How To Stop Integrated Washing Machine Moving

If you have recently fitted an integrated washing machine or if you have just had an integrated washing machine fitted, and you find it’s moving when spinning, read on to find out how to stop it moving. The reason a washing machine “walks” is usually because it’s unevenly loaded, and it sits on an uneven surface. This is usually only a problem for front loaders, top loaders don’t seem to suffer from “walking”.

As yours is fitted into an integrated kitchen it will be a front loader. And as it’s in an integrated kitchen it’s harder to get to the feet to remedy as well. But that’s where we have to get, the feet.

Is A Moving Washing Machine A Serious Problem?

A moving washing machine can become a serious problem because it can damage the floor and it can damage the washing machine too. Plus as the washing machine is integrated, it can damage the cabinet as well.

How To Stop The Machine Walking

It all starts at the feet. Screw the washing machine’s feet fully in, then working from there start screwing outwards, using a spirit level to keep things straight. Start with the front feet and once you’re sure it’s all level, test the machine out. This could be all that was needed.

Uneven Floor

If the floor is uneven, this can cause the washing machine to walk even if the machine itself is level. Try levelling the floor then adding the washing machine and levelling the machine.

Anti-Vibration Soundproof Mat

This can be bought from any decent hardware store for around £10 – £40 per pack. You simply lay this matting on the floor and place the washing machine on top of it  and adjust the washing machine legs to level the machine.

Non-Slip Anti-Vibration Pads

If it’s still on the move or vibrating violently, try adding some non-slip, anti-vibration pads to the bottom of the machine’s legs. They look like circles of thick rubber, that fit to the feet of the machine and absorb extra vibration to stop the machine from walking. There are various types on the market ranging in price from around £5 to over £100 but they all seem to do a similar job.

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Locking The Feet Into Position

Once you’ve adjusted the feet, and the machine is level, tighten the nut on the foot up towards the machine. This will stop the leg from moving from its fixed position. The rear legs often aren’t adjustable, they are self adjusting. They should just automatically adjust themselves, if this doesn’t happen just lift the machine slightly and drop it gently this should free up the mechanism and they will adjust to the correct position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a washing machine fit in the kitchen unit?

A washing machine can fit in the kitchen unit but not any washing machine. It has to be a specially designed washing machine called an integrated washing machine.

Do washing machines need ventilation?

Washing machines don’t need ventilation, but washer dryers do. Washing machines do need enough space for wires and pipes etc.

Are all washing machines the same size?

Most washing machines have a standardized size but integrated machines are not as deep.

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