Where Can I Put A Washing Machine In A Small Flat/Apartment?

When you’re living in a small flat or apartment, every inch of space is precious. You might wonder where on earth you can fit a washing machine without it taking over your living area. 

Deciding where to put a washing machine can seem like a tough puzzle. The key? Finding a spot with access to water, drainage, and electricity. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some smart and practical solutions. Keep reading to learn how you can sneak a washing machine into even the smallest of spaces!

Where Are The Best Spots For A Washing Machine In A Small Flat?

Integrated Washing Machine

In smaller living spaces, every corner counts. The ideal location for your washing machine is one that balances convenience and practicality, while making sure it has all the necessary connections.

Pick A Place In The Kitchen For Your Washing Machine

The kitchen is often the perfect spot for your washing machine, especially in small flats. Most kitchens are already equipped with the necessary plumbing and power connections, making installation a breeze. 

For those with integrated models, these machines can smoothly blend into your kitchen layout, hiding behind a worktop door. It’s a sleek solution that keeps your appliance out of sight when not in use.

Having your washing machine in the kitchen isn’t just about saving space; it’s also incredibly convenient. It allows you to multitask efficiently – you can keep an eye on your laundry while preparing a meal or cleaning up. This proximity also means you can quickly address any issues that might arise during the wash cycle. 

However, do remember that not all kitchens will have the space for a full-sized washing machine. Measure your available space carefully and consider a compact or slimline model if necessary. Also, ensure there’s adequate ventilation to prevent excess moisture and heat buildup, which can be an issue in smaller kitchens.

Try A Cupboard For A Neat Laundry Space

Transforming a spare cupboard into a dedicated laundry space is a clever way to incorporate a washing machine into your small flat. This approach allows you to neatly tuck away your appliance, keeping your living area uncluttered. 

But remember, it’s crucial to get the measurements right. Your cupboard needs to be large enough to not only fit the washing machine but also provide extra room around it for proper air circulation, prevent overheating, and to accommodate any movement during the washing cycle.

Bear in mind that this option might involve some additional costs. You may need to modify the existing cupboard or even build a new one specifically designed for your washing machine. Also, consider the need for proper plumbing and electrical connections in this area. 

If you’re unsure whether your cupboard or chosen space is suitable, it’s always wise to seek professional advice. They can help ensure that everything is set up safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind and a functional laundry space in your flat.

Check If The Bathroom Works For You

washing machine and dryer in bathroom

Considering the bathroom for your washing machine? It’s a smart space-saving move, but you need to be mindful of UK safety regulations. The most crucial rule is ensuring there’s at least a 3-metre gap between the washing machine’s power outlet and the bath or shower area. 

This requirement is all about safety, preventing any electrical mishaps in a damp environment. In small flats, fitting a washing machine in the bathroom while adhering to this guideline can be tough, but it’s not impossible. 

Measure your space carefully and plan the layout to see if you can make it work. If it seems too tight, you might want to explore other areas in your flat for your washing machine. Remember, safety comes first!

Make Use Of Your Garage Space

Using the garage is a clever way to save valuable space inside your flat and can significantly reduce the noise from your washing machine, especially during those vigorous spin cycles.

Washing machines can be sensitive to extreme cold, so it’s important to make sure the temperature doesn’t fall below 5°C, especially during the chilly winter months in the UK. If the temperature is an issue, you might need to think about insulating your garage or providing some form of heating to protect your machine from the cold.

Keep in mind that setting up a washing machine in the garage might require some initial setup work or renovations. For instance, if plumbing isn’t already in place, you’ll need to have this installed. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional to ensure that everything is set up correctly and safely.

Pro Tip: Got a washer and a dryer? Stack them! This is a space-saving trick that can really open up your flat, giving you more room to live and breathe.

What Are The Other Options To Maximise Space In A Flat?

laundry room with pile of clothes

What if you just can’t find the space for a washing machine in your flat? Don’t fret, there are other ways to solve your laundry needs.

Consider The Size Of Your Washing Machine

When it comes to small flats or apartments, the size of your washing machine is a crucial factor. Let’s look at a couple of types you might consider:

Washer Dryer

In a small living space, a washer dryer can be a game-changer. This two-in-one appliance not only washes your clothes but also dries them, eliminating the need for a separate tumble dryer. This saves precious space, and you don’t need additional installations like external ventilation for the tumble dryer or plumbing for the washing machine.

Portable Washing Machine

person washing clothes in portable washing machine

For those with extremely limited space, a portable washing machine is a brilliant solution. These are smaller than traditional washers and designed to be space-efficient. You can easily tuck them away in a cupboard or under a counter when they’re not in use. 

They’re also a great choice if you move frequently or don’t have the option of installing a standard washing machine in your flat. Plus, they’re often more affordable, which is always a bonus.

Pro tip: When dealing with laundry, it’s not just about washing; you also need to consider how to dry your clothes. If space is limited, you can opt for a washer and air-dry your clothes, saving both space and money on utility bills.

Utilise The Launderette Near Your Flat

Sometimes, the best solution is just to use a local launderette. By opting for a launderette, you not only free up space in your flat but also avoid the initial expense of purchasing a washing machine. Additionally, you’ll save on the ongoing costs associated with running a machine, such as electricity and water bills. 

Launderettes typically have larger, industrial-size machines that can handle bigger loads and more robust cleaning, which can be more efficient than home washing machines. This means you can do all your laundry in fewer trips, saving time and effort. Plus, many launderettes offer additional services like dry cleaning or ironing, making it a one-stop solution for all your laundry needs.

Opt For A Laundry Cleaning Service Instead

If you’re really tight on space or just want to avoid the hassle altogether, consider using a laundry service. By choosing a professional service, you won’t have to worry about fitting a washing machine in your flat. Not only does this save you valuable space, but it also means you won’t have to spend time doing the laundry, nor will you have to deal with the noise and maintenance of a washing machine.

They’ll do all the work for you – washing, drying, and folding – and all you have to do is pick up your clean clothes. Plus, these services often have the expertise to handle different types of fabrics and clothing items with the care they require, ensuring your clothes stay in top-notch condition.

Consider Hand-washing Your Laundry

person wringing clothes by hand

And let’s not forget the most space-saving method of all – handwashing. It’s a versatile solution that can be done anywhere with access to water, like in your kitchen sink or bathtub. 

Hand-washing is particularly gentle on your clothes, protecting them from the rigorous tumbling of a machine wash. It’s a simple, cost-effective choice that doesn’t require any additional space or installation. Additionally, it’s an eco-friendly option, often using less water and detergent compared to machine washing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you put a washing machine in a flat?

In a flat, you can put a washing machine in the kitchen, a cupboard, or even in the garage if you’ve got one. It’s all about finding a spot with access to water, drainage, and electricity, plus enough space to fit the machine comfortably.

How to do laundry in a small apartment?

To do laundry in a small apartment, you can use a compact or portable washing machine, place it in a space-saving spot like under the kitchen counter or in a cupboard, and consider air-drying clothes to save space. Alternatively, you can use local launderettes or laundry services.

Can a washing machine be installed anywhere?

A washing machine can’t be installed just anywhere; it needs to be placed where there is access to water, drainage, and an electrical outlet. Plus, you should consider factors like ventilation and temperature, especially in places like garages. Some common areas include the kitchen, or cupboard, but always consider space and safety regulations.

Is it OK to install a washing machine in the bathroom?

Yes, it’s OK to install a washing machine in the bathroom, but you need to follow UK safety regulations. Ensure there’s at least a 3-metre gap between the washing machine’s power outlet and the bath or shower area to prevent any electrical hazards.

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