F02 Error Code On Hotpoint Aqualtis Or Indesit Washer? (here’s why)

If your washing machine is displaying any kind of error code it can be worrying. Especially if you have a full load of washing that you’re waiting on.

In this article we take a close look at error code F02 as displayed on either the Hotpoint Aqualtis or Indesit washing machines. If you own a Hotpoint Aqualtis or Indesit washing machine and it’s displaying the F02 error code, keep reading.

What Does The F02 Error Code Mean On A Hotpoint Aqualtis Or Indesit Washing Machine?

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If the F02 error code is displayed on your Hotpoint Aqualtis or Indesit washing machine it indicates that there’s a problem related to the motor in some way.

All 3 of these relate to a problem with the power supply to and from the motor and the PCB (printed circuit board). This is actually a way of the washer indicating that the appliance is aware that the motor should be running. But that it isn’t receiving a message communicating that it is, this could be caused because;

  • The motor is jammed
  • The drum shaft is jammed
  • The tacho generator has developed a fault

Let’s take a closer look at these issues;

Jammed Motor

If the motor is jammed, it means it won’t turn and can’t turn the drum. You can check this by simply opening the door of the washer and turning the drum by hand.

If it turns freely, the cause of the F02 error code isn’t a jammed motor. However, if the drum is stiff and difficult to turn, you will need to disconnect the drive belt to investigate further.

With the drive belt removed, try turning the drum by hand again. If the drum moves freely and offers little resistance, the motor is most likely jammed. We recommend contacting a technician if this is the case.

Jammed Drum Shaft

If the drum is still difficult to turn when the drive belt has been removed, the problem isn’t the motor but the drum shaft. This could be caused by seized bearings or some other drum related issue.

This is also a task best left to a technician to investigate and repair.

Faulty Tacho Generator

The way your washing machine determines the spin speed of the drum is via the tacho coil. The tacho coil is located on the motor at the opposite end to the drive belt. 

It’s just a small coil that goes around the main armature winding shaft attached to a small magnet. You can easily identify it by the 2 thin wires connected to it.

As the armature spins, the magnet on the end also rotates inside the coil. This sends a message to the PCB which allows it to determine the revolutions of the drum. 

Which is where the spin speed of the machine is determined. A 800 Spin speed means that the magnet rotates 800 times every minute and is where the RPM (revolutions per minute) comes from when related to spin speed.

If that small magnet has become loose or fallen off, the coil cannot detect any messages to notify it that the motor is turning which then triggers the F02 error code.

This is a fairly common problem in which the PCB sends power to the motor, has no inclination of any fault except it has no message indicating that the motor is working.

This is another job best left to a technician. The technician will inspect the tacho generator and reinstall or replace the magnet if this proves to be the reason for the fault.

There Is One Other Possibility

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In some cases, your washer could have received a power surge or some other fluctuation in the power supply. This could lead to the PCB receiving a false message.

As a result of this, the PCB perceives that there’s a problem that’s not really there. It then displays the F02 or some other error code falsely.

You can often clear these error codes simply by disconnecting the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows any residual power to disappear and when the appliance is reconnected to the power, the error code has gone.

Of course, if the error code remains or returns soon afterwards, then there’s a real issue that needs addressing. In that case you’ll need to contact a technician.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does error code F02 mean on a Hotpoint Aqualtis washing machine?

The F02 error code on a Hotpoint Aqualtis washing machine indicates a problem with the motor not turning. This could be caused by a software or electrical glitch, the motor is jammed, the drum is jammed or there is a problem with the tacho generator.

What does error code F02 mean on my Indesit washing machine?

If your Indesit washing machine is displaying the F02 error code it indicates that the motor isn’t turning. This can be caused by a jammed motor, a jammed drum, a faulty tacho generator or an electrical glitch.

How can I Tell if the motor is jammed on my Indesit washing machine?

You can tell if the motor is jammed on your Indesit washing machine by turning the drum by hand. If it turns freely, the motor isn’t jammed. If it is difficult to turn, it could be the motor or the drum shaft that is jammed. You will need to remove the drive belt and then turn the drum again. If it is now easy to turn, the problem is the motor, if it’s still difficult to turn, it’s the drum shaft that’s jammed.

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