Is It Worth Renting A Washing Machine? (or should you buy one)

Modern washing machines are expensive items to purchase and can need high repair and maintenance expenditure. Which leads to the question of whether it’s better to buy a washing machine or rent one?

In this article I look into both of these options and offer the pros & cons of each choice. Allowing you to decide what’s best for you. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Renting A Washing Machine Might Be Better Than Buying One

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There are several reasons why renting a washing machine might be better than actually buying one which include;

Top Of The Range Washing Machines Are Expensive

Top of the range washers tend to be expensive and out of reach for many of us. Which either means buying a model without all of the desirable features like WiFi connectivity or automatic detergent dosage.

Or getting into debt for an appliance that will be obsolete before you ever finish paying for it. Most rental agreements allow you to sign up for three months, six months or yearly contracts. This spreads the costs for a longer period and the price typically remains the same for the entire length of the contract.

However, it’s worth checking their terms and conditions to ensure you can terminate the contract early if you need to without paying a penalty clause.

It works out far cheaper to rent a washer than to find the purchase price of a new or even second hand washer. Plus in most cases, it works out cheaper to rent a washer than it would to go to a launderette and do your washing. 

It’s certainly more convenient to do the laundry at home than lugging it all to a launderette.

If It Breaks Down, The Rental Company Will Repair It

The rental company typically takes care of all routine repairs as well as maintenance costs. Once again, it’s worth checking the contract to see exactly what you’re liable for costs wise, but overall they cover repairs unless you have caused the problem due to negligence or improper usage.

However, if you were to buy an expensive washer, you would be liable for all of the repair and maintenance costs.

Reduced Repair & Maintenance Costs


Even if you are liable for some of the repairs and maintenance, the costs are typically lower than if you owned the machine and called in an engineer.

The pricier models tend to have higher repair costs than the more basic models which is something you should keep in mind.

Easy To Send Back If You Move Home

If you move to another county or no longer require a rental washing machine, the appliance rental company will collect their appliance and take it back to their premises.

This saves you the trouble of removing the appliance as well as saving you money on the costs of removal. Check the rental agreement but in most cases, there are no extra costs or charges if you decide to send back their appliance.

Plus if the appliance were to break down, they will send someone to repair or replace it for you. This saves you the headache of finding a  repairer or looking for a replacement appliance.

You Can Upgrade To A Newer Model Whenever You Want

Renting a washer allows you the option of upgrading to a newer model or a model with more features whenever you like. If you were to buy a washing machine, you’re pretty much stuck with it until you can afford the purchase price of an updated model.

For instance, if you suddenly find that you need a washer with a larger drum capacity, it’s easy to contact the rental company and arrange for a replacement model.

Most reputable appliance rental companies have plenty of options when it comes to washing machines. This allows you the choice of many different types of washers to suit your needs.

Which all means you can often rent a better model than you could have afforded to buy.

There Are No Added Costs To Worry About

When you rent a washer there’s no need to worry about purchasing any extended warranties or any insurance premiums to replace the washer in the event of a breakdown.

The rental company deals with all of that stuff allowing you to keep more cash and have less worries.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Washing Machine In The UK?

At this current time you can rent a 6 or 7 kg washing machine for as little as £5 per week. Larger models are available as are models with more features.

The prices rise incrementally with the drum capacity and features available on the appliance and are subject to regional differences.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Renting A Washing Machine?

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As with all things in life there are positives and negatives when it comes to renting a large appliance. The disadvantages include;

You Will Be Tied Into A Contract

Some companies are not that helpful if you decide to send their appliance back before the rental agreement contract has expired. This could leave you with having to continue paying for a washer that you no longer have the use of.

You will need to check the contract before entering the agreement. This could become a problem if you opt for a 12 month rental and have to move to another city after 6 months for example.

It Could Be Cheaper To Buy A Washer On An Installment Plan

In some cases, with zero interest deals over 3 or 4 years, it could be cheaper to buy a washer than it would be to rent overall. However, with many interest free deals, you need an initial deposit which can be a problem.

If you can’t afford a brand new washer, it might work out better to buy a reconditioned or second hand model. The problem here is older washing machines, even reconditioned models, are more likely to break down.

So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting a reconditioned model. If you can’t afford a new washer, renting might be your best choice.

Why It Might Be Better To Buy A Washing Machine Outright

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If you decide to buy your own washing machine you will have a greater choice of the various programmes, cycles and features available to you. Plus you’ll be sure that the washer is brand new and never been used before.

Also, you won’t need to worry about ensuring there’s enough money in your account to cover the rental costs. Some people prefer to buy outright and know that they have sole ownership of the appliance.

Buying a new washing machine allows you to choose how eco-friendly the appliance is, which is not always something that can be guaranteed when renting an appliance. 

Some rental companies might offer a range of drum capacities and offer some washers with up to date tech. However the choice could be limited and the more features the washer has, the more it is likely to cost to rent it.

Which does mean that in many cases, you’re better off buying a washing machine outright rather than renting one.

So, Is It Better To Rent Or Buy A Washing Machine?

Renting a washing machine is definitely a great option if you don’t want to get into debt or have the hassle of finding someone to repair your appliance if something goes wrong. However, it will cost more overall to rent a washer than it would to buy one.

Especially if that new model never needed any type of repair. The problem is there’s no certainty that even a brand new washer won’t need some kind of repair.

Unless you have taken out the extra warranty, there’s a good chance that something will need replacing or repairing and the cost can be quite high.

Ultimately the choice is yours, renting can be a great way to get a new washing machine when you can’t afford to buy one. But you’ll never own it and you’ll always have to keep up the rental payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to rent a washing machine?

It can be a good idea to rent a washing machine as it offers you a cost effective way to have a top of the range appliance in your home without the extensive financial outlay. It is particularly useful for short term arrangements like short term lets or events.

Is it cheaper to rent a washing machine?

It costs less initially to rent a washing machine rather than buy one outright. Which can prevent people getting into debt for an appliance they can’t afford. Plus there’s no need to worry about repair costs as the rental company should have their own repairers.

Can you rent washing machines in the UK?

Yes there are several appliance rental companies in the UK. Check online for your nearest appliance rental company. Prices start from around £5 per week for a 6 to 7 kg washer.

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