Washing Machine Leaking During Spin Cycle? (here’s why & what to do)

If you have noticed any signs of a leak under your washing machine it needs to be dealt with immediately. Any water leak could potentially cause numerous costly problems in your home.

If you have noticed that the leak is only prevalent when the washer is on the spin cycle it indicates a few areas where the problem could lie. Keep reading to find out how to identify where the problem is coming from and more importantly, how to solve it.

Why Is My Washing Machine Leaking When It’s Spinning?

If your washer is leaking when it’s spinning, there could be several causes. Including;

Probable CauseSolution
Unbalanced ApplianceCheck the level of the machine and adjust the feet accordingly
Blocked FilterRemove and clean the filter
Blocked Drain HoseInspect the drain hose and remove any blockages
Defective Door SealInspect and replace the door seal if necessary
Defective Hose SealsInspect and retighten/replace any defective hose seals
Faulty Or Clogged Drain PumpInspect, clear or replace the drain pump as necessary

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues;

Unbalanced Appliance

If your washing machine isn’t level, it can cause excess pressure on one side of the drum. This can cause it to leak through the space between the door seal and the drum.

It could be caused by an unbalanced load which can be remedied by stopping the cycle and rearranging the wash load. In future you should wash large items by themselves because if you place a large bulky item in with smaller items, the small items tend to get wrapped into a ball by the large item which then sits on one side of the drum.

The other possibility is the washer itself isn’t level. You can check this using a spirit level. Remember to check front to back as well as side to side. You can adjust the level using the feet on the bottom of the appliance.

Once the machine is completely level, this should solve the leaking issue. If not, move on to the next possible cause.

Blocked Filter

Washing Machine Filter

The filter on your washing machine is there to trap any foreign bodies that could cause damage to the drain pump. If the filter becomes blocked, the wastewater will struggle to exit the machine in the correct manner.

This could lead to water leaking from other parts of the machine. Consult your user manual for the specific location of your washer’s filter and the correct way to access it. Take care when removing the filter as it could cause all of the water in the drum to gush all over the floor via the filter.

Place a tray or bowl on the floor and only open the filter slightly until the container is full, then close the filter and empty the container. Then repeat until all of the water has been drained away.

You can then remove the filter and wash it under a fast running tap to remove any dirt, coins, keys, screws, hair pins, etc, that could be blocking the filter and preventing the water from flowing.

Blocked Drain Hose

washing machine drain hose

In some cases the water cannot exit the appliance via the drain hose because it is blocked. If this is the case, the water will leave by some other route which could be why your floor is wet during the spin cycle.

The first thing to do is to inspect the drain hose for any twists or kinks in the pipe which could be the cause of the blockage. Straighten any that you find and see if this solves the issue. If not, you will need to check the drain hose for a blockage.

To check the drain hose try lowering it into a container lower than the top of the washer. If water runs out, the problem is not the drain hose but possibly further on in the home’s waste pipe.

If no water runs, you can often clear any blockage by running a plumber’s snake through the drain hose.

Defective Door Seal

open washing machine door

The door seal on a washing machine is designed to prevent water from leaking around the door when the washer is in operation. In some cases, there will be damage to the top of the door seal which is why the leak only appears during the spin cycle.

This is because when spinning the drum moves around more than at any other time of the cycle. The movement of the drum can expose a damaged area of the door seal and allow water to leak out.

You will need to inspect the door seal for any signs of wear and tear and if you find any, you will need to replace the rubber door seal.

Defective Hose Seals

Washing Machine

Another common cause of a washer leaking when it’s spinning is a failing or failed hose seal or connector. Over time the clamps that hold the inlet hose and the drain hose in place can become worn, loose or damaged.

This can lead to a puddle of water under the machine during the spin cycle. Additionally, the smaller tubes and hoses inside the appliance can become worn or damaged and they could also only leak when the washer is under pressure during the spin cycle.

You will need to inspect each and every hose, tube and connector to ensure that none are responsible for the leak, and replace or tighten as necessary.

Faulty Or Clogged Drain Pump

Washing Machine Drawer Compartments

If the water is running from the detergent dispenser drawer during the spin cycle, it could be due to a failed or clogged drain pump. This would cause the water to not drain away fast enough and the spin speed could cause it to leak via the dispenser drawer.

If you suspect the drain pump is at fault, it is best left to an engineer to investigate and repair/replace as it involves dismantling the appliance to access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my washing machine leak on the spin cycle?

If your washing machine is leaking during the spin cycle, it is most likely due to; the appliance being unbalanced either due to an unbalanced wash load or the actual feet of the appliance need adjusting, the filter is blocked, the drain hose is blocked or damaged, the door seal is damaged, one of the hoses is leaking or the drain pump is clogged or defective.

Why is water coming from the bottom of my washing machine?

If water is coming from the bottom of your washing machine it could be because the rubber door seal is defective or damaged. Or one of the hoses is leaking or the drain pump is faulty.

Can a blocked filter cause the washing machine to leak?

Yes, a blocked filter can cause the washing machine to leak. This is because when the filter is blocked the water can back up and leak out during the spin cycle. Regularly cleaning the filter can prevent this from becoming a problem.

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