How To Reset An Amana Refrigerator (the easy way)

Whether you have an Amana refrigerator in your kitchen, cellar, garage or even in your shed as a backup refrigerator, at some point it’s going to need a reset. If that’s the position you’re in right now, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll highlight all you need to know to reset your Amana refrigerator.

Do Amana Refrigerators Have Reset Buttons?

Consult your user manual for full details, but many Amana refrigerators don’t have a specified reset button. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reset an Amana refrigerator. On some models the reset button is located on the control panel in the refrigerator compartment. If not, use the method below.

How To Reset An Amana Refrigerator

The easiest way to reset an Amana refrigerator is to follow these instructions.

  1. Remove The Power Supply
    Unplug your Amana refrigerator or trip the circuit breaker.
  2. Allow The Power To Dissipate
    You need to be sure there is no residue power left within the circuitry of your fridge. This takes between 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Reconnect The Power Supply
    Listen for the compressor to kick in, your Amana refrigerator has now been successfully reset.

This is sometimes referred to as a hard reset but as you can see, it’s not hard at all.

Reasons Your Amana Refrigerator Might Need Resetting

For the most part refrigerators run without any problems, but occasionally they do develop minor faults that cause the appliance to malfunction until it has been reset. Reasons include;

  • Power Outage
  • Showroom Demo Mode
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Evaporator coil frozen

Power Outage

On some Amana refrigerators, after a power outage the letters “PO” will be displayed on the screen This will stop the refrigerator from functioning until you press a button to confirm that you are aware of the problem.

Showroom Demo Mode

This is used to demonstrate the features of the appliance without engaging the cooling system and is purely for use in the showroom. If you accidentally catch the button that initiates this mode, “showroom” will appear on the display screen. As all models vary on the way to get out of showroom mode, you’ll need to consult your particular appliance’s handbook for further instruction.

Sabbath Mode

Some models have this feature which is used mainly by members of the Jewish faith so as not to break their rules and laws concerning the Sabbath. While your appliance is in Sabbath mode there are a number of functions that won’t operate including the dispenser and interior lights, alarms and sounds, and both the dispenser pads and lights are disabled.

You will need to consult your user manual to find out how to exit Sabbath mode as there are various ways depending on the model refrigerator you own.

Evaporator Coils Iced Up

This is a common fault in refrigerators and is usually caused by keeping the fridge door open for too long. To fix this fault, you will need to defrost the appliance by performing a reset but extending the time without power to between 12 to 24 hours to thaw all of the ice.

It is possible to speed up the defrost by using a hair dryer to melt the ice. Be careful not to allow the hair dryer to remain focussed on one spot for too long and don’t allow the cable to touch the ice.

The Correct Way To Reset The Ice Maker On An Amana Refrigerator

If you need to reset the ice maker on an Amana refrigerator just lift the ice maker door, position the switch to “on”. This will start the ice maker dispensing ice. The ice maker will stop producing ice automatically once the storage bin is either full, or has been removed.

The ice maker doesn’t have a dedicated reset button, use the above method to reset the ice maker.

Resetting the Defrost Timer On An Amana refrigerator

To reset the defrost timer remove the cover panel that’s at the bottom of the fridge doors. You will need a flat-headed screwdriver to remove the panel. Then turn the defrost timer’s circular switch until you hear the fan stop. The fan will restart automatically a few minutes later.

How To Reset The Filter Light On An Amana Refrigerator

Depending on the model refrigerator you own you can reset the filter light in one of the following ways;

  1. Press and hold the “Filter Reset” button until the filter light goes out (around 3 to 5 seconds).
  2. Press and hold the “Water Filter” button until the display changes from “replace Filter” to a blue water filter icon.
  3. Press and hold the “Max Ice” and “Max Cool” buttons simultaneously until the display flashes and you hear a beep (around 3 to 5 seconds).

Common Amana Error Codes

If you have an Amana refrigerator that has a display screen, you might notice one of the following codes appear on the screen. Here’s a list of some of the common error codes displayed on an Amana refrigerator and what they mean.

Display Code “PO”

If you see “PO” displayed on your control panel it means you have had a power outage and the fridge needs you to acknowledge the fault and reset the fridge. To do this press the “Measured Fill” button which is under the flashing “Confirm” message.

Display Code “H2O”

If you see “H2O” displayed it means the water filter needs replacing. The water filter status light changes colour between green and red. If your filter light status is red then the filter needs changing as soon as possible.

To reset the light after changing the water filter, press and hold the “Ice Type” and “Light” buttons simultaneously until the status light goes off and the system resets (usually 3 to 5 seconds).

Air Filter Light Flashing

Once you’ve replaced the air filter, you will need to sort out the display light. Directions vary depending on the model Amana Refrigerator you own so consult your manual. But in general press and hold the “Air Filter” button until the filter icons go off (around 3 to 5 seconds).

Air Filter Light Status

The air filter light display runs through a number of colours to signify where in its life cycle the air  filter has reached.

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

If the air filter icon is displayed in blue it means the filter is fairly new, and running correctly.


If the air filter icon is displayed in yellow it means it’s time to order a replacement air filter.


If the air filter icon is displayed in red it means the air filter needs replacing immediately.

Cooling Off 

If you see the “cooling off” icon flashing on your Amana refrigerator’s display screen it indicates that the refrigerator will not be able to cool down because the cooling function has been turned off. Various models have different ways of dealing with this issue but a common fix for this is to press and hold the “Measured Fill” and “ Lock” buttons simultaneously for around 3 seconds this should reset the cooling function on your fridge.

Why Has The “Cooling Off” Icon Started Flashing?

On many models you are required to reset the cooling function immediately after a reset after a power outage for instance. It is also possible to catch the button that turns the cooling feature off during regular cleaning etc.

Door Alarm Light Flashing

If the door alarm light is flashing it indicates that either the fridge or freezer door has been left open for a period of longer than 2.5 minutes. The alarm sound will repeat every 2 minutes until you shut the door(s) to reset the alarm and shut off the sound.

If you have the doors open for a long time while performing a short cleaning of the interior of the fridge or organising the freezer contents. You can temporarily disable the alarm sound by touching any button on the display screen. The “Door Ajar” icon will continue to flash even if you disable the sound until the door(s) are closed properly.

If the “Door Ajar” icon is flashing and the alarm is sounding and you don’t have either door open, check the door seals and that the appliance is standing on a level surface. The door switch needs to make proper contact if the alarm is not to be triggered. A slight misalignment of the doors due to an uneven surface can cause this.

If the doors are misaligned the door alarm will sound and the “Door Ajar” icon will flash because the door switch plates don’t connect correctly. To level and realign the doors watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Amana refrigerator have a reset button?

Some Amana refrigerator models do have a reset button but this doesn’t work automatically. It needs to be manually operated by pressing the reset button for around 30 seconds, others need the reset button and the lock button pressed simultaneously. While others have no reset button and need a hard reset performed to reset them.

Is there a reset button on a refrigerator compressor?

There is no reset button on an Amana refrigerator compressor. To reset your Amana refrigerator’s compressor you will need to perform a hard reset,

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