Hoover Nextra Washing Machine Error Code 7? (here’s why and how to fix)

If you own a Hoover Nextra washing machine and it’s showing error code 7 by flashing the start and pause (or start and delay-start) lights 7 times, Keep reading. 

In this article we take a close look at error code 7 on the Hoover Nextra washing machine. We explain what causes it, and more importantly the best ways to solve this annoying issue.

What Does Error Code 7 Mean On A Hoover Nextra Washing Machine?

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Hoover Nextra washing machines don’t have LED display screens, instead, they indicate any faults by a series of flashing lights. 

If the start and pause or start and delay-start lights flash 7 times it indicates there’s a fault with the motor. The lights should flash, then pause and then repeat with 7 more flashes. 

Error code 7 on the Nextra washing machine indicates one of 3 problems. Which are;

  • 1. The motor is jammed
  • 2. The drum shaft is jammed
  • 3. There is a fault with the tacho generator

All 3 of these faults are related to the motor on the Hoover Nextra washing machine. They indicate that there’s a problem with the power to and from the motor and onto the main PCB (printed circuit board).

Basically the appliance knows that the motor should be running but it’s not receiving a message to show that it is. Let’s take a closer look at these 3 likely problems;

The Motor Is Jammed

If the motor is jammed, it will prevent the drum from spinning. This is highly unlikely but easy to check. All you need to do is open the washer’s door and turn the drum by hand.

If it moves freely, then a jammed motor isn’t the problem. If the drum doesn’t spin freely and feels stiff it needs further investigation. You will need to disconnect the power supply and then dismantle the panels to gain access to the drive belt.

By removing the drive belt, you can check whether the problem is motor related or simply a stuck drum. If the drum turns freely with the drive belt removed, the problem is likely to be the motor. 

To solve this, you’ll need to replace the motor which is a job best done by a technician.

The Drum Shaft Is Jammed

If the drum is still stiff and difficult or impossible to spin once the drive belt has been removed, it will need further investigation. This is another task best left to a technician.

Tacho Generator Fault

The washing machine determines the speed of the motor (and drum) by way of the tacho coil. You will find the tacho coil on the motor under the motor plug cover.

It will be at the other end opposite the drive belt and can be identified by the 2 thin wires connected to it. It’s basically a small coil that goes around the shaft of the main armature winding and has a small round magnet attached to it.

As the armature rotates the magnet on the end of the shaft also turns inside the coil. This allows the PCB to detect each turn and work out the drum’s RPM (revolutions per minute).

If the small round magnet has become loose or fallen off, the coil won’t detect a signal from it and won’t know that the motor is turning. This will lead to the error code 7.

This is a relatively common problem. What happens is the PCB sends power to the motor and hasn’t received any indication of any other fault, except it cannot determine that the motor is working.

This is another job best left to a technician who will check the tacho generator and reinstall or replace the magnet if this proves to be the issue.

Or It Could Be An Electrical Glitch!

washing machine with a towel in the door

There is one other possibility that we haven’t yet mentioned and that is an electrical glitch. In some cases the PCB receives a false message, often caused by a power surge or fluctuation in the power supply.

This leads the PCB to believe there is a fault which doesn’t really exist. To clear this you can try disconnecting the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes to allow any power to dissipate.

On reconnecting the power, if the error code has disappeared, it was caused by a glitch, if it remains, you’ll need to contact a technician.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does error code 7 mean on a Hoover Nextra washing machine?

Error code 7 on a Hoover Nextra washing machine indicates that the motor is jammed, the drum shaft is jammed, the tacho generator is faulty or there is a glitch in the system which can often be removed simply by disconnecting the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes.

How can I tell if the motor is jammed on my Hoover Nextra washing machine?

You can tell if the motor is jammed on your Hoover Nextra washing machine by opening the door and turning the drum. If it is stiff and difficult to turn, remove the drive belt and turn the drum again. If the drum turns freely once the drive belt is removed, the motor is most likely jammed.

How will I know if there’s something wrong with my Hoover Nextra washing machine?

Hoover Nextra washing machines don’t have LED display screens to notify you of any problems or faults. Instead they rely on a series of flashing lights. For instance if the start and pause lights flash 7 times, it indicates that there’s a perceived problem with the motor.

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