How To Reset The Water Filter In A Samsung Refrigerator

If you own a Samsung refrigerator that’s plumbed in and connected to a water line, the water filter is an important part which will need changing at frequent intervals. The water filter ensures that the water dispensed through the water dispenser or ice maker on your refrigerator is clean, pure and safe to drink.

In this article we take you through the process of changing the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator step by step. This will ensure the filter in your appliance is fitted correctly and working as it should.

Step-By-Step To Reset A Samsung Fridge Water Filter 

Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung water filters need changing every 6 months or when the filter light turns red. Once the filter has been replaced, you will need to reset the filter light. Let’s get started;

Step 1. Locate The Water Filter

You will need to find the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator before you can change it. The location can vary from model to model, but the water filter is typically found in the top right-hand corner of the fridge compartment.

You should see a small door or panel – the water filter sits behind this panel. If not, consult your user manual for more details.

Step 2. Turn Off The Water Supply

To prevent spillage, it’s important to turn off the water supply before removing the filter. The water inlet tap will usually be located at the back of your fridge. You will need to turn the water inlet tap clockwise to stop the water flow.

If you can’t locate the water inlet tap, you will need to locate the home’s stopcock and turn it clockwise to shut off the water supply to your home.

Step 3. Remove The Old Filter

Once the water supply has been turned off, you can remove the old filter. Open the door or panel to expose the filter and carefully unscrew it in an anticlockwise direction.

Take care as there will inevitably be some residue water inside the filter. We recommend placing a small tray or towel under the filter as you remove it to catch any water droplets. Check that the new filter is the correct type for your particular refrigerator then discard the old one.

There are five common filters for Samsung refrigerators which are;

  1. DA29-10105J
  2. DA29-00003F
  3. DA97-17376B
  4. DA29 – 00020B
  5. DA29-00003G

We recommend only ever using genuine Samsung replacement filters to ensure the smooth running of your water dispenser.

Step 4. Install The New Filter

Take the new filter out of its packaging and remove any caps or seals that were there to protect the filter during transit.  Insert the new filter into the filter housing.

Turn it in a clockwise direction until it locks into position.The filter should be tightly fitted but not too tight. If you over tighten the filter, it could become damaged.

Step 5. Reset The Filter Light

Once the new filter is in place, it’s important that you reset the filter light. The filter light indicates when it’s time to replace the filter, so it needs to be reset to allow accurate timing.

As there are different models of refrigerators in the Samsung range and various filter types too, refer to your user manual for specific instructions on how to reset the filter light.

You will typically need to press and hold one or more buttons until the filter light goes off or changes colour (from red to blue).

Step 6. Check The Water Flow

Once the filter light has been successfully reset, you should turn the water supply back on by doing the reverse of step 2 (above). Then operate the water dispenser for around 6 to 7 minutes to ensure there is no air in the system and that the water flows freely.

This also ensures any impurities that collected during the manufacturing process of the filter are removed. Ensuring that the water dispensed from your refrigerator is pure and clear.

Why Does The Water Filter Need To Be Replaced Regularly?

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Replacing the water filter on your Samsung refrigerator regularly is an important process. It needs to be done to ensure the quality of water dispensed through the ice maker or water dispenser is clean and free from any impurities.

The filter traps any minerals, chemicals and other impurities found in the water ensuring that the water dispensed is safe to consume. Over time, those impurities and chemicals build up in the filter.

This leads to a decreased water flow and foul smelling and tasting water. By regularly replacing the water filter, you can ensure the quality of the water dispensed from your refrigerator is pure and safe to consume.

How Often Should The Water Filter Be Replaced?

Consult your user manual for model specific information, but the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator should be replaced once every 6 months. Or when you notice any of the following;

  • A Decrease In The Flow Rate
    If the flow rate of water from your dispenser decreases significantly, it is probably caused by mineral particles or grit etc, clogging the filter.
  • A Change In The Taste Or Smell Of The Water
    If the water no longer tastes fresh or has an “off” smell, it indicates that the filter needs to be replaced.
  • The Filter Light Turns Red (Or Comes On)
    The filter light is on a timer which is set when you reset it. This timer is typically set for a 6 month period. On some models the filter light changes from blue to purple then red. The red light indicates that it’s time to replace the filter. On other models the light goes off once reset and appears again at the end of the 6 month period indicating that it’s time to replace the filter.

Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Running Of The Water Dispenser

If you notice any problems when replacing the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator, you should check the following;

  • Ensure the new filter is properly aligned with the housing and installed correctly
  • Remember to turn the water supply back on after successfully replacing the water filter
  • Check the inlet hose for any twists, kinks or blockages
  • Ensure the filter housing is clean and residue free before fitting the new filter

It is important that you replace the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator regularly. The whole operation shouldn’t take longer than around 10 to 15 minutes. By following our easy step by step guide you will successfully replace and reset your refrigerator’s water filter and ensure the quality of your dispensed water and ice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the filter light red on my Samsung fridge?

If the filter light is red on your Samsung fridge, it indicates that the water filter needs replacing. It is recommended that the water filter is replaced every 6 months and the red filter light indicates that 6 months has passed since the filter was last changed.

Is it really necessary to change your Samsung refrigerator’s water filter every 6 months?

It is necessary to change the water filter on your Samsung refrigerator every 6 months to prevent a buildup of germs and bacteria. Over time the filter accumulates many impurities and chemicals. These will eventually clog the filter leading to a decreased water flow and foul smelling and tasting water. To ensure that the water dispensed by your refrigerator is safe and pure, the water filter needs to be replaced every 6 months.

What happens if you never change your refrigerator water filter?

If you never change the water filter in your refrigerator, it can cause a buildup of impurities and toxins that could damage the refrigerator as well as your health.

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