How To Remove Doors From a GE Fridge (read this first)

Go back 20 or 30 years and it was ever so easy to remove the door from your fridge. But nowadays it’s slightly more difficult especially if you don’t want to damage the doors. Keep reading for the safest and fastest way to remove the doors from your GE fridge without causing them any damage.

The easy part is taking the doors off, the difficult part is sourcing and waiting for replacement parts if you do cause any accidental damage along the way. One of the main problem areas found in removing fridge doors are the water pipe and the wiring harness. If these get damaged, you have created a far bigger job and a ton of inconvenience that could easily have been avoided.

To find out how, keep reading.

How To Remove Doors From a GE Fridge

To successfully and safely remove the doors from your GE fridge just follow this straight-forward guide.

You Will Need

  • Masking Tape
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Socket Driver/Ratchet


  1. Remove All Contents
    Completely empty the fridge and freezer of all contents then close the doors and secure them with masking tape.
  2. Disconnect The Fridge
    Unplug the fridge from the power supply or trip the circuit breaker. Then turn off the water supply to the fridge.
  3. Disconnect The Water Line & Wiring Harness
    To locate the water hose and wiring harness, remove the front grill from the bottom area of the fridge. Locate the wiring harness and the water hose which are usually adjacent to each other. Detach the water hose from its connector and repeat for the wiring harness.
  4. Remove The Hinges & The Hinge Cover/Bracket
    On some models the hinge cover is held on by a phillips screw which will need to be removed first. If your model’s hinge cover isn’t held in place with a screw; Hold the hinge cover using the slides near to the back, apply slight pressure to the cover then lift it from the back and repeat the process for the front. Take care and never use a screwdriver to prise at the hinge to be sure not to damage any retaining tabs.
    With the cover removed, use a socket driver or ratchet to unbolt the bolts that retain the bracket to the upper hinge.
  5. Carefully Remove The Door
    Remove the masking tape and gently turn the door to a 90-degree angle. Then lift the door straight up, gently guiding it off the bottom hinge. The door will come off the water hose and wire harness you disconnected earlier, take care not to snag the door on either of these to avoid damage.
    Also make sure that the plastic hinge pin cap remains either on the hinge pin on the unit or the hinge pinhole on the door.
  6. Place The Door Down Safely
    Lay the door on a piece of cardboard, a carpet or a large towel, place the door face up on the protected layer. Then repeat for the other door.


  • The door needs to be lifted straight to avoid damaging the bottom hinge
  • Be aware of the water pipe and wiring harness, any slight pressure at any point could damage them. 
  • Take extra care when laying the door down to not damage the wiring harness or water hose.
  • Place all screws and bolts in a small bowl or container to avoid misplacing them.

To Replace The Doors

Once you wish to replace the doors remember to take care so as not to cause any damage to any parts of the fridge or doors especially the wiring harness and water hose. Just do the following;

  1. Gently Position The Door Above The Bottom Hinge
    Angle the door at a 90 degree angle and have the plastic hinge pin cap still in place. Lower the door carefully onto the bottom hinge ensuring the water hose and wiring harness don’t get pinched or any pressure is applied to either at any point.
  2. Shut The Door
    After ensuring the door is aligned correctly and all the seals and gaskets are lapping the door as they should, secure in position using masking tape.
  3. Replace The Upper Hinge
    Using the socket driver or ratchet, replace the bolts to secure the hinge, Then replace the hinge cover/bracket.
  4. Reconnect The Water Hose & Wiring Harness
    Push the water hose back over the connector fully (until there is no marking visible on the hose). Then connect the wiring harness to the coupling.
  5. Repeat For The Second Door
    Run through the exact same process for the second door.
  6. Reconnect The Water Supply
    Turn the water supply back on and reconnect the fridge to the power supply.

How To Remove The Door Handle On A GE Fridge

There are two types of handles commonly found on GE refrigerators, plastic or stainless steel and they require different techniques to remove them. The plastic handles are painted to resemble stainless steel so you’ll need to be sure which type is on your fridge door before attempting to remove it.

Plastic – Painted Door Handle Removal

No tools are required for the removal of the plastic door handles, simply;

  • Press on the plastic tab under the handle that retains the handle.
  • With the tab pressed against the door gently pull the handle away from the mounting on the door.
  • Repeat with the other plastic tab and remove the handle from the door.

To Replace The Plastic Handle;

  • Reposition the mounting fastener into the slotted bracket.
  • Push the handle firmly which locks it into position and don’t use too much pressure to avoid damage.

Stainless Steel Door Handle Removal

These are secured with Allen screws but the removal process is simple, just;

  • Locate the screws at the inner side of the handle, top and bottom.
  • Use an Allen key to unscrew the screws.
  • Slide the handle from the mounting fasteners.

To Replace The Stainless Steel Door Handle Just;

  • Slide the handle onto the mounting fastener.
  • Secure it in place by replacing the Allen screws.

How To Remove The Bottom Freezer Door On A GE Appliance

This is a relatively simple task which takes far less effort than removing the fridge doors. SImply;

  • Pull the freezer door open as far as it will go.
  • Locate and Unscrew the two screws on each side of the door near the door slides.
  • Remove the screws and then gently lift the door to detach it from the runner.

To Refit The Door Just;

  • Pull out the slides and slot the door onto the socket
  • Replace the screws to secure the door back into its original position.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to remove the doors on my GE fridge to fit it through the door of my new apartment, will this damage the fridge?

Removing the doors of a GE fridge if done correctly and carefully will not damage the fridge. Take care not to lose the screws or damage the water hose or wiring harness.

Do I need to remove the basket from the freezer before removing the freezer door?

Removing the basket from the freezer will make removing the freezer door easier.

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