16 Reasons To Buy A Cordless Pressure Washer

A pressure washer makes light work of many cleaning tasks, from driveways to whole houses and most places in between, the pressure washer, cleans and cleans fast. There are, however, some places where it’s impossible to use a pressure washer, places with no power outlets that are too small for investing in a petrol-powered pressure washer. 

This had been an ongoing problem for some years, so the leading pressure washer manufacturers got their R&D team to come up with a solution. The result of all of their efforts is the cordless pressure washer. This turned out far better than anyone expected, and cordless pressure washers are often sold out when you’re looking for a bargain.

Why Do Cordless Pressure Washers Sell So Fast?

These cordless models have so many advantages over corded models that more and more electric-powered pressure washer owners are buying them for secondary use. Some of the main reasons for the popularity of the cordless pressure washer are:

  1. Compact Design
    Easy to carry around, and small enough to store in the boot of your car.
  2. Lightweight
    Compared to corded pressure washers, cordless models are far lighter. Making them easy to transport and easier to use.
  3. EasyTo Use
    With no cable to plug in or trip over, and no hose feeding water that can also get tripped over, cordless pressure washers are easier to use than corded models.
  4. No Power Cord To Restrict Access
    As it is cordless, there is no need to find a power supply. The lack of power cord is not only less of a trip hazard, it also gives you the freedom to use a cordless pressure washer virtually anywhere. 
  5. No Need For A Hose To Supply Water
    With an onboard water tank, a garden hose feeding water to the pressure washer is obsolete. Less to carry, less to drag, and absolutely no obstacle to trip over.
  6. Can Be Used In Remote Places
    Cordless pressure washers can be used anywhere at all. No need to search for a power socket, and no need to look for a water supply.
  7. Can Clean A Large Range Of Objects On Site
    Due to the portability, and no need for external power or water, many cordless pressure washers can be used immediately after many events, to clean:
    1. Mountain Bikes
      No matter how muddy the bike gets,as soon as the event is over, you can pressure wash your bike before loading it into the car.
    2. Off-Road Vehicles
      Off-road circuits always seem to be muddy, either by mistake or design, most off-road tracks get muddy, some with deep, swampy sections to really test that car and driver’s ability to handle wet, slippery surfaces.

      No matter how muddy your car gets it can be cleaned fast and easily before leaving the event. Wet mud is easier to remove than dried, caked in, baked on mud. 
    3. Boats
      If you keep your boat in a boat yard, there’s a chance there’s no water or electricity supply. You could struggle to get the boat clean, or you could give it a quick blast from your cordless pressure washer.
    4. Canoes
      Canoeing is a great way to get away from it all, whilst still exercising. Remote lakes and rivers usually have no tap water and no electricity. What they do often have is that stinky sludge on the river or lake bed. If you bring your canoe home covered in that sludge, you are going to be very unpopular with the rest of the family.

      A short blast with the cordless pressure washer on the lakeshore or river bank will remove all of that foul smelling gunk in no time.
    5. Remote Properties With No Utility Connections
      If you are renovating an old abandoned, remote building, that needs a lot of work. You can quickly and easily prepare the exterior of that building using a cordless power washer. No need for electricity or water.
    6. Kennels
      Dog kennels can become smelly places pretty fast, and as they’re often located at the very rear of the property, they are difficult to run power and a hose to. Not a problem with a cordless pressure washer, clean that kennel fast and easy. Not only convenient for you, but your dog will thank you too.
    7. Aviaries
      One of the hardest things to deal with on driveways, paths and aviary floors, is dried on bird poo. It can take a lot of cleaning and hard work to remove. (a thankless task that used to take ages with a bucket and scrubbing brush) can be done quick and easy with a cordless pressure washer. Did I mention pressure washing is fun too?
    8. Hiking Boots
      Hiking over hills and dales is a great way to exercise and keep fit, but it can be extremely muddy and very tiring. The last thing you want to do when you’re that exhausted, is scrape all that mud from the soles of the boots. Enter the cordless pressure washer – A quick blast and those boots are mud-free once again.
    9. Running Shoes
      If you enjoy cross-country running, you’ll know just how messy those running shoes can get. After the event is finished just a short blast from a cordless pressure washer will have those running shoes clean and ready for the next meet.
    10. Farm Yard Equipment
      Farm yards can often be remote places to work in. If you have farming equipment that needs cleaning but you don’t have any power sockets out there, bring on the cordless pressure washer. Those muddy tools and equipment will be clean and ready to use again in next to no time.
    11. Caravans
      If you own a caravan or mobile home that’s situated on a remote site or private piece of land, with no electricity or running water, a cordless pressure washer will be of great assistance. Old caravans parked in woods or under trees get covered in algae growth. Pressure washing will remove this fast and effectively. 
    12. Cars
      Some car ports are situated right at the back of the property, often too far for the hose to reach and often with no power socket close by. This is where a cordless pressure washer becomes valuable.
    13. Barbeque Grills
      After use, the barbeque grill can be a disgusting mess, with  burnt on meat, fats, grease and soot. A cordless pressure washer will make this task a simple one. In the time it would take to set up an electric-powered pressure washer, you could be finished using the cordless model.  
  8. Onboard Water Tanks
    Operating a pressure washer in a remote place can be difficult. No mains water would scupper the project ordinarily, but not if your cordless pressure washer has an onboard water tank. No need for an external water supply, you brought your own along with you.
  9. Suction Hose
    Imagine you’re at the lake, you’ve finished canoeing, and the bottom of the canoe is covered in that foul smelling gunk that sits on the lake bottom. You have your cordless pressure washer with you, but you forgot to pack any water. What can you do?

    Well, you’re standing at the side of a large source of water, all you need to do is use the suction hose that was supplied with the cordless pressure washer. Just attach it to the pressure washer, and place the opposite end into the lake water. You can now wash the lake from the canoe, using the lake.
  10. Long Lasting Batteries (Between Charges)
    This was the main problem when cordless pressure washers were first introduced. 15 to 20 minutes usage and you were out of power. Modern, up to date,models can run for a full 60 minutes before needing to recharge. 60 minutes -1 hour should be more than enough time to complete many pressure washing tasks. Plus as this is a growing industry, it won’t be long before batteries are developed that will hold a charge for a longer time-span.
  11. Detergent Bottle Attachments
    Many cordless models include a detergent bottle, some can be removed when not needed. Having a detergent bottle onboard makes soap distribution easier and more even and consistent.
  12. Relatively Low Priced To Buy
    There are many different models when it comes to the cordless pressure washer market. Some are powered by air-pressure. These use a hand primer to fill the container (that’s full with water) with air. This air is then released every time you squeeze the trigger.

    These hand pumped models are a really cheap option, and start at around £20 the benefits of this system include: no batteries to charge, and recharging can be done on-site. Disadvantages are, they have a small water tank, and they need refilling more often.

    Compact cordless models start at around £80, for £90 you can buy a multi-jet cordless pressure washer.

    Top of the range cordless pressure washers cost around £250 and include many extras mentioned earlier on in this text. 
  13. Wide Range Of Attachments Available
    Just because they are cordless doesn’t mean they don’t have toys. Many cordless pressure washers have as many attachments as corded models. Whatever task you need the pressure washer for, there’s probably an attachment to make it easier.
  14. Onboard Tool Storage
    As you’re carrying your own power supply, and your own water supply, it makes sense to carry your own attachments too. And with onboard storage, your attachments are always on hand, where you need them, when you need them.
  15. Relatively Large Water Capacity
    Many cordless models have 20-litre water storage tanks, that’s a fair amount of cleaning capability right there. Plus as you are probably using a vehicle to transport your cordless pressure washer to these remote places, if needed you could also carry extra water in containers. 
  16. Powerful Cleaning Action
    Some critics will say that because a cordless pressure washer is only capable of producing a maximum of 800 pounds per Square Inch (PSi) of pressure they aren’t powerful enough to clean anything. But that’s just not true, the average tap water pressure at home is between 40 to 45 PSi so the cordless pressure washer is capable of 20 times the average PSi of tap water.

    Or to put it another way, household tap water is bar 2.5 to 3 whereas the cordless pressure washer is bar 57. Either way you look at it, the cordless pressure washer packs much more of a punch than the tap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What manufacturer cordless pressure washer should I order?

There are many reliable cordless pressure washer manufacturers available, some of the more popular are: Bosch,Sealey, Karcher, Spear & Jackson, Greenworks and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a cordless pressure washer online?

It is safe to shop for a cordless pressure online, as long as you buy through a reputable, well-known retailer.

Can I buy a cordless pressure washer on finance?

You can buy a cordless pressure washer on finance. Many manufacturers and retailers offer their own finance deals.

How long does a cordless pressure washer take to be delivered?

Many retailers offer next day delivery on cordless pressure washers, including: Amazon Prime, tool station, Argos, The Range, Karcher outlet, AO.com and many more.

Are Cordless pressure washers worth buying?

Cordless pressure washers are worth buying, as they are lightweight, easy to maneuver, relatively inexpensive, easy to operate, and can be used in many places corded models cannot access.

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