Samsung Ice Maker Jammed? (here’s what to do)

This is a common problem and not just with Samsung ice makers, it appears to be a common fault among ice makers in general. If the ice maker on your Samsung refrigerator is jammed, or if the ice maker on another refrigerator is jammed, keep reading. In this article we look at what causes the ice maker to jam and how to fix it, as well as offering a few solutions to prevent the problem occuring again.

Samsung Ice Maker Jammed – Common Cause & Fix

The most common reason an ice maker gets jammed and won’t dispense ice is an ice buildup. For whatever reason the ice maker gets frozen and can’t dispense ice. To solve this annoying issue, defrost the ice maker.

How To Defrost A Samsung Ice Maker

To defrost the ice maker on your Samsung refrigerator just set the forced defrost mode. The forced defrost mode essentially turns on the fridges heating system which melts all of the ice that’s built up in the freezer, ice maker and evaporator, while simultaneously disengaging the compressor.

Forced Defrost

To initiate forced defrost mode press and hold the “Energy Saving” and “Fridge” button at the same time until the fridge starts beeping and the screen goes blank (around 8 seconds). Then tap the “Fridge” button until it displays Fd (forced defrost). Let the forced defrost mode operate for around 10 minutes which should be long enough for any ice that’s stuck to the ice bucket or the ice maker itself, to melt.

Then take the fridge out of forced defrost mode by repeating the initiate procedure, press and hold the “Energy Saving” and “Fridge” buttons until the Fd displays on the screen. Then press the “Fridge” button once more, the display will turn blank. After a short time (around 15 seconds) the beeping will stop and the display will return to its normal display.

We quoted the most common forced defrost command that’s used on many Samsung refrigerators but different Samsung fridges use different button combinations to initiate forced defrost mode. Consult your user guide for more details on how to initiate forced defrost mode on your model.

What To Do If Forced Defrost Hasn’t Worked

If your fridge doesn’t have a forced defrost mode or you tried it and it hasn’t helped, remove the ice bucket. Before we go on, we should talk a little about Samsung ice maker buckets, there are various ways of releasing the bucket, some have lever releases, others have a push button to release the ice bucket. Determine what type of release mechanism your fridge has before attempting to remove the ice bucket.

Even once you’ve determined on the mechanism used to release the ice bucket from your fridge, there is still another hurdle to cross. Some ice maker buckets simply need lifting and pulling to remove them. Others just slide in and out, once you have the correct method of removal, take the ice bucket out.

Once the ice bucket is removed take a look for any ice buildup still remaining around the ice maker. If there is still ice there, melt it using a hair dryer and mop up and dry any water before continuing.

For more on Samsung ice makers not coming out follow this link.

Samsung Ice Maker Jams Regularly

If the ice maker jams up regularly, reset it as this sometimes solves the problem. 

Ice Maker Reset

To reset the ice maker press the test button on the ice maker. It will beep to let you know the test has started, once it finishes it will beep again, this takes around 5 to 6 minutes.

You then need to leave the ice maker alone so it can produce ice again, this can take between 24 to 48 hours. After this time check to see if it’s operating correctly, if not you’ll need to run your own diagnostic by checking the following parts;

Ice Maker Seal/Gasket

The seal is there to prevent any warm air from entering which will cause an ice buildup and prevent the ice maker from operating as it should. Check the seal for damage or dirt buildup, if there is dirt wash using warm soapy water and a soft cloth and be sure to dry it afterwards. If it’s damaged it will need replacing.

Defrost System

The defrost system on a fridge consists of a thermostat, timer and heater if any one of these is defective, the ice maker will suffer from an ice buildup. Check that the defrost heater is functioning correctly and also check the thermostat and timer using a multimeter.

Ice Maker Compartment

If there are any cracks in the compartment they will allow warm air to enter which can and will cause ice to build up. It is possible to seal the compartment using a silicone compound but be sure to use the correct one.

If all of the above has no effect, it’s time to replace the ice maker. Removing the ice maker is a simple enough procedure but if you are not confident or competent call an engineer. Or, if your refrigerator is still under warranty, contact Samsung before dismantling anything to avoid compromising your warranty.

How To Remove The Ice Maker


Unscrew the screw that is holding the wire housing cover in place, and pull the cover gently towards the front to loosen it. Then move the wires from the side of the compartment, just press the clip that keeps the wire harness in place, this will release it, then move it out of your way. 

On the right side of the ice maker, remove the screw that’s holding the plastic conduit then gently move the conduit to the right hand side just enough to remove the ice maker. Take care as the conduit is fairly brittle so handle it gently. 

Once the conduit is out of your way you should see a coil running under the ice maker, gently push the coil out of your way using a screwdriver push down on the coil gently. Then press the clip at the top of the ice maker and hold it to make the ice maker loose. Whilst pressing the clip, pull the ice maker towards you gently and if it sticks just gently shake it from side to side to free it.

It may seem there was an overuse of the word gently in the above description, there’s a reason for that. It’s because almost every part you need to touch is delicate and will cost not only money to replace, but time. You’ll need to order the parts and wait for them to arrive etc. Plus if the refrigerator coil gets damaged, you could just need to buy a new fridge. This is why we always recommend calling in an expert if you’re not 100% certain of your abilities.

Samsung Ice Maker Not Working At All

This could be a quick fix, just turn the ice maker off and then back on again. Touch the “Ice Maker Off” button once to change “Off” to “On”. If this doesn’t work, try the ice maker reset method above. Still no joy? Try a hard reset.

Samsung Hard Reset

To perform a hard reset on your Samsung refrigerator simply;

  • Disconnect from the power supply
  • Leave for 10 to 15 minutes (for power to dissipate)
  • Reconnect the power supply

Performing a hard reset will reset everything on your Samsung fridge, not just the ice maker. This will often solve an ice maker problem, as many problems with ice makers are due to power outages. After a power outage, the ice maker often won’t work unless it is reset.

Other Things To Check

If the ice maker is jammed on your Samsung refrigerator it might just be not working because the child lock is activated. Check the display panel and adjust as necessary.

Bucket Not Fitted Correctly

If the bucket hasn’t been replaced correctly the ice maker won’t dispense ice which could seem like it’s jammed.

Ice Maker Drip Clips

If water is dripping from the ice maker onto the evaporator fan vent and freezing, it can prevent the ice maker from operating correctly. Installing  drip clips is a simple, yet effective way of preventing the ice maker from freezing up. They are placed on the rear wall condenser coil and direct water down to the drain (which is where it’s supposed to go).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the reset button on Samsung ice maker?

The reset button on a Samsung ice maker is located underneath the motor housing on the front of the ice maker. Press and hold the reset button until you hear the ice motor start.

How long does it take for Samsung ice maker to reset?

After pressing the reset button and hearing the motor engage, the reset takes around 5 to 6 minutes.

How much does it cost to replace an ice maker?

The cost of replacing an ice maker varies between $300 to $450 (£396 to £ 595) depending on the make and model of your refrigerator.

How long does it take for a Samsung fridge to make ice?

The time it takes for a Samsung fridge to make ice is between 6 to 12 hours.

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