LG Top Load Washing Machine Problems (& solutions)

LG top loader washing machines are well known for their fast wash cycles, easy to load tubs and large capacities. After a while however, like all washers, LG top loaders are prone to the odd fault.

Thankfully the majority of faults reported on LG top loaders are easy to fix with only a small amount of DIY skills. In this article we take a look at the most commonly reported problems relating to LG top loader washers and explain how to solve them.

We also look at LG top loader washing machine error codes and explain what they mean and how to remove them and get your washer up and running properly once again.

IssueMost Likely CauseSolution
LG top loader doesn’t turn onNo power, lid not closed, faulty start switch, error codeCheck for power, ensure the lid is fully closed, replace the faulty start switch, reset the error code
LG top loader doesn’t spinNo power, lid not closed, child lock activated, uneven washer, unbalanced load, too many soap suds, drive belt broken, error codeCheck for power, ensure the lid is fully closed, deactivate the child lock, ensure the washer is level, ensure the wash load is evenly distributed around the tub, avoid using too much detergent, replace the drive belt, reset the error code
LG top loader doesn’t get sufficient waterTap closed, twisted water supply hose, open lid, faulty water inlet valve, low water pressureOpen the tap, straighten the water supply hose, ensure the lid is closed, replace the faulty water inlet valve, increase the water pressure
Laundry not cleaning in LG top loaderOverloaded tub, incorrect settings selected, too many suds, drain filter clogged, tub dirtyDon’t overfill the tub with laundry, select the correct setting, avoid using too much detergent, clean the drain filter and clean the tub
LG top loader doesn’t agitateNo power, overloaded tub, lid switch faulty, drain pump faulty, drive belt faulty, defective agitator, defective motorCheck for power, don’t overload the tub, replace defective parts as necessary
LG top loader doesn’t drainBlocked drain hose, clogged drain filter, clogged drain pump, too many soap suds, imbalanced wash load, faulty drain pump, faulty lid switch, foreign objects trapped in tubClean the drain hose, filter and drain pump, avoid using too much detergent, adjust the wash load, replace the drain pump or lid switch, remove any foreign objects
Balance issuesTub overloaded, load imbalanced, uneven washer, defective drum bearings, defective suspension rodsRemove some laundry, rearrange the load, level the appliance, replace the drum bearings or suspension rods
Mildew smell coming from washerWasher left closed and unused for too long, dirty tubThoroughly clean the washer and leave the lid open when not in use

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues;

LG Top Loader Will Not Turn On

If your LG top loader will not turn on when you press the start button, it will probable because of one of the following;

  • No Power
    Your LG washer won’t start if it has no power. Check for a power outage, whether the power cord is loose or defective, the plug is fully pushed into the socket, the socket actually works, the breaker has tripped or the fuse has blown.
  • Lid Not Closed
    If the lid is open or not fully closed, the washer will not start. Check for any obvious obstructions, if all seems to be clear, the lid switch could be defective and need replacing. You can check it for continuity using a multimeter.
  • Start Switch Defective
    If the start switch is faulty, it won’t start the washer. You will need to check it with a multimeter for continuity and if it proves to be faulty, it will need replacing.
  • Error Code Displayed
    If there is an error code displayed on your LG top loader, it will stop the washer from turning on. To solve this, reset the washer by unplugging from the power supply and waiting at least 10 minutes before reconnecting the power supply. That should clear the error code, but if the error code remains, you will need to contact a technician to solve this issue.

LG Top Loader Won’t Spin

The laundry will not get clean if the washer won’t spin and the washing will be extra wet if it doesn’t go through the spin cycle. If your LG top loader won’t spin it’s most likely due to one of the following;

  • No Power
    If the washer has no power it cannot work and will not spin. Check the power cord, plug socket, circuit breaker or whether the rest of the house has power.
  • Lid Not Closed
    If the lid isn’t closed properly the washer will not function which includes spinning. Check for any obstructions, close the lid properly and check the lid switch if the washer still won’t spin.
  • Wash Load Imbalance
    If the laundry in the tub isn’t balanced, the drum will not spin correctly which could stop it spinning at all. Rearrange the laundry so that the drum is balanced.
  • Uneven Washer
    If the washer isn’t sited on level ground, it is unlikely to spin correctly. Use a spirit level to check the level and adjust the feet on the washer accordingly.
  • Child Lock Activated
    If the child lock has been activated, the washer will not start. The child lock is a safety feature designed to prevent tiny inquisitive hands from delving where they shouldn’t. Deactivate the child lock before attempting to operate the washer.
  • Too Many Soap Suds
    If you have used too much or the incorrect type of detergent, it could impede the spinning and draining of the drum. Always ensure that you use the correct detergent in the right quantity for every wash.
  • Error Code Displayed
    Check the display for an error code, the washer will not spin if there’s an error code displayed. Clear the error code and try again.
  • Drive Belt Broken
    If the drive belt is broken or damaged, the drum won’t turn. The washer will not work until the drive belt has been replaced.

LG Top Loader Doesn’t Get Sufficient Water

person checking the top load washing machine

Your LG top loader needs sufficient water to wash and rinse the laundry. If it doesn’t have enough water it’s most likely to be caused by one of the following;

  • Tap Turned Off
    If the tap is turned off, the washer cannot get any water. Ensure that the tap is turned on to allow the washer to fill with water.
  • Twisted Water Supply Hose
    If the water supply hose is twisted or kinked, it will impede the flow of water. This could lead to the washer failing to fill up or filling up too slowly. Always ensure the water supply hose is straight and unimpeded when using your LG top loader.
  • Lid Not Closed
    The washer will automatically stop running if it detects that the lid is not closed. Check that the lid is fully closed and then check that the lid switch isn’t faulty.
  • Low Water Pressure
    LG top loader washing machines need a water pressure of at least 20 psi (pounds per square inch), if your water pressure is lower than this, you can adjust it by opening the stopcock in your home.
  • Defective Water Inlet Valve
    If the water inlet valve develops a fault, it can prevent any water from entering the appliance. Check the inlet valve for continuity and replace if necessary.

Laundry Not Cleaning In LG Top Loader

The whole purpose of a washer is to clean clothes, if it fails to do that task, there’s something wrong. The most likely causes for your LG washer to fail to clean your laundry include;

  • Overloaded Tub
    It might be tempting to cram as much laundry into the tub as you can. However, it can cause the clothes to remain dirty because it could cause the washer to not agitate or spin and even if it does work many items may remain untouched by the water or the detergent.
  • Incorrect Settings Selected
    Washing machines have different settings for different fabric types and different levels of dirt. If you wash heavily soiled items in with lightly soiled items they may not all get washed sufficiently.
  • Too Many Soap Suds
    If there are too many soap suds the laundry can become even dirtier than it was when it went into the washer. Always ensure you use the correct type of detergent and never use more than is required.
  • Clogged Drain Filter
    If the drain filter is clogged it will prevent dirty water from leaving the machine. This will mean your laundry will be soaking in dirty water. Ensure the drain filter is clean and make it a part of your cleaning schedule.
  • Dirty Tub
    Your laundry spends all of its wash time in the tub. If the tub is dirty that dirt will rub off on the clothes. Ensure the tub is clean before you put your laundry in the tub.

LG Top Loader Doesn’t Agitate

Top loader washing machines rely on agitation to get your laundry clean. If the agitator isn’t working your laundry will not get clean. The most likely reasons why the agitator doesn’t work on your LG top loader include;

  • A Lack Of Power
    If the washer has no power it cannot agitate. You will need to check the power cord, wall socket, fuse, circuit breaker, and whether there’s been a power outage.
  • Overloaded Tub
    If you have crammed too much laundry into the tub, it could prevent the agitator from working. Remember the recommended fill level on washing machines is no more than ¾ full. You need to allow enough room for the agitator to work.
  • Defective Lid Switch
    If the lid switch is defective it will prevent the lid from closing properly. This will stop the washer from working and prevent the agitator from working too.
  • Defective Drain Pump
    If the drain pump is defective, it will mean all of the dirty water will remain in the tub. Another side effect of a defective drain pump is that the agitator could stop working too.
  • Defective Drive Belt
    The drive belt is what makes the agitator work. If the drive belt is damaged or broken the tub won’t spin and the agitator will not work. You will need to replace the drive belt before you can use the washer again.
  • Defective Agitator
    If the agitator is broken it cannot work and will need to be replaced.
  • Defective Motor
    The motor is the powerhouse of the top loader. If the motor is defective, the washer won’t spin or agitate. Check the motor for continuity and replace if necessary.

LG Top Loader Doesn’t Drain

person placing clothes in a top load washing machine

If your LG top loader washing machine doesn’t drain at all or drains really slowly, you’ll need to check the following;

  • Blocked Drain Hose, Drain Filter, Drain Pump
    The drain hose, drain filter and drain pump can all become clogged with dirt and fibres. This can reduce or even prevent drainage. Ensure all of these items are free from any blockages.
  • Too Many Soap Suds
    If there are too many soap suds in the tub, they can prevent the waste water from draining away correctly. This can be caused by using too much detergent or by using the wrong type of detergent.
  • Unbalanced Wash Load
    If the wash load is unbalanced it can cause difficulties for the washer when draining. Ensure the wash load is evenly distributed around the tub so that it spins evenly and drains correctly.
  • Faulty Drain Pump
    The drain pump removes water from the washer, if it develops a fault, it can fail to drain the water away. Check the drain pump for continuity and replace if necessary.
  • Faulty Lid Switch
    If the lid switch is faulty it can prevent the washer from working correctly this could stop the washer from draining. Check the lid switch for continuity and replace if necessary.
  • Foreign Objects Trapped In The Drum
    Any foreign objects like coins, buttons etc can cause the drain pump to malfunction. Always ensure that all pockets are emptied and all loose items are removed before washing your clothes.

Balance Issues

If your LG top loader has a problem with balance it can cause it to shake or vibrate and could also show the error codes UE or UB. The most likely causes of balance issues with your LG top loader include;

  • Overloaded Tub
    If the tub is overloaded it can lead to the clothes being thrown out of an even position when the washer is spinning. You will need to remove some items and ensure that the tub is never more than ¾ full before use.
  • Imbalanced Load
    If the load in the tub becomes imbalanced, and all sits to one side, it can cause the washer to vibrate or shake violently. This could cause the washer to stop working. Always ensure the laundry is evenly balanced in the tub.
  • Uneven Washer
    If the washer isn’t sitting on level ground, it’s likely to vibrate or shake and can even stop spinning. Use a spirit level and adjust the feet accordingly to ensure the washer is level before use.
  • Defective Drum Bearings
    If there is no obvious cause for a shaking or vibrating washer, it could be because the drum bearings are defective. These will need inspecting and replacing if necessary.
  • Defective Suspension Rods

The suspension rods absorb any impact caused by your washer. Over time these rods can become worn causing the washer to shake or vibrate. If this is the case, the suspension rods will need to be replaced.

LG Top Loader Smells Of Mildew

It’s not uncommon for LG top loaders to smell like mildew. This is usually caused by keeping the lid closed when the washer is not in use.

That’s because shutting the lid restricts the air flow and any moisture trapped inside the washer cannot escape. Damp air is the perfect breeding ground for mildew, mould and bacteria.

Another cause is detergent and fabric softener residue which gets stuck to the tub and in all the nooks and crannies of the washer. You can clear these unpleasant smells and detergent residue by running a hot service wash with 1 cupful of white vinegar.

Make this service wash a regular, monthly part of your cleaning schedule to prevent this from becoming a recurring problem.

LG Top Loader Error Codes

Now we’ve addressed all of the commonly reported problems that affect LG top loaders, let’s take a brief look at the most common error codes that you’re likely to find.

Error CodeIndicates
IEUnable to fill with Water
OEWasher cannot drain water
UE/uEUnlevel washer, appliance is attempting to balance the load
E6Clutch error (typically displayed when a foreign object is stuck between the pulsator and the tub)
CLChild lock activated
tCLTub needs cleaning
dEDrawer not closed properly
dLDoor latch malfunction
drAutomatic draining (due to pausing a cycle for too long)
CEInsufficient spin speed (this needs the attention of an expert)
FEToo much water entering the appliance (typically caused by a faulty inlet valve)
UbUnbalanced load (the appliance is attempting to balance the load)
LE Locked motor (typically displayed when the tub fails to spin)
PEWater level sensor failure (needs expert help)
SudExcessive soap suds detected and a soap reducing cycle has been activated
d3Major malfunctioning coupling (this will need an expert to fix)
tEThermistor fault (this will need an expert to fix)
PFPower failure (typically displayed if the appliance has been interrupted by a power outage)

To find out more about the error codes specific to your LG top loader, consult your user manual.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Above we have listed all of the likely faults, problems and error codes you’re likely to encounter when using your LG top loader washing machine. If you do have any questions or tips, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common problems with LG washing machines top load?

The most commonly reported problems associated with LG top loader washing machines include; washer not draining, not spinning or too much water.

How do I reset my LG top loader washing machine?

To reset your LG top loader washing machine, all you need to do is remove the plug from the wall socket or switch the circuit breaker to off. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to pass before restoring the power. This should reset the appliance.

How do I force my LG top loader to drain?

To force drain your LG top loader start a cycle and then pause it. After 8 minutes the unit will automatically start to drain. It will display DR and start to drain automatically.

How long is the warranty on LG washing machines?

The manufacturer’s warranty on LG washing machines runs for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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