Toaster Not Popping Up? (try this)

If the toaster doesn’t pop up once the toast is cooked, the bread will burn. Which will in turn stink your kitchen out and leave you with no toast to eat. Before you consign your toaster to the scrap pile,  there are a few quick fixes that could solve this problem. In this article, we’ll look at the main causes for the toast not popping out and ways to fix the toaster.

What Causes The Toaster To Not Pop Up When The Toast Is Done?

There are three main potential issues that could prevent the toast from popping up when it’s done. They are;

  1. A Build-Up Of Crumbs
  2. The Slide Control Displaced
  3. Defective Spring
  4. Faulty Electromagnet

A Build-Up Of Crumbs

If your toaster has a crumb tray, your first course of action should be to remove and empty this tray. Then turn the toaster upside down and gently tap the bottom to remove any lodged crumbs. If you decide to take the toaster apart, remember to unplug it first and then using a soft toothbrush or can of compressed air, remove any evidence of crumbs.

Displaced Slide Control

The slide control that regulates how cooked (or brown) the toast becomes, can get knocked out of its usual position which means the toaster keeps cooking the toast way past the cooked point. Be careful when operating the toaster and check the slide control positioning before and during the cooking cycle.

On some toasters there is a twist knob thermostat that controls the browning of the toast, be sure this is at the correct (desired) setting.

Defective Spring

If the spring which operates to lift the carriage is slipping or broken, the toast will not pop out of the toaster. It is possible to replace this spring but, as it involves removing the toaster’s outer covering and exposing the internal electrical components, it’s best done by an expert.

Faulty Electromagnet

It is possible for the electromagnet to develop some sort of a fault, if this is the case it could prevent the toast from popping up. It is possible to replace the electromagnet but you will probably have difficulty in locating the correct one for your toaster. You’ll probably be better off replacing the toaster.

How To Remove Toast From Toaster If It’s Stuck In


If your toast is stuck inside the toaster, and you want to remove it, ensure you unplug the toaster before you start. Also never put a knife inside the toaster even if the toaster is unplugged, a knife has the potential to damage the heating elements. The best utensils for removing toast from a toaster are thin wooden spatulas.

These will slide inside the metal sides that are gripping the toast and will get just enough purchase on the toast to gently slide it out. Alternatively push the lever down as far as it will go and release it, this should force the toast out far enough for you to catch it. You could also let gravity give you a hand, turn the toaster upside down and catch the toast as it falls out.

Replace The Toaster

Many modern electrical appliances, including toasters, rely on circuit boards to operate. These can be easily damaged as they are delicate, sensitive pieces of equipment. For this and other safety reasons, if the toaster needs disassembling to be repaired it should only be tackled by an expert.

As toasters are relatively low priced appliances, we’d recommend replacing a faulty toaster as you can then reap the benefits of a few months (years) worry free toast making. Knowing that your toaster is covered by a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical warranty for a toaster?

Budget toasters usually carry a 12 month warranty, more expensive models have longer warranties. But most small electrical appliances are protected under the sale of goods act in the UK. Check the act for Ts and Cs.

Should I replace my toaster?

Depending on the age of your toaster and the complexity of the fault, it’s often far better, easier and safer to replace it, rather than repairing it.

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