Can You Put Hot Pockets In An Air Fryer? (read this first)

Hot pockets or pizza pockets as they’re called in the UK make a really tasty comforting snack or light meal. Whether you prefer the taste and convenience of frozen hot pockets, or you prefer to make your own, this is the article for you.

Frozen hot pockets can be cooked and served in around 10 minutes whilst homemade will take some preparation, they will only need around 6 minutes cooking time.

How To Cook Frozen Hot Pockets In An Air Fryer

Hot pockets are great for making a quick snack which is hot, tasty and filling.


  • 2 Frozen Hot Pockets


  1. Preheat the air fryer to 180 C (350 F)
  2. Spray the air fryer basket with oil
  3. Place the frozen hot pockets in the basket ensuring there is a space between each one
  4. Air fry for 6 minutes
  5. Using a spatula, turn the hot pockets over
  6. Cook for a further 4 minutes or until they are cooked through
  7. Remove from the air fryer basket
  8. Allow to rest for at least 2 minutes
  9. Serve

Air Fried Frozen Hot Pockets Cooking Tips

  • Never overfill the air fryer basket and always ensure there is a gap between each hot pocket
  • All air fryers are different which means cooking times are for guidance only

How To Make Homemade Hot Pockets In An Air Fryer

If you are particular about the ingredients used to make food for you and your family or you have certain food allergies you might find these homemade hot pockets suit you best,


  • 1 X 350g pack of Croissants Dough
  • 250g (1 cup) of Grated Mozzarella Cheese
  • 75g (¼ cup) of Pizza Sauce
  • 125g (½ cup) Chopped pepperoni


  1. Open the croissants dough and cut into rectangles
  2. Place 1 tablespoon of pizza sauce in the middle of the rectangle of dough taking care to not allow any too close to the edge
  3. Spread ¼ of the mozzarella cheese over the pizza sauce
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of chopped pepperoni
  5. Fold the dough over and seal by pressing a fork on the edges
  6. Preheat the air fryer to 180 C (350 F)
  7. Spray the basket with oil
  8. Place 2 hot pockets in the basket ensuring there is space between each one
  9. Cook for 4 minutes
  10. Turn the hot pockets using a spatula
  11. Cook for another 2 minutes
  12. Allow to rest for 2 minutes
  13. Serve

Air Fried Homemade Hot Pockets Cooking Tips

  • Take care when handling the croissants dough as it is extremely fragile
  • Ignore the perforations in the croissants dough make 2 triangular shapes into one rectangle
  • Cooking times are for guidance only because all air fryers are different
  • Take care to not overfill the pockets
  • Keep the croissants dough refrigerated to make it easier to handle
  • You can add any ingredients you like
  • Take care when eating these hot pockets because the filling will be extremely hot

Homemade Hot Pocket Filling Suggestions

You can make the pizza hot pockets above or experiment with your own favourite fillings including;

  • Cheese & Ham
  • Chicken & Bacon
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese
  • Steak & Cheese

What do you get when you put your jeans in the air fryer?
Hot Pockets! 😂


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to air fry a frozen hot pocket?

It’s perfectly safe to air fry a frozen hot pocket just air fry for 10 to 12 minutes at 180 C (350 F). 

How long do you air fry frozen hot pockets?

It will take around 10 to 12 minutes to air fry a frozen hot pocket.

What are hot pockets called in the UK?

In the UK, hot pockets are called pizza pockets.

Is it better to air fry or microwave frozen hot pockets?

It is really a matter of personal choice whether it’s better to air fry or microwave frozen hot pockets. They cook far crisper in an air fryer than in a microwave and take less time than in a conventional oven.

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