How to Reset Any Whirlpool Refrigerator (easiest way)

If your Whirlpool refrigerator has stopped working, and the temperature inside both the fridge and freezer section is way off of your selected level, don’t panic. There could be a really simple fix to get your unit up and running again. Keep reading for the easiest and quickest ways to get your Whirlpool refrigerator working properly again.

How To Reset Your Whirlpool Refrigerator – The Easiest Reset

There are a number of ways to reset your Whirlpool refrigerator but we always suggest trying the easiest way first. This can save you a whole load of unnecessary hassle and have your refrigerator up and running again in no time. 

Use The Reset Button

This should be the easiest solution as it involves little action on your behalf, however, not all Whirlpool refrigerators have a reset button. Assuming yours does, it’s time to perform a factory reset. Locate the reset button which is usually to be found inside the door. Press the reset button and release it, the digital display should now have gone blank.

It should return to its normal functions and you should hear the compressor start working. If, after a few minutes, it still doesn’t work, open the door to the freezer and find the freezer switch. Hold this switch in for a while until the freezer starts up. If there is a water filter on your refrigerator press the water filter icon until it stops flashing and/or press the refrigerator icon and hold it in until the compressor kicks in.

Operate The Reset Button

Simply open the fridge door and look for the button that controls the light. When you open the door the light comes on, and as you close the door it turns off. This function occurs due to a switch located in the ceiling of the fridge which as the door closes glides over and actually pushes the switch inwards. 

You will know you’re pushing the correct button if the digital display for temperature and the light go off as you press the switch in.

This action turns off the light and activates the compressor to start cooling the refrigerator to your selected temperature. Once you’ve located this switch press it in 3 times and close the door. This is often enough to reset the refrigerator and if you can hear the compressor, well done, you’ve successfully reset your refrigerator. If this hasn’t worked, don’t worry, there are other simple fixes we can turn to.

How To Perform A Hard Power Reset

This sounds so much more impressive and difficult than it actually is, to perform a hard power reset simply locate and remove the plug from the power supply. Yes, that’s right, unplug the refrigerator. If your refrigerator is fitted into a unit and you can’t get to the plug don’t worry, just find the circuit breaker and turn the power off there.

Leave the refrigerator unplugged or switched off for around 30 minutes and then replug it, or turn it back on. Allow around 10 minutes for the compressor to start up before assuming it hasn’t worked.

How To Reset The Control Board

To reset the control board of your Whirlpool refrigerator, open the refrigerator door and find the door switches. Press the door switches and the temperature button 3 times within a 10 second period. On releasing the buttons you should notice the display panel for the freezer is showering the letter “S” and the fridge section is displaying the letter “E”.

Press the temperature button for the fridge once, if you can see numbers on the fridge display and the number “1” in  the freezer display. If the fridge display goes blank and the freezer continues to show “1” you have successfully reset the control board.


How To Reset The Ice Maker

If the ice maker has stopped working on your Whirlpool refrigerator or you’re getting not so much ice as slush, it’s time to reset the ice maker. The first thing to do is adjust the feeler arm, that’s the bit that senses how much ice has been made and cuts the power off when there’s sufficient ice in the tray.

The feeler arm usually works freely but it can suffer from a buildup of ice which will prevent it from functioning. Or sometimes the springs and screws attached to the feeler arm get stuck in position. To free the feeler arm simply push it down a few times this should break any ice buildup and allow the springs to function correctly again.

If this has been successful you should hear the tank within the ice maker start to fill with water. If this hasn’t solved it, or, you don’t believe the problem lies with the feeler arm being stuck, press the reset button.

Press The Ice Maker Reset Button

To locate your ice maker’s reset button consult your Whirlpool refrigerator user manual. If you’re in a hurry or have lost/misplaced the user manual, the reset button is usually located in one of the following places;

  1. Under The Ice Tray
  2. Above The Ice Tray
  3. At the Bottom Of The Ice Maker

Once you do find the reset button, just hold it in for around 10 seconds or until you hear a beeping sound. 

Press The Ice Maker On/Off Switch

If this still doesn’t do the trick try pressing the on/off switch for the ice maker. This will be found either underneath the ice tray or under the cover plate that’s under the ice tray, depending on the model you own. Once you do find the switch, turn it off and wait 10 minutes before turning it back on, this should reset the ice maker.

How To Reset The Water Filter Light

After successfully replacing the water filter on your Whirlpool refrigerator you might notice the filter light doesn’t automatically reset. To reset it manually, simply press the options button and select filter reset from the 3 options that appear. Then press the confirm button. You will then hear a beep sound and after a short time period, the filter light will reset.

How To Reset The Defrost Timer


This is a slightly more invasive procedure than any of the others we’ve mentioned so far and not necessarily one for the amatuer DIYer. We include the following information as a guide only, if you are not competent this process should only be performed by an electrical engineer for safety reasons. 

To reset the defrost timer you’ll need to access the back of your Whirlpool refrigerator and remove the screws that secure the panel. It’s vitally important that you remove the refrigerator from the power supply before tackling this task. Locate the defrost timer, and adjust using a flat head screwdriver. Turn it anti-clockwise to reset the defrost timer.

Whirlpool Error Codes

If the display on your Whirlpool shows any of the following error codes it signifies there is a fault with your refrigerator. Some can be fixed at home whilst others will need a competent electrical engineer.

Common Whirlpool Refrigerator Error Codes And What They Signify

Error CodeError Code Signifies
E0Ice Maker Is Faulty
E1Refrigerator Sensor Is Faulty
E2Freezer Sensor Is Faulty
E3Defrost Sensor Is Faulty
E4Fridge Defrost Sensor Is Faulty
E5Freezer Defrost Sensor Is Faulty
E6Control Board And/Or Display Board Are Faulty
E7Environmental Temperature Sensor Is Faulty
E8Environmental Temperature Sensor Is Faulty
E9  Freezer Temperature Is Too High
EE EEIce Maker Circuit Is Faulty

Many of these faults should only be tackled by a competent electrical engineer because not only will you void any warranty, you could also endanger your life if you dabble with something you don’t fully understand.

Why Did The Whirlpool Refrigerator Stop Working?

The most common reason that refrigerators stop working is a power outage. Sadly we have no control over the power supply before it reaches our homes and it’s subject to any number of faults and problems. The weather is the usual cause either too windy, icy or other climatic issues can cause the power supply to become faulty.

All it can take is a 3 second break in power for your Whirlpool refrigerator to detect a faulty supply and shut down as an act of self preservation. Sometimes when having any electrical work done in your home, the electrician has to shut off all of the power, this again can cause the Whirlpool to stop working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reset a Whirlpool Refrigerator by Unplugging It?

You can reset a Whirlpool refrigerator by unplugging it. You need to leave it unplugged for between 30 to 45 minutes, once it is plugged back in, the refrigerator should be reset.

How Do I Reset My Whirlpool Refrigerator after a Power Outage?

To reset a Whirlpool refrigerator after a power outage just hold the lock and filter buttons at the same time for around 3 to 5 seconds. This will then turn on the cooling feature.

Is there a reset button on Whirlpool refrigerators?

Some Whirlpool refrigerators have reset buttons, the easiest and quickest way to reset a Whirlpool refrigerator is to push in the door switch 3 times in 10 seconds. Once released, this should restart the compressor.

Why is my refrigerator running but not cooling?

If your refrigerator is running but not cooling it is often caused by the evaporator coils getting clogged with ice. Defrost your refrigerator to fix this issue.

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