How Many Towels Can You Fit In A Washing Machine? (for best results)

When it comes to doing laundry, one common question that pops up is, “How many towels can you fit in a washing machine?”. After all, you don’t want to overload it and risk damaging your washer or underload it and waste resources. 

Well, the answer isn’t one-size-fits-all; it all depends on your washing machine’s capacity. The bigger the drum, the more towels you can wash in one go. 

Let’s go into the details in this article.

How Many Towels Can You Put In One Wash Load?

Every washing machine comes with a maximum capacity, which is usually measured in kilograms. 

For most residential washers in the UK, this capacity typically ranges from 6KG to 11KG. So, where can you find this crucial information? If you can’t remember, check the appliance’s manual or look it up online on the manufacturer’s website – they often provide this data.

Now, if you want to determine the exact number of towels you can comfortably fit in your washing machine, consider two main factors: the size and weight of your towels and the capacity of your washer.

How Big And Heavy Are Your Towels?

One of the main challenges in estimating the number of towels your washer can handle is that bath towels come in various shapes and sizes.


If we say you can stuff 10 bath towels into a 6KG washer, that might work if they’re the lightweight kind. But, to make things simple, keep in mind that the standard UK bath towel size is 28×55 inches and around 0.75 kg in weight. When these towels get wet, they weigh in at approximately 1.5 kg.

What Is The Capacity Of Your Washing Machine?

In the UK, most households have washing machines with a 6KG capacity. Larger families with more laundry needs may use machines with an 11KG capacity. However, here’s the catch – the machine’s capacity doesn’t mean you should stuff it to the brim.

In fact, it’s recommended to only fill your washer with medium loads (half its capacity) to large loads (three-quarters of its capacity). Here’s a handy guide:

Small LoadMedium LoadLarge Load
6KG Washing Machine2KG3KG4.5KG
7KG Washing Machine2.3KG3.5KG5.25KG
8KG Washing Machine2.6KG4KG6KG
9KG Washing Machine3KG4.5KG6.75KG
10KG Washing Machine3.3KG5KG7.5KG
11KG Washing Machine3.6KG5.5KG8.25KG

To estimate, here’s the recommended number of towels you can fit in depending on the capacity of your washer: 

Machine CapacityNumber of Towels
6KG Washing Machine3-4 Towels Max
7KG Washing Machine4-5 Towels Max
8KG Washing Machine5-6 Towels Max
9KG Washing Machine6-7 Towels Max
10KG Washing Machine7-8 Towels Max
11KG Washing Machine8-9 Towels Max

6KG Washing Machine

For a 6KG washing machine, it’s best to limit your load to 3 to 4 towels max. Overcrowding your machine can lead to inefficient cleaning and damage over time.

7KG Washing Machine

With a 7KG washing machine, you can stretch it a bit and load 4 to 5 towels. Keep it within these limits for optimal results.

8KG Washing Machine

For an 8KG washing machine, consider 5 to 6 towels as the sweet spot. Going beyond this can hinder effective washing.

9KG Washing Machine

If you’re lucky enough to own a 9KG washing machine, it can handle 6 to 7 towels comfortably. Don’t push it beyond this range.

10KG Washing Machine

With a 10KG washing machine, you can comfortably wash 7 to 8 towels in one go. Remember, it’s all about maintaining that balance.

11KG Washing Machine

Finally, if you’re the proud owner of an 11KG washing machine, you can toss in 8 to 9 towels without any worries. Just remember not to overdo it.

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Why Underloading And Overloading Your Washer Is A Bad Idea

When it comes to washing your towels, there’s a golden rule: fill your washing machine at least halfway but avoid going over three-quarters full. Why? It’s all about efficiency. 

large load in drum illustration

Underloading your machine wastes resources – you’re using the same amount of energy, water, and detergent for a subpar load. On the flip side, overloading is equally problematic. When there’s not much space, your towels won’t agitate properly, leading to less effective cleaning and potential lingering stains.

Pro Tip: Skip the fabric softeners when washing towels. While they make your laundry smell delightful, they can reduce your towels’ absorbency.

You May Ruin Your Towels

Underloading or overloading your washing machine can spell disaster for your towels.

Overcrowding can cause them to tangle and rub against each other excessively, leading to damage, fraying, and even snags.

Pro Tip: Remove any snags from your towels! If you notice snags due to washing with other clothes, remove excess fibres immediately to prevent further damage.

You Can Damage Your Washer

Underloading and overloading aren’t just bad for your towels; they can harm your washing machine too.

When you force your machine to work beyond or under its capacity, it may strain and wear down faster. Prolonged stress on the motor and drum can result in costly repairs.

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Make Your Laundry Sessions More Productive!

Like us, you probably want to make your laundry sessions more efficient. After all, they’re not the most exciting chore to do, are they?

Knowing how many towels your washing machine can handle is essential for an efficient and effective laundering. 

Just remember: be mindful of your machine’s capacity, the size and weight of your towels, and the need for a balanced load! By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure that your towels come out clean, intact, and your washing machine stays in good working condition!

Do you have tips to share? Feel free to leave them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a bath towel weigh in kg?

A standard UK bath towel weighs around 0.75KG. When wet, it can weigh approximately 1.5KG.

What is the maximum load for a washing machine?

The maximum load for a washing machine depends on its capacity, which typically ranges from 6KG to 11KG for most residential machines.

Can you put too many towels in the washer?

Yes, you can put too many towels in the washer when you go over three-quarters of its drum. Overloading the washer can lead to inefficient cleaning and potential damage over time.

Is it OK to use the same towel for a week?

It’s generally not recommended to use the same towel for a week, as it can become unhygienic and less effective in drying. It’s best to change towels regularly.

Can I put 3 towels in a washing machine?

Yes, you can put 3 towels in a washing machine, but the number of towels you can wash depends on the machine’s capacity and the size/weight of the towels. Ensure you don’t overload the washer for best results.

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