Are There Any Washing Machines That Iron As Well?

If you’re one of the multitude of people that detest ironing, you might want to read this article. I have found a number of prototypes and actual products that eliminate the need for ironing at all.

Whilst some of these products are still in the research phase of development, there are some that are currently on the market and could be installed in your home right now. Keep reading to find out more.

Washing Machines With The Easy Iron Feature

I know this isn’t exactly an appliance that eliminates the need for ironing altogether, but having an easy iron option on your washing machine will definitely reduce wrinkles and creases.

In many cases, the easy iron cycle will leave your clothes wrinkle-free and they won’t need ironing at all. Plus these washing machines are readily available and a whole lot cheaper than some of the more futuristic designs I feature later on in this article.

Added to which, they don’t take up any extra space or need any special internet connections. If you’re on the lookout for a new washing machine and you think the easy iron function might be just what you’re looking for, just look for the words “easy iron” or “iron mode” or the symbol with a picture of an iron on it.

Selecting this cycle ensures that your washer uses a gentler agitation and lower spin speed to produce fewer creases and wrinkles.

This feature isn’t only available on washing machines either. There are many tumble dryers that also feature an easy iron cycle. This tumbles at a gentler rate and leaves the clothes slightly damp reducing the number of creases and cutting down on ironing times.

Can You Buy A Washing Machine That Irons As Well?

Whilst there are no easily obtainable automatic washing, dryers with iron and folding capabilities, you can always buy an automatic steamer system (more on that later). Or wait a few years and see what develops in the not too distant future.

Are There Any Appliances On The Market Now That Eliminate The Need For Ironing?

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Let’s look at items that can be purchased right now that are available for installing in your home and eliminate the need for ironing.

Tefal Care For You Automatic Steamer System

Whilst at this present time there are no appliances that automatically wash, dry and iron your laundry there is the Tefal automatic Steamer System or steam wardrobe.

This system works by using hot steam to clean the garments which are placed on hangers inside the appliance. The steam cleans, sanitises and removes wrinkles and creases from the items and then dries them.

The hot steam kills around 99.99% of all viruses, germs and bacteria without the need for any chemicals. The entire process from start to finish takes around 40 minutes and can be used for drying delicate items as well.

There are a few issues with this device however, which include;

  • You can only fit 3 garments at any one time
  • It’s quite noisy
  • It creates a lot of steam

Checkout prices and reviews at

 LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System

This is another type of steam wardrobe produced by LG, and just like the Tefal model it has positive and negative reviews. This model also removes 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

It has 18 drying programmes as well as a moving hanger which shakes creases from garments at 180 rpm. It also features smart diagnosis, trouser crease care and via the app can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The app also allows you to monitor its performance, how much energy it’s using and download specialist programmes. This model  is quiet in operation (around 40 dB) but it costs significantly more than the Tefal model.

Checkout prices and reviews at

Philips EasyTouch Stand Steamer

Philips EasyTouch Stand Steamer - 1800W, 35 g/min Continuous Steam, 3 Steam Settings, 1.4L Water Tank, Easy Rinse Descaling, Large Steam Plate, White (GC487/86)
  • Quick de-wrinkling: Clothing steamer with powerful continuous steam (35 g/min) de-wrinkles right on the hanger
  • Great for Garments: 3 integrated steam settings protect the thinnest to thickest garments

This steamer from Philips has 3 integrated steam settings, is easy to use and removes creases and wrinkles right on the hanger. It has a 1.4 litre transparent water tank which detaches allowing easy filling and has a large filling hole too.

It has a fully adjustable double pole system which is collapsible for easy storage.

Hand Held Steamer

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover, 30-Second Fast Heat-up, Auto-Off, Large Detachable Water Tank
  • Instantly freshen your clothes: Powerful 1200W steamer with large 260ml Water tank steams Continuously for 15 minutes and preheats in only 35 seconds or less
  • Anti-leakage: Can be used both vertically and horizontally with no leaking; Convenient for clothes, table clothes, sofas, and so much more

These hand held steamers are great for removing wrinkles and creases from garments without the need to iron them. They’re designed to be ready to use in just 30 seconds and can be used at any angle.

Designed to automatically cut out if overheated or after 8 minutes of constant use and comes with a range of attachments to provide many steamer options.

Modern Laundry Inventions & Prototypes

Many of our everyday appliances are getting updated to smart appliances. Which means they have the ability to connect to the internet via WiFi or Bluetooth networks. We have already seen the introduction of WiFi enabled washing machines and tumble dryers which can be controlled via apps on smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Haier’s Qianhe Washing Machine

At the 2019 Washing And Fabric Caring Industry Strategy Launch event held in Wuhan, China, Haier, the Chinese electronics and home appliances company, displayed their Qianhe washing machine. Which they describe as an “ultrasonic air washing machine”.

They said it negates the need for ironing as it converts water into micron particles that infuse fabrics and smooth creases away. This is all part of their “internet of clothing” which is a networked laundry solution designed to incorporate all of the laundry process.

They want to connect all of the appliances needed to successfully do the laundry. This includes the smart washing machine, laundry rack as well as a folding machine. It works by first washing the clothes before the clothes are passed onto the smart laundry rack where a smart folding device can detect when the clothes are dried and fold them according to the style in the correct manner.

The company also displayed their Leader 2 washing machine which uses an AI virtual laundry assistant that can detect fabric types and adjust the cycle accordingly. As well as introducing the U+ app which can be accessed via the app store and gives information on the water quality and temperature. 

It will also detect the material the item is made from as well as the brand which will identify the wash care recommendations and select the best washing conditions and detergent according to the care label.

Siemens Dressman

The Siemens Dressman was first unveiled in 2004 and was listed as “the home ironing assistant that would take over the chore of ironing shirts”. This could be a must have for many as ironing each shirt takes an average of 8 minutes.

The Dressman looks like the upper body part of a mannequin like the ones you see in clothes shops modelling jackets etc. All you do is place a freshly washed shirt onto the device and the wrinkles and creases are smoothed away.

It works by inflating the shell, which is made from balloon silk, with hot air which pulls the wet shirt into shape. It works using low temperatures and can also be used to iron jackets or air sports coats.

It was originally launched for the commercial market and was only available for professional cleaners and laundries. Unfortunately the Dressman costs around 1000 Euros and costs around 5 cents per shirt compared with around 2 Euros at the cleaners.

Sadly the Dressman appears to have been discontinued maybe due to the price tag or maybe it was because it wasn’t that much of a labour saving or time saving device.

Panasonic Sustainable Maintainer

First launched at the Consumer’s Electronics Fair IFA in Berlin Germany in 2017, the Panasonic Sustainable Maintainer is a washing machine that washes items individually and ends with the finished item washed, dried and folded.

The idea is that the dirty item is placed in the drawer where it will be picked up and analysed to detect the fabric type and wash care instructions. The appliance is connected to a manufacturers database to identify specific care instructions.

The appliance then detects the level of dirt and dispenses exactly the right amount of detergent to get the item clean. It then dries the item in such a way as to eliminate the need for ironing.

The item is then folded and ready to be packed away. The complete appliance is hidden behind a wall of white tiles. You activate it by pressing one of the tiles which reveals the drawer where the item is placed.

At the end of the cycle, the item is placed on another shelf at the other end of the appliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any washing machine that irons clothes?

There are a few washing machine prototypes that dry and iron clothes and some of these have been released onto the commercial market. However, there are currently none available for home or domestic use. The nearest would be the steam wardrobes that use steam to sanitise and dry clothes whilst reducing wrinkles and creases at the same time.

What is the easy iron option on a washing machine?

The easy iron option on a washing machine is a program that produces fewer creases in garments compared to regular wash cycles. It does this by using a gentler spin and agitation as well as a reduced cycle time.

What is pre iron on a washing machine?

The pre-iron feature on some washing machines can be set up to run after the wash cycle has completed to pass steam through the garments to reduce wrinkles and creases and often eliminate the need for, or at least ease, the ironing process.

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