36 Reasons To Buy A Pressure Washer

If you’ve never used a pressure washer, you really are missing out. They are so much fun to use, and it is such a satisfying feeling seeing a filthy area spotlessly clean after you’ve given it a blast. You are missing out on the fun, the cleanliness, and the time saving made possible from owning and using a pressure washer.

Let’s be totally honest, we all have so many jobs to do every day that anything that saves time and energy is beneficial. Where would you rather be, on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush, or sitting in the garden having finished all the chores? Don’t worry about answering that we would all rather be sitting in the garden than scrubbing the floor.

Here’s Why So Many People Are Getting Into Pressure Washing

So let’s get into the reasons you will benefit from buying a pressure washer and using it in your home.

  1. It Saves You Time
    Whatever you have to clean, it will be at least 10 times faster using a pressure washer than just by hand.
  2. Low Noise – Quiet Operation
    Believe it or not, using an electric pressure washer is a pretty quiet experience. If you go for a petrol pressure washer you can expect more noise but electric are quiet.
  3. Streak-Free Car Cleaning
    Using a pressure washer to clean the car will result in a streak-free finish, no need to wipe dry etc.
  4. Cleans Aluminium Siding Fast And Thoroughly
    Over time aluminium siding can get really filthy, birds poo, pollution and dust can all cling to the siding and make it look really dirty. A pressure washer will clean all that dirt and debris away in a short time.
  5. Clear Blocked Gutters
    A blocked gutter can cause you so many headaches, from damp on the walls, to weed growth, guttering ripped down in heavy snow etc. A quick blast with the pressure washer will clear the gutter and prevent any problems.
  6. Saves Water And Water Costs
    Water is a commodity like any other, you get charged for the amount you use. By using a pressure washer you will use around 80% less water than using a hose and brush.
  7. Keeps Wood Decking Looking Sharp
    Over time wood decking can get stained and dirty. Pressure washing will remove all of those stains fast. 
  8. Removes Oil Stains From Driveways Easily
    Instead of getting down on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush, you can stand in comfort and clear those oil stains fast.
  9. Cleans Concrete Drives Quickly
    With just a quick spray your concrete drive will be clean and looking like new.
  10. Makes The Garage Floor Look Pristine Again
    It’s not just concrete drives that can get oil and grease stains, garage floors are notorious for collecting oil stains. Using a pressure washer will clean those stains away in a very short frame of time.
  11. Keeps Fences Clean
    Vinyl fences collect dirt dust and debris. Even mould and mildew can collect on vinyl fences. It can take ages to clean and scrub this clean but using a pressure washer will take a fraction of the time.
  12. Prepare Wood For Painting
    Before painting or sealing wood it needs to be cleaned. If not the stains will show through the paint or sealant. A short gentle blast with the pressure washer will clean the wood much quicker than doing it by hand.
  13. Get That Patio Furniture Looking Like New
    If the patio furniture has spent all winter outdoors it’s likely to be covered in mould, mildew and dirt. A pressure washer will remove all of those stains fast and easy. 
  14. Clean the Windows Quickly And Thoroughly
    Cleaning windows is so much easier with a pressure washer, you’ll find you can reach all the hard to get at bits that you normally struggle to reach.
  15. No Need For Climbing Ladders
    Using a pressure washer with a wand attachment or an extension lance,means you never need to struggle up the ladder to clean any outdoor part of your house again.
  16. No more greasy Barbeques
    The only thing wrong with having a barbeque on a warm summer’s evening is the state of it the following morning. Grease, fat, burnt on food, charcoal and ash make it a real hard task to clean the barbeque after use. A pressure washer does the job quicker and so much easier than by hand.
  17. Keep Kids Toys Clean
    If the kids toys have spent all winter in the yard, they’re going to be covered in dirt, grime, mould and mildew. A quick pressure wash will get them clean and ready for use again.
  18. Bring A Pathway Back To Life
    Over the weeks and months our pathways become dull and dirty. A quick blast with the pressure washer and they look fresh,clean and bright again.
  19. Brighten The Whole House
    As long as you take care you can clean the whole exterior of the house using a pressure washer. Without scrubbing, climbing ladders, getting exhausted, and most importantly it’s fun.
  20. Brighten The Brickwork
    Mould, mildew, even moss can grow on brickwork. The easiest and quickest way to get rid of it, is with a pressure washer.
  21. Keeping The Keel Clean
    If your boat has barnacles, or seaweed growing from the keel, it looks unsightly, and it slows the boat down too. Give it a quick blast with a pressure washer and bring it back to its original glory.
  22. Clear Mud From An Off Roader
    Off roading is fun, challenging, but fun. What’s not fun is cleaning the car afterwards. Pressure washing the car will remove the mud and bring the car back to its former self. There are portable, cordless pressure washers that can be carried in the car, then you can wash it easily before you bring it home.
  23. Easy To Clean The Car Chassis
    No need to crawl around on hands and knees with a bucket, sponge, and cloths. Just gently blast the underside of the car with a pressure washer, and the chassis will be mud-free.
  24. Keep Car Wheels Showroom Shiny
    When you first bought your car, the wheels will have been meticulously cleaned. Sadly by the time you drove it home, the wheels were already caked in dust and dirt. Using a pressure washer is ideal for keeping wheels spotlessly clean.
  25. Keep The Mountain Bike Clean
    If you like to ride off-road, through the hills on your bicycle, but don’t want to take half the mountainside home with you, pack a cordless pressure washer in the car and give your bike a blast before going home.
  26. Easy Cleaning The Easy Rider
    Motorcycles can get filthy, whether it’s city dirt or country mud, a pressure washer will clean your bike in a matter of minutes.
  27. Garden Tool Maintenance
    Spades, forks, rakes, hoes, even lawnmowers should all be cleaned and coated with oil or anti rusting agents before being packed away for the winter. Pressure washing will get them clean in minutes. Giving you time to do whatever you want.
  28. Gives You Your Free-Time Back
    If we’re honest we’d all rather be relaxing on our day off, but there’s the driveway to clean, or the boat,or the car, you know how it is. If you do try to relax there’s that nagging feeling that you could have got that job done. Well get the pressure washer out, the job will take minutes not hours, and then you can get on with some serious relaxing.
  29. Get The Pool Clean And Winterised In A Fraction Of The Time
    If you’ve ever cleaned a pool out for the winter, or worse still, left it ‘til spring you’ll know what an absolute chore it is. Not if you use a pressure washer. That pool, poolside, and poolside furniture will be clean and ready to go in a few short minutes.
  30. Keep Your Driveway Weed Free
    How many times have you weeded the drive, only to come home 2 or 3 days later and find more weeds? Many times right? If you pressure wash those suckers out of the drive, and then seal the drive, they won’t be back anytime soon.
  31. Keep The Pests And Bugs Away
    Weeds act as a trap for soil, litter, leaves and much more. If the weeds are there eventually so will all the other undesirables appear. Once litter accumulates, so do rodents. You can’t blame them , they’re just trying to survive, but it’s best if they survive somewhere else. Rodents bring germs, then bugs appear. And to think one quick blast of the drive with a pressure washer and no more weeds. How many other problems are solved with that one act.
  32. Keep Your Drive Slip-Free
    Where there is weed growth, there is a trip or slip hazard. Using a pressure washer to get rid of the weeds will prevent the driveway becoming slippery.
  33. Keeps Artificial Grass Pet Poop Free
    If you have an artificial lawn, and a dog, then you will know all about clearing the dog poop away. You might clear up after your dog frequently, but there’s always those little bits you miss. These become breeding grounds for germs and diseases. Give them a short blast with the pressure washer once the large pieces have been removed. And the astroturf is clean and fresh again.
  34. No Wet Rags Or Sponges Hanging Around
    Pressure washers have on-board tool storage, and you’ll probably only need to use a nozzle, washing by hand entails cloths, rags, sponges and brushes. After use they will all need rinsing and drying.
  35. Cheap To Run – Saves You Money
    Electric pressure washers are usually rated at around 1500 watts, if your utility company charges 16 pence per unit, an electric pressure washer with a rating of 1500 will cost just 24 pence per hour to run. Unless you’re cleaning the entire building, you will not be running the pressure washer for an hour. Cleaning chores typically take between 10 to 20 minutes using a pressure washer. A 20 minute session will cost on average 12.5 pence.
  36. Fun, Fun, Fun!
    We’ve just given you 35 legitimate reasons why you should buy a pressure washer. And we’ve saved the best and most important one ‘til last – Fun. Pressure washing is a fun thing to do. It’s no chore (don’t tell the boss), it’s a pleasure. Not only is it fun, it’s also such a satisfying experience watching filthy, dirty, areas transform in seconds into clean, tidy, inviting places.
pressure washing

Don’t Suffer From House Or Car Envy

It’s easy to look at your neighbours house or car and get slightly jealous, their house is always clean and the pathways are tidy and weed-free. Plus sitting on their weed-free, oil-stain-free clean driveway, is their immaculately clean car. The secret to their almost magazine show home, is almost certainly a pressure washer.

You can enter this exclusive, stress-free, lifestyle at very little expense. For just under £80 you can buy a well known branded electric pressure washer. For under £50 you could own a portable cordless pressure washer. We think this is a little price to pay for all the time you will save, and the fun you’ll have.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to purchase a pressure washer?

The best time to purchase a pressure washer is now, why wait? If you do you’ll only regret it once you do buy one.

Are pressure washers worth buying?

Pressure washers are worth buying, they save you time, water, energy and are fun to use too.

How long do pressure washers take to be delivered?

Where you buy your pressure washer will determine how long it will take to be delivered. If it’s from Amazon Prime it could be delivered the next day. Screwfix offers a 24 to 48 hour delivery service. Argos offers a same day delivery for a charge. B&Q offer next day delivery for a charge.

Can I buy pressure washers on finance?

You can buy a pressure washer on finance, many of the top retailers do their own finance deals. It’s worth shopping around to find the best deal.

Is it safe to shop for pressure washers online?

It is safe to shop for a pressure washer online, in fact, as long as you buy from a well-known retailer online, it’s probably where you’ll get the best deal.

What pressure washer manufacturer should I order?

You should order whatever pressure washer manufacturer gives you a better deal. As long as it’s one of the well known brands, the quality and reliability should be good.

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