Hotpoint Washing Machine F05 Error Code (what causes it & what to do)

Nearly all modern washing machines have error codes that notify you if there’s a problem with the machine. If, for example, your washing machine stops working mid program, the display will show an error code which tells you the reason it’s stopped working. Which is great as long as you know what the error code signifies.

Hotpoint washing machines show error codes to tell you what’s wrong with the machine which gives you some indication as to how to go about repairing the machine. So what does error code F05 mean?

Please note: We do not advise you to undertake any repair work yourself, this is for informational purposes only. Please also check the warranty before starting any work as taking apart your washer could invalidate it.

Error Code F05 Indicates A Problem With The Pump Or Waste Pipe

What it actually means is that the pressure switch is stuck on. The pressure switch is what tells the machine that there is no water left inside the machine. This allows the machine to proceed to the spin cycle as it will not spin if it detects the presence of water in the machine because the extra water created by the spin would have nowhere to go.

So error code F05 indicates that the machine has not received the signal that the water has been removed from the machine. This will cause the door to not open as the machine will be full of water or at least act as if it is full of water. This could be caused by one of three main issues;

  1. A faulty pump
  2. A blocked filter
  3. A blocked waste pipe

It could also mean the pressure switch has jammed or the air pressure chamber has a blockage which keeps air in the chamber and consequently keeps the pressure switch on.

What To Check First

We suggest you check the easiest part first, which means the easiest to access. Which in this case is;

Check The Waste Pipe

Place a bucket on the floor and remove the rubber waste pipe that’s attached to the washing machine from the plastic wall pipe. Point the end of the rubber pipe into the bucket, if water gushes from the pipe, the drain pipe (plastic pipe attached to the wall) has a blockage.

Check The Filter

The filter is located at the base of the machine, the easiest way to access this is to pull the machine out and lean it back against the wall. Then remove the plastic cover on the bottom right of the machine. Ensure to place a towel and bowl beneath the machine and unscrew the black circular filter cap. Check inside for any obvious obstructions and check that the impeller spins easily.

Faulty Pump

If, after completing the previous steps, the machine still displays F05, it’s most likely to be the pump that’s at fault which is probably best left to a professional. We recommend contacting Hotpoint or a local washing machine engineer.

Pressure Switch Fault

If you suspect it could be the pressure switch has a fault, if, for example, the water has drained away but the error code is still displayed, it could be that the pressure chamber bottle has a blockage. To fix this follow this video;

If all else fails, or you don’t feel confident tackling any of the above yourself, contact Hotpoint directly on 0330 162 0863 or contact a local washing machine engineer.

Common Hotpoint Error Codes

There are several error codes for Hotpoint washing machines here’s a quick guide for each one.

Error CodeFault Indicated
F01Fault with electronic circuit board 
F02Fault with motor circuit 
F03Fault with temperature sensor 
F05Faulty pump or waste pipe blockage
F06Faulty door lock 
F07Faulty electronic/heater circuit board 
F08Faulty heater
F09Faulty software 
F11Faulty pump circuit 
F12Faulty electronic control 
F13Faulty dryer temperature sensor (washer/dryers)
F15 Faulty heater control 
F16Faulty drum lock position sensor (toploaders)
F18Internal data error

For more detailed information check out the Hotpoint service page [1] including each error code with a more detailed description of the faults and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does F05 mean on a Hotpoint?

F05 is the Hotpoint (and Indesit) fault code for pump fault or waste pipe blocked. It probably also means the door on the machine will not open, this is because the machine is full of water or it detects that it is full of water.

Why does my Hotpoint washing machine keep flashing F05?

If the error code F05 keeps flashing on your Hotpoint washing machine, the pressure switch has jammed on. Which makes the machine think it is full of water and so doesn’t spin.

How do you drain a washing machine without flooding?

To drain a washing machine when the machine is full of water, place a bowl beneath the pump filter and turn the filter cap slowly until water pours out. Once the bowl is full, retighten the cap, empty the bowl and repeat until all of the water has been removed from the machine.

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