LG Washing Machine Sound Problems Solved (troubleshooting guide)

If you own an LG washing machine and it’s started making a noise when running, don’t panic. You’ve found the right article to get your washer running and sounding as good as new.

LG washing machines have a good name within the industry because they are known for their innovative features, energy efficiency and top quality performance. 

However, they can sometimes become susceptible to faults and one of the tell tale signs of a problem is when the washer starts making unusual noises.

The nature of that noise can give the trained ear a good indication of what’s going on. You should be on the lookout for whistling, squealing, grinding, banging or vibrational sounds.

What Do Different Noises Mean On A LG Washing Machine?

Type Of NoiseWhen Does It SoundProbable Cause
Squealing, whistlingWhen washer is filling with waterDefective inlet valve
Rumbling, roaringWhen the drum is agitatingDefective drum bearings, drive pulley, motor coupling or transmission
Rumbling or bangingWhen spinningDefective bearings
Scraping, scratching, grindingWhen spinningForeign object trapped in drum
Banging, thumpingWhen spinningOverloaded drum, unbalanced load, defective shock absorbers, drive pulley or suspension rods
SqueakingWhen spinningDefective drive belt, defective bearing
VibrationWhen spinningWasher on unlevel surface
Whirring, rattlingWhen spinningClogged drain filter, or foreign object in the drum

Let’s take a closer look at these issues;

LG Washer Making A Noise When Filling With Water

person changing the program on washing machine

If your LG washer is making a noise when it’s filling with water, and it sounds like a squealing or whistling sound, it’s most likely to be caused by a defective water inlet valve.

It could be that the water inlet valve is corroded or becomes clogged with dirt or grit. The best course of action is to replace it with a new inlet valve.

LG Washer making Noise During Agitation

If the washer rumbles or makes a roaring sound when the drum is agitating, it’s most likely that the drum bearings are defective. Try manually turning the drum by hand. If it still makes the same noise, it is the drum bearings that are defective.

There are other possible causes which include; A defective motor coupling, a defective drive pulley or a transmission fault.

The best course of action is to replace whichever part is faulty however, with so many potential components that could be at fault, we recommend contacting a technician to locate and replace the faulty part.

LG Washer Making Noises When Spinning

If your LG washer is making noises when spinning, it could be any number of things. Identifying the exact sound that’s being made can make diagnosing the fault much easier.

As there are various noises all associated with the spinning drum on a LG washing machine, let’s look at them in more detail;

Banging Or Rumbling Sound When The Drum’s Spinning

If the drum is making a rumbling or banging sound as it spins, it is most likely that the drum bearings are defective. To access the drum bearings, you will need to dismantle the washer and in many cases split the drum casing.

This can be a difficult job and will definitely take you a few hours to complete. If you’re not fully confident in your DIY skills, we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

Scratching, Scraping Or Grinding Sound When The Drum’s Spinning

A pair of keys in a pocket of jeans

These sounds all indicate that there’s something in the drum that shouldn’t be there. Most likely something that was left in a pocket and found its way into the washer, something like;

  • Keys
  • Coins
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Bra Wires
  • Pins

You should stop the appliance and remove the foreign object and check the pockets on the rest of the laundry before restarting the machine.

It’s also worth ensuring that all zips have been zipped up and clasps attached securely.

Banging Or Thumping Sound When The Drum’s Spinning

If you can hear a banging or thumping sound coming from the washer as the drum spins, it’s almost certainly going to be caused by either an overloaded drum or an uneven load.

It is recommended that the drum of your LG washing machine should never be more than ¾ full. This allows some room for the garments to move around freely in the drum as it spins.

The problem could also be caused if the items in the drum are all stuck on one side. The cure here is to open the door and reposition the items so that the drum spins evenly.

You might need to remove some items or in the case of an underloaded drum, you may have to add a few items to balance the load.

However, it could also be caused by defective shock absorbers, defective drive pulleys or defective suspension rods. As these are relatively difficult to access and replace this is a job best left to an expert.

A Squeaking Sound When The Drum’s Spinning

If the noise sounds like a squeaking or squealing noise it could be that the drive belt or drum bearing are defective.

The drive belt can become worn over time which can make it loose or damaged. This can lead to the squeaking sound as the drum spins. 

The drum bearings can also become worn over time and will often make a squeaking noise before developing into a full blown rumble or roar.

In both cases, the defective parts will need to be replaced. Once again we recommend getting an expert to do this for you.

The Washing Machine Vibrates When The Drum’s Spinning

If your LG washing machine vibrates when the drum is spinning, it’s usually because the washer has not been placed on level ground. Check the floor where the washer is sited and if it is uneven, consider placing a board under it.

The feet on the washer are adjustable so they can be adjusted to ensure the washer is level. You might also want to consider placing a Vibration mat under the washer to ensure it doesn’t vibrate.

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The Washing Machine Makes A Whirring Or Rattling Noise When The Drum’s Spinning

The most common cause of a whirring or rattling noise coming from the drum when the washer is spinning is something is loose in the drum. This could be a coin, key, screw, nail, etc. You will need to stop the washer and remove any loose items to stop this noise.

However if the noise is persistent and there are no foreign objects in the drum, it could be because the drain filter is blocked. You will need to remove the drain filter and remove any blockages. You should then make this a regular part of your maintenance schedule.

LG Front Loader Making Noises When Spinning

Two people putting clothes in a laundry basket from the washer

If you own a LG front loader washing machine and it’s making unusual noises when the drum is spinning you should check for;

An Overloaded Drum

If the drum on your LG front loader is overloaded, it’s likely to make an unusual noise. You should never fill the drum to more than ¾ full.

You should also check for an unbalanced load as this can also cause the washer to make an unusual noise. Try redistributing the items so that the drum spins evenly. This might mean adding a few items to balance the load in some cases.

Loose Items Rattling Around The Drum

If you can hear a rattling or scraping noise, it could be that there is a coin or key or some other object rattling around the drum. You should stop the washer and remove any loose objects from the drum.

Defective Drum Bearing

The noise of a drum bearing starting to develop a fault sounds like a squeaking or squealing sound. As the drum bearing deteriorates, it will sound more like a roar or rumble.

This indicates that the drum bearings need to be replaced.

Faulty Shock Absorbers

LG front loaders feature shock absorbers which absorb excessive energy as the drum rotates. If they become faulty, they won’t be able to soak up the impact that will inevitably occur as the drum spins.

This will lead to a loud banging or excessive vibration which will only get worse until the shock absorbers are replaced.

Defective Drive Pulleys

Excessive vibration could also be caused by defective or damaged drive pulleys. The drive pulleys guide the drive belt and if they are defective, the drum will not turn correctly.

Replacing the drive pulleys is not that difficult of a job to do. But you will need to dismantle the appliance to get at them. Unless you are confident of your DIY abilities, we would recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

That covers just about all of the noises that you’re likely to hear from a LG front loader washing machine. Now let’s take a brief look at the possible problems you could encounter with a LG top loader.

LG Top Loader Making Noises When Spinning


If you own a LG top loader washing machine and it’s making unusual noises when spinning, you should check the following;

Overloaded Tub

One of the most common reasons why a LG top loader makes a noise is because the tub is overloaded. Check that the amount of laundry you have put in the drum is not too great for the size of the washer.

You should also be aware of how level the laundry is as an uneven load can also cause the washer to make an unusual noise.

Unlevel Appliance

If your LG top loader isn’t sited on level ground, it is likely to make an unusual noise when spinning. Ensure that the washer is level and consider placing a board or anti vibration mat underneath it.

Foreign Objects

Remember to always check the pockets of all items before placing them in the wash. Any loose screws, nails, keys, coins etc can rattle and scrape around in the drum causing all manner of unusual noises.

Defective Suspension Rods

Where front loaders have shock absorbers, top loaders have suspension rods. They do a similar job and soak up excessive movement when the tub is spinning. If they become defective the washer will vibrate violently and they will need to be replaced.

Do You Have Any Questions?

We hope this article has been useful to you in identifying the type of noise and problem you might have with your LG washing machine. If you have any questions or tips and hints feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my LG front loader washing machine sound like an airplane?

If your LG front loader washing machine sounds like an airplane it is most likely due to a defective drum bearing, defective drive belt, defective drive pulley or a faulty shock absorber.

How do I get the chimes to work again on my LG washing machine?

To restore the chimes and other sounds on your LG washing machine you should press and hold the timer button for 30 to 40 seconds. Or press the temp and delay buttons at the same time.

How do I know if my LG washing machine bearings are failing?

If you can hear a squealing or squeaking sound it could be because the drum bearings are wearing on your LG washing machine. If the noise is more like a rumble or roaring or sounds like an airplane the bearings are almost certainly defective and likely to fail.

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