Samsung Dishwasher 4C Error? (here’s why & what to do)

Samsung dishwashers are reliable appliances that don’t usually cause too many problems. But like all electrical appliances, they can get the odd issue. When Samsung dishwashers get any problems they have a self diagnostic system which will show an error code in the display screen.

One such error code is the 4C error code which typically signifies a problem related to the water supply. If your Samsung dishwasher is displaying the 4C error code, keep reading.

In this article we take a look at all of the possible causes for the 4C error code and offer solutions to get your Samsung dishwasher running properly again.

Why Is My Samsung Dishwasher Displaying Error Code 4C?

If your Samsung dishwasher is displaying the 4C error code, it indicates a problem with the water supply. There is insufficient water entering the appliance which means it cannot start the cycle and is giving you notification of this.

There are several reasons why this error code might be displayed which include;

Probable CauseSolution
Water Pressure Too LowCheck the inlet hose, inlet tap and water pressure entering your home
Software GlitchPerform a reset
Defective Water Inlet ValveCheck and replace inlet valve if necessary
Blocked Inlet ScreenRemove and clean the inlet screen
Defective water Level SensorCheck, repair or replace the water level sensor
Misplaced Dispenser TubeCheck and reconnect the tube
Incorrectly Connected Inlet HosesEnsure the correct inlet hose is connected to the correct water supply
Wiring FaultCheck and replace any faulty wire
Defective Control BoardCheck and replace the control board if necessary

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues;

Water Pressure Too Low

The reasons for low water pressure detected in a dishwasher are various and include;

  • The inlet hose is twisted
  • The inlet tap isn’t fully open
  • The water supply to your home has been cut off
  • The water pressure entering your home is too low

The first thing to do is check the water inlet hose for any twists or kinks. Then check that the inlet tap connected to the inlet hose is fully opened.

If both of the above are OK, you’ll need to determine whether there is water entering your home and that it has sufficient pressure. Dishwashers need at least 20 psi water pressure to function properly.

Turn on the cold tap in your kitchen and fill a 1 gallon (4.5 litre) bucket. Time how long it takes to fill. If it takes 30 seconds or less, the water pressure is adequate, any longer, and you’ll need to contact your water authority.

Software Glitch

person pressing a button on dishwasher control panel

This is the most common reason for a Samsung dishwasher to display the 4C error code. To clear this all you need to do is reset the appliance by disconnecting the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes. 

If the error code hasn’t cleared after restoring the power, you’ll need to go on to the next step.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

All of the water that enters the dishwasher comes in through the water inlet valve. It is a solenoid that controls water flow on instructions from the control board.

If the inlet valve is faulty, it could either allow too much, or not enough water into the appliance.

You will need to get the inlet valve checked using a multimeter. This can be a step too far for even an enthusiastic DIYer. Which is why we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

Blocked Inlet Screen

To prevent the inlet valve from becoming blocked, there is a screen or filter which is made from a fine plastic mesh. It is positioned between the end of the inlet hose and the start of the inlet valve.

Over time minute particles of grit or limescale can build up on the screen which can impede the flow of water into the appliance. You will need to turn off the water inlet tap and disconnect the water inlet hose from the appliance.

You can then remove the screen using a pair of long-nosed pliers. Carefully wash the delicate screen under running water and remove any grit or limescale build up. Then replace the screen and reconnect the inlet hose before turning the inlet tap back on.

Defective Water Level Sensor

There is a water sensor in a Samsung dishwasher that is responsible for detecting the water level in the tub.  If this sensor becomes defective, it can cause the 4C error code to be displayed. 

The water level sensor is a small device typically mounted to the side of the tub and will either be a pressure switch, float switch or an optical sensor.

You will need to get this sensor checked and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Misplaced Tube 

loading a dishwasher

There is a transparent tube that connects the water supply hose to the detergent dispenser. This can become misplaced or disconnected from one end or the other.

You will need to access this tube and ensure it is connected correctly. This involves dismantling various parts of the appliance and is best left to a technician.

Inlet Hoses Connected Incorrectly

Some Samsung dishwashers have a hot and cold inlet connection. If the hot inlet hose is connected to the cold water supply and vice versa, it could cause the 4C error code to be displayed.

Wiring Fault

It is possible that a broken wire or faulty connector could cause the 4C error code to be displayed. 

There are many wires and connectors on a Samsung dishwasher which is why we recommend getting a technician to check this for you.

Defective Control Board

The control board controls all of the components of the dishwasher. If you have checked everything else and the 4C error code is still displayed, it could be the control board needs replacing.

The control board is a delicate component and can become damaged easily. Which is why we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

How To Prevent Error Codes Occurring


Once you have solved the 4C error code issue, there are some measures you can take to help prevent it happening again. These include;

  • Regularly Cleaning Your Dishwasher
    To keep your dishwasher running at its best, you should perform regular cleaning and maintenance. The filter should be cleaned monthly along with cleaning the door seal. You should also run a hot service wash at least once per month using a commercial cleaner or white vinegar.
  • Only Use Approved Detergents
    You should only ever use dishwasher detergents approved by Samsung in your Samsung dishwasher and ensure to use no more detergent than is necessary.
  • Ensure The Water Pressure Is Adequate
    You should regularly check that the water pressure entering your home is adequate for the proper functionality of your dishwasher.
  • Address Any Problems As Soon As Possible
    If you notice any problems like clogged hoses, water leaks or any other issues, get them checked out and repaired or replaced by a technician as soon as you can.

By doing all of the above you should reduce the risk of any error codes appearing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 4C error code mean on a Samsung dishwasher?

The 4C error code on a Samsung dishwasher indicates there is an issue with the water supply. It is a safety feature to prevent the appliance running with insufficient water which could damage the appliance.

How do I reset my Samsung dishwasher?

To reset your Samsung dishwasher all you need to do is disconnect the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows any residue power to dissipate.

How can I tell if my home’s water pressure is too low for my Samsung dishwasher to operate correctly?

To check the water pressure entering your home in order for your Samsung dishwasher to operate correctly, fill a 1 gallon bucket with water from the cold tap in the kitchen. If it takes 30 seconds or less to fill, the water pressure is adequate. Any longer, and the water pressure is too low and you should contact the water authority.

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