Why Some New Washing Machines Have Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

It seems that more and more devices have WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities nowadays. This is not that surprising really when it is estimated that 9 out 10 homes in the UK have WiFi and 85% of UK citizens have a Smartphone.

But why are washing machines featuring Smartphone connectivity via WiFi or bluetooth? If you’re interested in the answer to this question, keep reading. In this article I take a look at Smartphone connectivity in washing machines and find out the benefits and features available on WiFi or Bluetooth connected washing machines.

What Is A Smart Washing Machine?


All smart devices have one thing in common, that is they all use wireless technology to communicate with other smart devices. A Smart washing machine will connect to a Smartphone, tablet or laptop via WiFi, Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC).

At home that would be your home’s router and network and as your Smartphone can also connect to this network, the washer and your phone can interact once you install the washing machine app on your phone, laptop or tablet.

How Does It Work?

Once connected to the app, you can control your washing machine via the home’s WiFi network. Which means that it doesn’t matter which room of the house you’re in, you can control the washing machine via your Smartphone.

Plus, because the Smartphone works on a 3G, 4G or 5G network, you can control the washing machine when you’re out and about as well. So whether you’re in the garden, at work, in the shops or at the pub, as long as you have an internet connection, you can control your washing machine.

However, you don’t need to use your Smartphone to run the washing machine, if you’re at home and want to use the washer, it will work in just the same way as an ordinary washing machine works.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Smart Washing Machine?

open washing machine door

There are several benefits to owning a Smart washing machine which include;

  • You Can Turn The Washer On When It Suits You
    Having the ability to start the washing machine remotely allows you to start a wash cycle whenever you like. For instance, if you’re sitting on the sofa and you remember that you haven’t started the washer, all you need to do is open the app and you can start the cycle from the comfort of your living room.
  • You Can Check On The Progress Of The Wash Whilst Outdoors
    If you set the washer up to do a wash cycle, having the app allows you the freedom to go out with friends for a coffee and still have the ability to give that wash load an extra spin for example without having to come home first.
  • Your Phone Will Receive Maintenance Updates
    If your washer has auto dosing for example, the washing machine app will notify you on your phone when the detergent needs topping up. This is particularly useful for notifying you when the filter needs cleaning or the washer needs a deep clean.
  • Easy To Schedule Cycles
    Often modern washing machines are confusing when it comes to selecting different cycles and settings. Using the app via WiFi is far simpler to use. You can set the cycle you want and when you want it to start from anywhere at all.
  • You Can Choose The Perfect Cycle For All Wash Loads

Many Smart washing machines have lots of extra features like sensors that detect the weight of the laundry, how dirty the clothes are, and the auto dosing feature. These extra features can find the perfect wash cycle for every wash load you put on saving you time and money. All you need to do is open the app, tell the washer the fabric type and it will do the rest.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Owning A Smart Washing Machine?


The main disadvantages of owning a smart washing machine include;

  • The Purchase Price
    Not such a problem nowadays, but when this technology first became available, these Smart washers were expensive to buy.
  • More Likely To Need Repairs
    Smart washers often need more in the way of repairs when compared to regular washers. In some cases repair costs can be expensive.
  • Possibility Of Data & Privacy Risks
    It is possible for the Smart washer to not use a reliable internet security protocol. This could allow hackers a way to enter your home’s connected devices. Plus many Smart devices collect data on the user which can be collected about your habits, home security etc.
  • Possible Firmware Issues
    In some cases, manufacturers may neglect to provide firmware updates. This could mean the appliance could no longer connect to the user’s Smart device.

Popular Smart Washing Machines

It wouldn’t be Check Appliance if we never left you with a few examples of smart washing machines. Below you will find 3 of the most popular smart washing machines readily available in the UK.

Candy Smart CS69TMBBE/1-80 9kg Washing Machine

This WiFi connected washer from Candy offers a full wash load done in just 59 minutes, 9 rapid cycles for every fabric type, and active motion which boosts the spin speed to remove stubborn stains with ease.

Plus there’s the Easy Iron cycle which reduces creases, an Eco Cycle which saves energy and not forgetting the 1600 rpm spin speed that removes a whole lot of water.

Checkout reviews and prices at AO.com

Samsung Series 9 QuickDrive™

This 9 kg capacity washing machine from Samsung features Auto Optimal Wash technology which uses sensors to weigh the wash load allowing it to adjust the amount of time and water needed to wash the laundry efficiently.

It also features AddWash which allows you to add forgotten items once the cycle has begun. Not forgetting the ecobubble generator that gets detergent right to the fibres up to 40 times faster than regular liquid detergents.  Plus the Smart Check which is an automatic error monitoring system.

Checkout reviews and prices at AO.com

Bosch Series 8 i-Dos™ WGB256A1GB 10kg Washing Machine

This 10 kg drum capacity washing machine from Bosch features the i-DOS automatic detergent dosing system which offers perfect wash results with minimal detergent consumption. As well as the Unbalance Control System which keeps the drum spinning perfectly by rearranging the laundry in the drum whilst it’s spinning.

Not forgetting the Super Quick 15 the perfect time saving wash cycle for those in a hurry. As well as Iron Assist which injects mist into the laundry to relax fibres and reduce wrinkles and creases. Plus the Home Connect app which allows you to check on the progress of the wash cycle, discover the right settings to suit the fabrics being washed and notifications updating you when the cycle has completed.

Checkout reviews and prices at AO.com

Do You Need A Smartphone To Operate A Smart Washing Machine?

Control panel of washing machine

If you see a particular Smart washing machine that you like due to the features and functions it has, you may be wondering whether you’ll need a Smartphone to operate it. The good news is that a Smart washing machine can be used in exactly the same way as a regular washing machine.

You can operate it via the display screen, buttons and/or LCD screen. Future Smart models might discontinue adding manual controls in an effort to reduce production costs. But at present, all Smart washing machines can be operated just like regular washing machines.

Are Smart Washing Machines Safe?

There may be some people out there who don’t trust this smart technology and consider a Smart washer to be unsafe. However, it could be argued that receiving regular updates on the progress of your laundry as well as regular maintenance reminders make a Smart washing machine safer than a regular appliance.

On a regular washer, we have no idea what’s going on inside the cabinet. However, via the app, we can tell whether there are any problems with the washer wherever we are indoors or out and about.

I should point out that Smart washing machines won’t allow you to start the cycle unless conditions are safe. So if the door isn’t closed properly, or the water supply has been interrupted, the washer will not start.

Which means a Smart washer doesn’t give you less control or a reduced level of safety, it just offers an alternative way for you to operate it even when you’re not at home.

Is It Worth Buying A Smart Washing Machine?

person looking at washing machine

When Smart washing machines were first introduced to the market a few years ago, they were met with suspicion and weren’t all that popular due to their increased price. But like all new technology, over time, that price has come down to a more affordable level.

This means that in some cases, a Smart washing machine costs no more than a regular appliance. However top of the range models are still pretty expensive.

Whether it’s worth buying a Smart washing machine depends on your point of view and lifestyle really. If you don’t think you’d make use of the remote control opportunities then there’s not really any point in upgrading to a Smart washer.

However, if you are active and spend more time away from home then the remote capabilities might suit your lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a smart washing machine without WiFi?

Yes, you can use a smart washing machine without WiFi, all smart washers still incorporate display screens as well as buttons, dials or an interactive screen which allows them to be operated manually. You just won’t have remote capabilities without WiFi access.

Why do washing machines have Bluetooth?

Washing machines with Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC connections can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The Smart washing machine app will send you updates on the progress of your laundry, report any faults or errors detected in the appliance and allow you to control the appliance remotely via your mobile device.

What is the difference between a smart washing machine and a normal washing machine?

The difference between a smart washing machine and a normal washing machine is a smart washer has built-in WiFi allowing them to be connected to the internet. This allows you to control the smart washer remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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