What Is An Auto Dosing Washing Machine? (& how does it work)

Auto dosing is one of many new features that has been rolled out by many of the major washing machine manufacturers over the past few years. But what is auto dosing? And how does it work? These are just two of the questions we’ll be answering in this article.

If you want to know all about auto dosing in washing machines, keep reading.

What Is Auto Dosing In Washing Machines?

Auto dosing has been used in commercial washing machines for a number of years. It makes sense in a commercial environment where human error could so easily cost a company a lot of money and extra work.

The idea is that the machine detects how much laundry is in the drum and automatically adds the correct amount of detergent to ensure that particular load gets washed and rinsed correctly.

The machine has a detergent reservoir that is filled with detergent and once the drum has been loaded and a programme has been selected, the machine calculates exactly how much water and detergent is needed to successfully wash that load.

How Does An Auto Dosing Washing Machine Work?

Auto dosing washing machines rely on technology to detect the weight and condition of the laundry to determine exactly how much detergent is needed to clean that load.

It will add the correct amount of detergent for each wash load. Unlike the way we currently add detergent where we might not use quite enough. Or more likely use too much detergent which is then left in the clothes after the final rinse.

As you fill up a reservoir in the washing machine, it means you will not even have to think about detergent for around 4 to 5 weeks depending on how often you use your machine.

What Are The Benefits Of An Auto Dosing Washing Machine?


The main benefits of an auto dosing machine include;

  • Less Detergent Used
    It is claimed that using an auto dose washing machine uses 30% less detergent compared to manually adding detergent.
  • Saves Money
    As less detergent is used, you save money on the cost of replacing detergent so often.
  • Accurate Detergent Dosage
    Auto dosing takes all of the guesswork out of adding detergent to a wash load. It calculates exactly the amount needed based on the materials being washed, how dirty they are and the amount of laundry in the drum.
  • No Need To Add Detergent Every Wash Cycle
    Some auto dosing machines have a detergent reservoir of around 1.3 litre capacity. This should last for around 26 washes.
  • Makes Clothes Softer
    If you use too much detergent, it doesn’t all get rinsed out which leads to clothes becoming hard. This can lead to scratchy towels, holey shirts and rough sweaters. Using an auto dose system eliminates the chance of using too much detergent.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Auto Dosing Washing Machine?

There are several disadvantages to using an auto dosing washing machine which include;

  • The Purchase Price
    Washing machines with auto dosing technology tend to be at the pricier end of the washing machine scale. Of course auto dosing isn’t the only new innovation available on these high end appliances, but does the extra purchase price merit the functionality?
  • Limited To Liquid Detergents
    All auto dosing systems can only be used with liquid detergents. If you prefer powdered detergents, auto dosing is not really going to work for you.
  • Often Uses Too Much Detergent
    The preset amount of detergent is often more than is normally used or needed. The advertising blurb states that it uses exactly the correct amount of detergent but the reality is often different.
  • The Cost Of Detergents
    If you use the manufacturers preloaded detergents they work out around 50% more expensive than your regular liquid detergent.

Are All Auto Dosing Washing Machines The Same?

They say that variety is the spice of life and when it comes to auto dosing washing machines, there is some variety. Various manufacturers have been quick to jump on to this particular band wagon. For instance;

  • LG Smart Washing Machine with ezDispense
    This auto dosing machine features a 35 wash reservoir.
  • Hisense Auto Dose
    This machine has a reservoir that holds enough detergent for 16 washes.
  • Bosch i-Dos
    This has the capacity in the reservoir for 26 washes.
  • Miele TwinDos
    This system is unique because it uses its own brand detergent and comes in the form of two reservoirs. One has an enzyme based detergent and the 2nd has an oxygenated bleach agent.
  • Haier Smart Dosing
    This system has a detergent reservoir that holds enough detergent for 21 wash cycles.
  • Candy Auto-dosing
    This system also has a reservoir large enough to hold detergent for 21 wash cycles.
  • Samsung QuickDrive Autodose
    This Samsung Autodose has a reservoir that will hold enough detergent for 16 wash loads and washes up to twice as fast as a regular Samsung washing machine.

Do You Have To Use Special Detergent In An Auto Dose Washing Machine?

A person putting laundry detergent into a washing machine

Many washing machine manufacturers are introducing these auto dosing systems in their appliances. Some like Miele recommend using their proprietary range of detergents. 

However, it is possible to load the reservoirs with your own preferred liquid detergent. Even Miele allows you to purchase empty reservoirs that can be filled using your own choice of detergent.

Can You Use Powdered Detergent In An Auto Dose Washing Machine?

You can use powdered detergent in an auto dose washing machine as long as you add the powdered detergent into the dispenser drawer (which is called manual) and switch off the auto dose before commencing the wash cycle.

Is It Worth Buying A Washing Machine With Auto Dosing Technology?

As we said earlier, the auto dosing technology has been around for some time in commercial washing machines. Where it has proved to be very useful for large, industrial cleaning companies.

Whether it’s worth buying a similar type of technological advancement for your own home, is something only you can answer.

It does reduce wash times, detergent usage, water usage and electricity usage. Which could be advantageous to you and your household. But whether the savings justify the extra purchase price is something only you know.

One thing worth remembering is that what often happens with these new technological advancements is once they’ve been around for a while, the price seems to even out. 

So if there’s nothing wrong with your current washing machine, we suggest you wait until you actually need a new one before deciding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do auto dosing washing machines work?

Auto dosing washing machines work by adjusting the amount of detergent needed based on the load size, fabric and level of grime automatically. This prevents using too much or too little detergent in each wash. The detergent reservoir needs refilling after a set number of washes (different brands have different sized reservoirs).

Is an auto dosing washing machine good?

An auto dosing washing machine is good from the perspective that you will use less water, less detergent and save on electricity costs as well. However, they can sometimes use more detergent than is always necessary.

Can you use powder in an AutoDose washing machine?

It is possible to use powdered detergent in an auto dose washing machine as long as you add the powdered detergent into the dispenser drawer (which is called manual) and switch off the auto dose before commencing the wash cycle.

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