What Are Anti-Vibration Sides? (Bosch Washing Machines)

So you’re trying to find a new washing machine for your home and you’ve noticed some of them say they have “Anti-Vibration Sides” but you’re not sure what that means since they don’t exactly make it clear.

New Bosch washers like these say they have it, but what is it? And is it anything to get excited about?

Let’s take a look!

What Does Anti-Vibration Sides Mean?

Anti-vibration sides are a visually appealing and functionally designed sidewall of a Bosch washing machine aimed at reducing vibrations and enhancing stability during the machine’s operation.

These sidewalls feature a unique spiral design that looks attractive and acts as an clever solution to tackle the vibrations caused from your wash cycle.

By strategically arranging contours in concentric circles, Bosch engineers have created a structure that effectively reduces the transfer of vibrations throughout the washing machine. This results in increased stability during the spin cycle, as the vibrations are absorbed and dampened by the spiral design.

As a result, the machine remains remarkably steady, preventing unnecessary movement or shaking that may disrupt your household.

As well as their functional benefits, the spiral design of the anti-vibration sides adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to Bosch washing machines, making it a good conversation starter (if the sides are on show).

What Are the Benefits of Anti-Vibration Sides?

Now that you understand what they are, let’s have a look at some of the benefits you’ll get if you buy a washing machine that has Anti-Vibration sides:

Better Performance & Greater Lifespan

The spiral design of the side walls in Bosch washing machines offers better stability. By reducing vibrations, the machine remains steady even during the spin cycle, preventing excessive movement or shaking.

This stability contributes to better overall performance and prolongs the lifespan of the appliance.

You Can Use It At Night (and not upset your neighbours)

The innovative anti-vibration sides, along with improved sound insulation and the EcoSilence Drive system, work together to minimise noise levels during operation.

This means you can run the washing machine even at night without disturbing your household. The reduction in noise is especially noticeable during the spin cycle, allowing for a more peaceful environment.

A Modern-Looking Design

The spiral design of the anti-vibration sides adds an aesthetic appeal to Bosch washing machines.

The visually striking pattern showcases the attention to detail and innovative approach that Bosch brings to their appliances.

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Are Anti-Vibration Sides Worth It?

Absolutely! Investing in a washing machine with anti-vibration sides can significantly improve your laundry experience (and home life in general).

The stability provided by these sides reduces vibrations, which not only minimises noise but also helps to protect the machine’s internal components from excessive wear and tear – meaning it’ll last longer.

Other Ways Bosch Makes Washing Machines Quiet

Bosch goes beyond anti-vibration sides to ensure a quiet washing machine experience. They also employ the EcoSilence Drive system, which uses a frictionless motor to reduce noise and increase energy efficiency.

They also feature an AntiVibration system, which includes low-noise shock absorbers. These shock absorbers help dampen vibrations, further enhancing the overall noise reduction.

By combining these 3 features, Bosch creates a harmonious washing machine that operates quietly and efficiently, providing a more enjoyable laundry experience.

In fact, some Bosch washers can generate a noise level as low as 47 decibels – which is quieter than most refrigerators!

What Do You Think?

Are Bosch washing machines worth it and do you like the Anti-Vibration sides? Let us know in the comments below.


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