New Washing Machine Smells? (Here’s Why & What to Do)

So, you’ve just had your shiny new washing machine delivered, ready to start dealing with the mountain of laundry you have. But hold on – what’s that strange smell? Don’t panic; it’s not just you. 

New washing machines often come with their unique odours, ranging from rubbery to fishy. However, this is normal and will likely go away after using your washer regularly. These smells are mostly due to the packaging residue, the rubber parts of your machine, or when dust has been stuck inside its parts.

Let’s look into the reasons behind these weird scents and discover what you can do to remove them faster.

Reasons Why Your New Machine Smells

Residue From The Manufacturing Process

Ever wondered why that new car smell isn’t always pleasant? The same goes for washing machines.

washing machines on display

Straight from the factory, these appliances carry residues from the manufacturing process – lubricants, oils, and other substances that make them work like laundry experts. When you fire up your new washer for the first few cycles, these residues heat up, creating a distinct chemical odour.

What to do: Run an empty cycle with hot water and a cup of distilled white vinegar. This simple trick helps flush out lingering manufacturing residues, putting an end to those peculiar smells.

Odours From Transportation And Storage

Imagine your washing machine playing a waiting game on a shelf, absorbing various scents and dust for months before landing in your home. It’s not uncommon for the machine to carry odours from packaging materials, cardboard, and plastic – even a hint of mustiness from storage. Transporting it to your place could expose it to smoke and dust, adding to the mix.

What to do:  Before you toss in your first load, give your machine a thorough cleaning. Wipe down the interior, including the drum and removable parts, to remove any lingering transportation odours.

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Rubber Gasket And Hose

Does it have that rubbery smell around the washing machine’s door? Is the foul odour tracing to your machine’s hose? It’s not a mystery.

open washing machine door

Washing machines use rubber gaskets for a watertight seal, and sometimes, they can be a bit too smelly especially when wet and heated.

What to do: Patience is key here – the rubber smell is temporary and will fade after a few weeks. If you’re feeling less patient, wipe the rubber gasket with a water and white vinegar solution.

TIP: Leave the washing machine door slightly ajar after each use to prevent moisture buildup and discourage mould and mildew.

Plastic Smells

Unwrapping a new washing machine is like opening a gift, but sometimes the packaging can be sneakily placed in areas where they are not as visible. Unfortunately, forgotten tape or shipping bolt sleeves can emit a burning smell. If this is not the case, check the plastic components in your washer. Even the detergent compartment may release odours when warmed up.

What to do:  We know you’re excited to use your washing machine, but give it a once-over. Check for any forgotten packaging or tape.  For smelly compartments, wipe with a mix of white vinegar and water.

Additional Culprit: Hard Water

If your washing machine still insists on smelling funky after a few cycles, it might be the water’s fault. Hard water, rich in minerals and limescale, can leave deposits and contribute to unpleasant odours.

What to do: Combat hard water with softeners, special detergents, or even a splash of white vinegar. Regularly use descaling agents to keep your washing machine in tip-top shape and odour-free.

Laundry Days Are More Pleasant With A Fresh Washing Machine

If your new washing machine has a funny smell, don’t worry too much – it’s pretty normal! Knowing why it happens and what you can do about it makes it a breeze to fix.

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Whether it’s leftover stuff from making the machine, smells from storage, rubber gasket odours, or lingering plastic bits, a simple trick is using hot water and white vinegar. Give the machine a good wipe, especially the rubber parts, and check for any hidden plastic pieces.

Do you have questions? Feel free to comment below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my new washing machine smelling bad?

Your new washing machine may have odours due to manufacturing residues, transportation scents, or lingering packaging materials. Running an empty cycle with hot water and vinegar can help eliminate these smells.

Why does my brand-new washer smell like mildew?

A new washer may emit mildew-like odours due to rubber gaskets, packaging residues, or transportation smells. Wipe the rubber parts with a water and vinegar solution or run a hot water and vinegar cycle to address this issue.

Why do my clothes not smell fresh after washing the new washing machine?

Clothes may not smell fresh if your new washing machine has odours from manufacturing or packaging residues. Clean the machine, especially the rubber parts, using vinegar and water to ensure a pleasant laundry scent.

Can you use vinegar instead of fabric softener?

Yes, you can use vinegar as a fabric softener alternative. Add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle to soften clothes and reduce odours without the chemical additives found in traditional fabric softeners.

How do you deep clean a washing machine?

To deep clean your washing machine, run an empty cycle with hot water and 2 cups of vinegar. Wipe down the interior, including rubber gaskets and removable parts. Regularly using descaling agents helps combat hard water deposits and keeps your machine odour-free.

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