence per hour. But the steamer isn’t needed for an hour so the actual cost is much lower than that.
  30. Environmentally Friendly
    Hand held steam cleaners use no harsh chemicals, poisons, bleaches or anything else that can damage the environment. Just good old H2O – Water.

Average Running Costs For Using A Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Wattage RatingCost Per MinuteCost Per Hour
900 Watts0.24 pence (¼ of a penny)14.4 pence per hour
1000 Watts0.27 pence (just over ¼ of a penny)16 pence per hour
1050 Watts0.28 pence (just under ⅓ of a penny)16.8 pence per hour
1600 Watts0.42 pence (just under ½ penny)25.6 pence per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a handheld steam cleaner take to be delivered?

How long it takes to get a handheld steam cleaner delivered depends on where you buy it. Amazon Prime delivers next day, Wilkinsons offer a 3 day delivery, Argos offers next day delivery, it’s best to check with your local supplier and see what they can do.

Are handheld steam cleaners worth buying?

Handheld steam cleaners are worth buying because they are cheap to buy, environmentally friendly, versatile, cheap to run and easy to use.

What  handheld steam cleaner manufacturer should I order?

There are many well-known and trusted brands manufacturing handheld steam cleaners including Bissell, Ovation, MLMLANT and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a handheld steam cleaner online?

It is safe to shop for a handheld steam cleaner online as long as you buy through a well-known retailer. They will usually have the best deals too.

Can I buy a handheld steam cleaner on finance?

You can buy a handheld steam cleaner on finance, many of the top retailers offer their own finance deals. Or for £20 you can buy a handheld steam cleaner outright.

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