Samsung Microwave SE Code? (here’s why & how to fix)

The SE or 5E error code on a Samsung microwave indicates that there’s a problem with the membrane keypad or control panel. This can be caused by a number of issues including damage, wear and tear, old age or electrical problems.

In this article we take a close look at the causes and solutions to the SE error code on a Samsung microwave.

What Causes The SE Error Code On A Samsung Microwave?

There are several issues that could cause the SE error code on a Samsung microwave. They include;

Probable Cause Solution
Electrical GlitchPerform a reset
Electrical FaultInvestigate, repair/replace any damaged wires or connectors
Faulty Control PanelReplace the control panel
Faulty Touchpad MembraneReplace the touchpad membrane
Defective Control BoardReplace the control board

Let’s look at each of these issues in more detail;

Electrical Glitch


Sometimes there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the microwave at all. The problem is due to an electrical glitch or software error. If you suspect an electrical glitch is the reason why your Samsung microwave is displaying the SE error code, you can often clear it by performing a reset.

This is a simple task that requires you to press and hold the stop/clear button on the control pad for 3 to 5 seconds or until the display clears.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to perform what’s known as a hard reset.

How To Perform A Hard Reset On Your Samsung Microwave

To clear an electrical glitch or software error on your Samsung microwave simply do the following;

  1. Disconnect The Power Supply
    Remove the plug from the wall socket or flip the circuit breaker to the off position.
  2. Allow The Power To Dissipate
    Leave the power disconnected for 10 to 15 minutes to allow any residual power to dissipate.
  3. Confirm The Reset
    Restore the power supply and tap the touchpad to confirm the reset.

That’s it, the microwave has been reset. If the SE error code is still displayed or returns soon afterwards, it could be one of the following.

Electrical Fault

The SE error code can be caused by moisture damage to the inner space of the microwave. Which can lead to short circuiting or burnt out wires or connectors.

There’s also the possibility of the wires or connectors becoming loose during the normal operation of the microwave. Any of these issues could lead to the SE error code being displayed.

We recommend contacting a technician to investigate the wiring and other electrical components and replacing any that prove to be damaged.

Faulty Control Panel

If the control panel develops a fault, it will fail to communicate with the control board which could lead to the SE error code being displayed.

As with all parts on a microwave, there is the potential for serious harm or even death from electrocution unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Which is why we recommend getting a technician to check the control panel and replace it if necessary.

Faulty Touchpad Membrane

The touchpad is made up from a double layered membrane which makes contact with a flat ribbon cable to send messages to the control board.

If the membranes become damaged, or the flat ribbon cable fails to connect with the touchpad, the SE error code could be displayed. The control pad sometimes lights up but the microwave fails to respond to the commands.

You might even get problems with the buttons sticking or simply not responding at all. This all typically means the touchpad will need to be replaced which is another job best left to a technician.

Defective Control Board

The control board controls every function on your microwave. When a button is pressed on the touchpad, a message is sent to the control board which then executes whatever function corresponds with that particular button.

If there’s nothing wrong with the touchpad, the fault could be with the control board. Testing the control board and replacing it if necessary is definitely a task best left to a technician.

Control boards are expensive parts and they’re quite delicate too. A technician will be best placed to advise you on whether it’s worth replacing the control board or whether buying a new microwave might work out a financially better prospect.

Ways To Prevent The SE Error Code on Your Samsung Microwave

Samsung microwave

Once you have successfully cleared the SE error code from your Samsung microwave, you should follow these tips to help prevent it from reappearing;

  • Keep The Control Panel Clean
    You should get into the habit of regularly cleaning the control panel of your microwave to prevent dirt, grime or grease from building up. Any greasy or grimey build up can cause the touchpad to fail to respond correctly.
  • Never Use Excessive Force On The Touchpad
    Applying too much pressure or exerting undue force on the touchpad can lead to buttons sticking or becoming unresponsive. Which could cause the SE error code to be displayed. Always use a light fingered touch when operating your microwave.
  • Take Care When Handling Liquids
    When handling liquids or greasy foodstuffs, always take extra care and don’t allow any moisture or liquid content to fall onto the touchpad or control panel. In the event of accidental spillage, always wipe the spill up immediately to prevent any short circuits or other damage.
  • Always use Microwave Safe Dishes
    When using the microwave, always use microwave safe containers to prevent a build up of excessive heat or even worse sparks and fire.
  • Adhere To The Manufacturers Guidelines
    Make yourself familiar with the user manual for your microwave to ensure you always follow manufacturers instructions. By always sticking to the guidelines, you can help prevent any issues like the SE error code.
  • Stick To A Regular Maintenance Schedule
    Routine maintenance and a regular cleaning schedule can prevent your microwave from succumbing to any serious or potentially serious issues. Wipe the interior and exterior of your appliance regularly to prevent a build up of grease or grime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the error code 5E on a Samsung microwave?

The error code 5E or SE on a Samsung microwave indicates that there’s a problem with the membrane keypad or control panel.

How do I fix the SE code on my Samsung microwave?

You can fix the SE error code on your Samsung microwave by; performing a reset, getting the electrical wiring, connections and components checked by a technician, replacing the control panel, replacing the touchpad or replacing the control board.

Why does my Samsung microwave say SE on it?

If your Samsung microwave says SE on it, it means that it has detected a problem with the touchpad.

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