Are More Expensive Washing Machines Better?

It can be difficult choosing a new washing machine, you’re used to the features offered by your existing washer. However, even if you find a new one with the same features, you now have other factors to consider.

The biggest buzz word in the washing machine industry nowadays is efficiency. We all want to be more environmentally friendly and save money on our energy bills, but we’re not prepared to lose any of our favourite features from our appliances.

Which might make you wonder whether it’s worth buying a more expensive washing machine? In this article I take a close look at new washing machines and find out whether a cheap washer is as good as an expensive model. As well as looking at other middle of the road options.

Keep reading to find out more.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Cheap Washing Machine?

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On the face of it, a cheaper washing machine is well worth buying. Many of the budget priced washers are able to offer great cleaning capabilities at a much lower price.

This often means a lack of extra features that you might have got used to in your last washer. Plus many budget models are made using slightly cheaper parts. 

With many having non-repairable parts which need to be replaced by whole areas. For example, if the drum bearing needs to be replaced on some budget models, you need to replace the whole tub assembly because the tub is a sealed unit.

Overall, buying a cheaper or budget washer could prove to be way more expensive than buying a dearer model from a more reliable company. There are two main reasons for this which are;

  1. Budget Models Are Often Made From Cheaper Materials
    The manufacturer often uses cheaper parts to keep the price lower. These parts are more susceptible to breaking down and often can’t be replaced easily. Which means the appliance doesn’t last as long as a more expensive model.
  2. Cheaper Washing Machines Are often Less Efficient
    Many budget washers use much more water and electricity every cycle. If energy efficiency and being more eco-friendly is important to you, you should probably opt for a more expensive washer.

How Long Will A Cheap Washing Machine Last?

As cheaper or budget washers are made using cheaper parts, they tend not to last as long as more expensive models. As long as you take care of your budget washing machine, it should last for around 5 years or more. 

With that said, many of the more expensive washing machines can last for around 12 years or more. With some manufacturers like Miele stating that their washers will last upwards of 20 years.

Which can mean that even with the initial expensive outlay of a more expensive washer, you might save money in the long run.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Cheap Washing Machines?

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Let’s compare the pros & cons of buying a cheap washing machine;


There are a few advantages of buying a cheap washing machine which include;

  • Lower Cost Price
    If money is tight, you can usually afford a budget washing machine that will get your laundry clean, even if it doesn’t have all the whistles and bells of a more expensive model.
  • Often Easier To Repair
    As budget models have less in the way of features, they are often easier and cheaper to repair than more expensive models. 


The disadvantages of buying a cheap or budget washer include;

  • Higher Running Costs
    Most of the more expensive washing machines are designed to be more energy efficient which means they cost less to run. Budget models however, tend to be less efficient and therefore cost more to run.
  • Less Energy Efficiency
    If you’re concerned about the environment and want to use less water and energy, a budget washer probably isn’t for you. They tend to be less efficient than higher priced models.
  • More Liable To Break Down
    As budget washers are made using cheaper parts, they have more of a tendency to break down.
  • Shorter Lifespan
    It’s a case of the more you use it, the more likely it is to stop working. The cheaper parts used to make budget washers often break down faster than more expensive washers. Many expensive washers will last around 10 to 12 years whereas the cheaper models will typically only last half as long.

Are More Expensive Washing Machines Worth It?

In many ways it is worth spending extra money on a more expensive washing machine. Many of the dearer manufacturers use better parts and construct their machines better. 

This means they will last far longer than a cheaper alternative. As long as they are well maintained, an expensive washer is likely to last for 10 to 12 years which is at least twice as long as a typical budget model.

It might cost you less to purchase a cheap washing machine, but you need to factor in the repeat cost in 5 years time. When compared with many more expensive, more reliable washers, the price difference isn’t that great. Especially if you double the budget price (because you’ll need to replace it in half the time).

Many more expensive washers will last for twice as long as a budget model often without the need for any repairs at all.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Expensive Washing Machines?

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Let’s take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of buying an expensive washing machine;


The benefits of buying an expensive washing machine include;

  • Much Longer Lifespan
    Washing machines from some of the better brands like Miele and LG tend to last far longer than those made by brands that specialise in budget appliances. They are made using better materials and the manufacturing process tends to be of a higher standard overall.
  • Better Warranties
    Many of the budget washing machines come with shorter warranties. Whereas more expensive brands tend to offer better, longer warranties. They can afford to offer longer, more comprehensive warranties because they’re confident in their products.
  • Extra Functions
    More expensive washing machines tend to have many more features that can be of benefit to the user. Most come with smart connectivity which allows you to connect your machine to your smartphone or tablet. You can then control it remotely as well as getting updates on the progress of the wash cycle etc.


The disadvantages in buying an expensive washing machine include;

  • Greater Initial Outlay
    Obviously you need to pay more for a more expensive washing machine. This means you’ll need to find that extra money to purchase the appliance. You might also feel pain in parting with so much of your hard earned cash.
  • Can Be More Difficult To Repair
    As more expensive washers have more features included as standard, it means that there’s more that can go wrong. The parts used to create smart connectivity for example, can be expensive to replace if anything were to go wrong. Which is why it’s important to check the warranty on the appliance to see exactly what’s covered.

Does The Brand Make Any Difference?

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If you want a better quality appliance, you need to choose a better brand. Specific washing machine brands tend to be either budget, mid-range or premium quality.

As such they’re built to the standard dictated by the range they’re designed for. With that said, each brand has models that can cost way more than others.

They all have a basic model that’s relatively inexpensive and a top of the range model that has all the extra features. However, they are all built using the same or very similar parts.

Which means that if you want an appliance which is higher in quality, you need to buy a higher quality brand. A good example of this is the lowest priced washing machine offered by Miele.

This is an appliance with a great quality of build and components that could last as much as three times as long and be more reliable and quieter than a top of the range Hotpoint washer. However, there’s not that much difference in the price of both of these.

The main difference is that Miele is a much better machine with a superior reputation. But, the Hotpoint has a larger drum capacity as well as a faster spin speed.

The Brand Dictates The Quality


It turns out that each brand tends to make models of a specific quality. They then make many models with various functions and options all at different prices. Bosch for example tends to make budget and low to mid-range priced washers.

However, the company that owns them also owns Siemens and Neff branded appliances. Which are higher priced and offer better quality and higher specification models.

This is common among washing machine brands, another example is AEG and Zanussi which are both owned by Electrolux. With Zanussi being the more budget priced compared to AEG which are more top of the range.

Follow The Money

Buying a top of the range model from a budget company can mean you’ve paid top money for a less than adequate appliance in some cases. What you need to do is look at the price of their basic model.

If that particular brand produces a washer that retails for £250 as a budget model and also offers a top of the range model at around £600, the parts and construction will almost certainly be of the same quality. Which means that you’re paying for the added extra features and not for the parts and materials.

So, Should You Buy An Expensive Washing Machine?

In an ideal world, you should buy a washing machine that offers high specifications along with high quality parts and construction. But, if money is tight you might have no choice but to buy a cheaper budget model.

You should remember though, many higher priced washers made by companies that also make budget models differ only in the extra functions they offer. Many of these functions are unnecessary and often go unused.

In my opinion, you’ll be better off buying a washing machine from the lower end of the price range from a brand that produces better quality appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are more expensive washing machines worth it?

In some cases a more expensive washing machine can be worth it. It depends on the brand really, top of the range brands tend to cost more to buy but can last twice or even three times as long as cheap models from budget brands.

Is it worth paying more for an A rated washing machine?

Washing machines with better ratings are more energy efficient and therefore will be better for the environment and cost less to run. However, they can also be more expensive at times. Which could mean you have no choice but to buy a lower rated washer.

Are cheap washing machines any good?

Cheap washing machines tend to be less energy efficient and more susceptible to breaking down. However, many cheap washing machines last for many years if maintained regularly.

Should you buy a cheap washing machine in the UK?

Before buying a cheap washing machine in the UK you need to consider the following; although the initial outlay will be less, a cheaper washing machine will be less efficient and will cost more to run and cheaper washing machines tend to wear out faster meaning you will need to replace a cheaper washing machine way faster than a more expensive, more reliable brand.

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