How To Turn The Samsung Ice Maker On And Off (easy way)

If you have recently purchased a Samsung refrigerator and want to know how to turn the ice maker on or off without bothering to refer to the user manual, keep reading. This really is one of the easiest tasks to perform and will take you seconds to do.

How To Turn The Samsung Ice-Maker On/Off

As there are different model Samsung refrigerators available some of which employ different methods for turning the ice-maker on/off choose from one of the following;

  1. Press the button that says “Ice Maker” and hold until “Off” appears on the screen (usually around 3 seconds).
  2. Press “Ice Type” and run through the options (Crushed Ice, Cubed Ice and No Ice) Select No Ice and the ice maker is turned off. Any ice already made can still be dispensed in the usual way when the No Ice option is selected. But the ice-maker won’t produce any new ice until you carry out the off procedure in reverse.
  3. Press Ice Make button until “off” appears on the screen (around 3 seconds) this works on ice-makers located in the bottom freezer section of the refrigerator.
  4. On French door models, just open the door and locate the control panel. Press and hold the door alarm button to unlock the panel (around 3 seconds). Then click the ice maker button once to select Ice Maker Off. To turn it back on repeat in reverse.

What To Do If The Ice Maker Won’t Turn Off

You should note that apart from checking the shut off arm, all of the following could invalidate your warranty and cause more harm than good.

If the ice maker won’t turn off you’ll need to get slightly more hands-on to sort it. Start by checking the shut off arm, to do this disconnect the refrigerator from the mains power by unplugging it or turning the circuit breaker off. 

Then lift the shut off arm gently until it locks. Reconnect the power supply and ascertain whether the ice maker is making ice or not. If it is still making ice, the arm isn’t working and probably needs replacing. 

It could be the ice maker control module that’s not functioning correctly. To check this you’ll need an expert because unless you actually know what you’re doing, you could seriously damage the appliance and get a serious electric shock.

The shut off switch could also be faulty, once again, unless you have the relevant skills this is best left to a fully qualified electrical engineer for safety reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off the ice maker on a Samsung French door refrigerator?

To turn off the ice maker on a Samsung French door refrigerator you need to open the door and locate the control panel. Then press the door alarm button until it unlocks the panel, then simply tap the ice maker button once. The display will now show “ice maker off” then close the door which will automatically lock the control panel.

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