Washing Machine Not Drying? (this is why)

If your laundry is coming out of your machine wetter than usual it is probably caused by one of the following;

  • Wrong Cycle Selected
  • Machine Overloaded
  • Imbalanced Load
  • Drain Hose Blocked Or Kinked
  • Drain Pump Filter Blocked
  • Drive Belt Damaged/Worn
  • Insufficient Power Supply

Read on for the best ways to solve these issues with the least amount of fuss.

Wrong Cycle Selected

Washing machines have numerous programs including no-spin and no-drain. If you have selected one of these programs the washing will not be as dry as usual.

Overloaded Machine

This is one of the most common reasons for washing to be wetter than usual when leaving the machine. We all like to save time and it can be tempting to cram as much laundry into the drum as possible. But it can cause numerous issues, one of which is the machine will not be able to spin correctly.

This in turn, causes the washing to leave the machine wetter than usual. Never fill the drum more than ¾ full of laundry to eradicate this issue.

Imbalanced Load

If you are washing large items they can all gather on one side of the drum. This causes an imbalance which can cause the machine to stop the cycle for safety reasons. Which will result in your washing not spinning at all. When washing large items, mix them with smaller items to avoid this problem.

Blocked Drain Hose

If the drain hose is blocked, excess water cannot drain from the washing machine which will leave your laundry wetter than usual. Check the drain hose for any kinks or bends and inspect it for blockages. A plumber’s snake can be used to clear any obstructions.

Drain Pump Filter Blocked

The drain pump filter is located at the bottom of the machine, consult your manual to locate yours. Remove the filter and inspect for any coins, cloth, bra wires, screws, nails etc that might be causing a blockage. Also inspect the pump itself for any visible damage, turn the impeller to be sure it can turn freely. If the pump is damaged, you will need to contact an engineer to repair/replace it.

Worn Drive Belt

Washing machines use a drive belt that runs from the motor to the drum to turn the drum. Much like a car’s fan belt, this belt wears over time. If it wears too much, it becomes loose and can slip or even snap completely. The result is it either slips and doesn’t turn the drum sufficiently, or it snaps and doesn’t turn the drum at all.

Both of which will leave you with wet laundry. Replacing the belt is a relatively easy task, but as you need to open the rear of the machine, and expose all of the electrical wires etc, this task is best performed by an expert.

Insufficient Power Supply

Washing Machine

If you are using an extension cable to run your machine, this could be causing the problem. Extension cords tend to not transmit enough power to allow the washing machine to spin fast enough to clean clothes.

Washer/Dryer Not Drying Clothes

If you own a combined washer/dryer and your laundry is not drying, try all of the above, plus check the following;

  • Is The Lint Filter Clogged?
  • Is The Condenser Filter Clogged?

Clogged Lint Filter

The lint filter is usually located on the rim of the door. It should be emptied after every use but is often overlooked. If it gets clogged with lint and other fibres the machine will not dry your clothes properly.

Clogged Condenser Filter

If your machine has a condenser or a heat pump it will also have a filter that will need to be cleaned out regularly. If this filter gets clogged it will lead to longer drying times.  On some machines they have a filter warning light or symbol but not all have this feature so you will need to check periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do clothes leave my washing machine soaking wet?

If your laundry is leaving your washing machine soaking wet, it is probably caused by overloading the machine, an imbalanced load or a drain hose/filter blockage.

Why do I have to dry my clothes twice?

If you find you have to dry your clothes twice to get them dry, it is probably because you are overloading your machine. Washer/dryers commonly wash more than they are capable of drying. Check your handbook to get an accurate weight limit for washing and for drying.

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