How to Reset Any Samsung Refrigerator (easiest way)

For the most part, it shouldn’t be necessary to reset a Samsung refrigerator, in fact, according to Samsung there are many occasions where it is inadvisable to reset it. However, there are times when your Samsung refrigerator will need to be reset and it’s always useful to know how to go about this correctly.

To find the appropriate actions to errors with your particular Samsung refrigerator, consult your handbook/manual.

How To Find The Reset Button On Your Samsung Refrigerator

The following suggestions depend on the model of the Samsung refrigerator you own and will not all be suitable for specific models. 

Some models have a reset button which is often located on the control panel or behind the ice bucket.  Others have the reset button located behind a lift up panel on top of the fridge door. For those models that don’t have a reset button any one of the following should work.

How To Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator Using Two Buttons

By holding the following two buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds you should cause the refrigerator to reset. Locate the “Power Freeze” and “Power Cool” buttons, press them both at the same time and hold for around 10 seconds. This should restart the compressor. 

How To Perform A Hard Reset

This action is often the best solution for most of the technological appliances we all have in our homes. It used to be the standard fix for computer nerds back in the day and was something of a joke, but it often works. It involves removing all power from the unit for a period of no shorter than 10 minutes. This is often all that is needed to reset the equipment once it’s plugged back in.

How To Complete A Hard Reset

Simply follow these simple steps to perform and complete a hard reset of your Samsung refrigerator. 

  1. Turn The Fridge Off
    If your fridge has a power button inside, locate it and hold it in until the lights extinguish. This shows the power is off.
  2. Remove The Plug From The Main Supply
    Turn off the electricity supply to the plug socket and remove the plug. If your fridge is enclosed within a cabinet, switch off the power breaker.
  3. Allow At Least 10 minutes To Pass
    It takes a small amount of time for all residue electricity to leave the fridge, 10 minutes is usually more than long enough.
  4. Replace The Plug And Switch The Fridge Back On
    After 10 minutes, replace the plug and switch the refrigerator back on. This should have caused the refrigerator to reset and be working perfectly again.

For the following two or three days keep a close eye on your Samsung refrigerator to be sure it is running correctly.

Check For Manufacturer Error Codes


Smart fridges have the ability to self diagnose what’s wrong in many cases. Check for any error codes displayed and then you can search the Samsung database to see what’s wrong and whether it’s possible for you to fix it or if it needs an engineer to safely repair the fault. 

88 88

If you have an error code that displays “88 88” it is usually the result of the fridge not resetting correctly after a power outage. If this is the case, it’s safe to continue with a reset. 


If you have an error code that displays “OF OF” or “O FF” this means the refrigerator is in display mode. This function is usually only used in store to allow potential customers to see the lights and features without engaging the compressor. If this Samsung refrigerator is a recent purchase it’s possible the store never disabled this function or you or another family member has accidentally activated this mode.

How To Reset A Samsung Refrigerator From Display Mode

To reset the fridge from display mode depending on the model you own you will need to do the following;

  1. Press and hold the Energy Saver and Power Freeze buttons
    Locate and press the energy saver and power freeze buttons at the same time until you hear a beep.
  2. The display panel should now be clear
    If the panel isn’t clear, then proceed to step 3.
  3. Add the lighting button into the number of buttons you press and hold
    You should now try pressing and holding the energy saving, power freeze and lighting button at the same time until you hear a beep.

The display panel should now be clear and the compressor will start in a few seconds.

Common Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes And What They Signify

Error CodeError Code Signifies
5EFridge Defrost Sensor Fault
8EIce Maker Sensor Fault
14EIce Production Fault
22E And/Or 22CFridge Fan Fault (often occurs when the fridge door is left open for too long)
33EIce Pipe Heater Fault
39E Or 39CIce Production Fault
40E Or 40CIce Room Fan Fault
41 Or 42 With/Without flashing Blue LightsFamily Hub Needs Restarting
41CSoftware update Required
76C Or Auto-Fill Indicator FlashingWater Overflow Into Auto-Fill Compartment
84CCompressor Stoppage
85CPower Source Low Voltage Fault
88 88 Or 83E, 85E, 86E Power Outage Or Circuit Breaker Fault
Ice Off FlashingIce Bucket Needs Repositioning
OF OF Or O FF Demo Mode
PC ERCircuit Fault
All Display Icons FlashingFridge Is Running A Self-Diagnostic Programme (not An Error Alert)

How To Reset The Water Filter Light

If you’ve just replaced the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator’s water filter and the filter light remains on, it can be annoying. To reset the water filter light just press and hold one of the following buttons for 5 seconds. Depending on the model refrigerator you own you will need to press either the Alarm button, the Ice/Water button or the Ice Type/Water button.

How To Reset After A Power Outage

We have no control over power outages which can occur at any time. Weather and climatic conditions are often the cause or the utility companies can cut the power if there is a fault in the line or they’re working close by. If, after the power returns you are aware that your Samsung refrigerator has not reset correctly, follow the steps above for a hard reset.


How To Reset The Ice Maker On A Samsung Fridge Freezer

Samsung has two different ways for resetting the ice makers on their refrigerators. The two types of ice makers used by Samsung are;

  • Flex Tray
  • Heated Tray

But regardless of which type you have it’s of vital importance that you never reset your ice maker more than once every 24 hours. This is because you could cause the ice tray to overfill which causes complications with the water filling the bucket and freezing which will prevent you from pouring ice.

Resetting A Flex Tray Ice Maker

On flex tray models, just press and hold the reset switch which is located underneath the ice maker until you hear the motor start up. Then it’s a matter of waiting until all functions go back to normal.

Resetting A Heated Tray Ice Maker

On models with heated trays, remove the ice bucket by releasing the latch on the side. Then look for the reset button, it will be a rectangular shape, and be made from either rubber or a translucent material. Hold it in for 10 to 15 seconds and listen for the beep (models made before 2010 will not beep).

Then replace the ice bucket and wait, it can take up to 6 to 8 minutes for the ice maker to reset and up to 24 hours for the ice maker to be fully working again.

How To Reset The Touch Screen

If your Samsung refrigerator has a touch screen, it is designed to go blank after a set period of time of inactivity. If it isn’t working, locate the removable panel which is usually on the top right, inside the fridge door. Open the panel by sliding the panel upwards.Find the red switch and check whether the switch is in the “on” position. If it is on, turn it off and wait for around 15 to 20 seconds and then switch it back on. It should then reboot itself.

If, after trying this for yourself and you have no success, it’s time to call in an expert.

How To Reset The Control Panel

If, after a power outage the control panel isn’t working correctly it is possible to reset it in the following manner. 

  1. Check and disable the child lock (this will often be all that’s needed to reset any error display). 
  2. Turn off the display via the reset switch (usually found on the top of the right-hand door).
  3. After 3 to 5 minutes press the switch again to turn the display back on.
  4. If the Samsung logo is now displayed, you have successfully reset the display.

As we said earlier on in this article, it is always best practice to consult your manual for advice on your specific Samsung refrigerator and any associated problems. We suggest using this article as a guide for simple fixes, but anything more should be referred to an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put my Samsung refrigerator in diagnostic mode?

To put your Samsung refrigerator into diagnostic mode, just press and hold the fridge and the freezer button at the same time and keep pressed for 10 to 15 seconds or until you hear a beep and the screen flashes. This indicates the refrigerator is going into diagnostic mode.

How do I fix my Samsung refrigerator not cooling?

Some easy solutions that can be used to fix a Samsung refrigerator that is not cooling are; unplug it from the main supply for 10 minutes before plugging it in again, taking it off demo mode via the control panel, otherwise it will probably need to be looked at by a service engineer.

Will unplugging a fridge reset it?

Unplugging a fridge will often reset it just as unplugging and plugging in again many electrical items will reset them. Items like PCs etc often can be reset simply by unplugging them for around 10 minutes and then plugging them in again.

What does 33E mean on Samsung Refrigerator?

The error code 33E on a Samsung refrigerator means a fault with the ice pipe heater.

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