Reasons To Buy An Integrated Washing Machine

We are living at a time when everything is done for our benefit and ease of living. Cars have become more comfortable, central heating can be operated remotely by mobile phones, the list goes on and on. So what about washing machines? What have washing machine manufacturers done to improve our lifestyle?

Well, plenty, there are washer dryers that take up less space, cooler wash temperatures, and many other features. Talking of space, how about those of us who live in a small flat or apartment? Where can we fit a washing machine?

How about in a cupboard. Because that’s what an integrated washing machine is, a washing machine fitted into a cupboard. But why would you want an integrated washing machine?

Why Buy An Integrated Washing Machine

Below we’ve set out the reasons to buy an integrated washing machine in no particular order. They are:


As the integrated washing machine is hidden behind the cupboard door, it is invisible. 

So Quiet

Integrated washing machines are fairly quiet anyway by design, but once that cupboard door is shut, you can hardly hear a thing.

Doesn’t Cause Any Obstruction In The Kitchen

The integrated washing machine sits behind a cupboard door in a fully integrated kitchen. All the cupboards are a uniform size, and all protrude the same amount of distance into the room. A freestanding washing machine would stick out far further and spoil the line of the kitchen.

Conveniently Positioned

As the washing machine is in the kitchen, it is easy to soak heavily stained clothes in the sink, and transfer them to the washing machine without dragging wet washing through the house.

Cost Less To Run

Purely because these integrated machines have a smaller capacity, they wash less clothes and use less soap powder and electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are integrated appliances a good idea?

Integrated appliances are a good idea if space is at a premium. If you have a small home, integrated appliances will work well. You need to work around integrated appliances, get those fitted first and then work out cupboard spaces.

Can a normal washing machine be integrated?

A normal washing machine can be integrated but it means you will have to make a bespoke cabinet. And arrange the rest of the room around it.

Can I replace an integrated washing machine with a freestanding?

You can replace an integrated washing machine with a freestanding but you will have to get used to it sticking out into the room, whereas the integrated one was fitted flush and didn’t show out.

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