Is It Worth Getting A Coloured Washing Machine?

These days appliances are regarded as more than just functional machines. They are considered to be part of the decor of the home. For instance toasters and electric kettles are available in a whole range of colours to fit in with the decor of the kitchen.

What about larger appliances and washing machines in particular? Is it worth buying a washing machine in any other colour than white? To find out more, keep reading.

Should You Buy A Coloured Washing Machine?

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All large home appliances fall under the category of “white goods”. This is because during the early years of production, all large home appliances were white and all small home appliances were brown.

Which means smaller items like wireless radios and television sets were known as brown goods whilst larger appliances like refrigerators and washing machines were known as white goods.

White is still the most common colour for washing machines to this day. However, a quick look through any online appliance retailer’s selection of washing machines will reveal that they’re now available in a number of colours.

Apart from the standard white, you can find washing machines listed under the following colours;

  • Titanium
  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • Graphite

To name but a few. In all fairness, apart from white and black, all of the other colours seem to be a type of grey. However, some kitchen designers offer washing machines in pretty much all of the colours of the rainbow.

What Are Pros & Cons Of Buying A Coloured Washing Machine?

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Let’s take a brief look at the main pros & cons of buying a coloured washing machine.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Coloured Washing Machine?

The main advantages of buying a coloured washing machine include;

It Fits In With The Rooms Decor

If you have designed your kitchen with a particular colour scheme in mind it can be complemented by having all of the appliances follow that colour scheme.

From smaller items like kettles and toasters to large items like refrigerators and washing machines, they can all be purchased in the colour of your choosing.

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Having all of the appliances the same colour can appeal to your artistic nature and make working in the kitchen a more pleasant experience for you.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Buying A Coloured Washing Machine?


The main disadvantages of buying a coloured washing machine include;

They Can Be More Expensive

In some cases, you may have to pay more for a coloured washing machine compared to a standard white model. Depending on the make and model, many manufacturers charge more for coloured washers compared with similar white models.

It’s Not Always Possible To Get Colour Coded Replacement Parts

Often, coloured washing machines are only available for a limited time period. Once the offer for that particular colour is finished, they no longer produce replacement parts for that particular model.

That isn’t a problem for internal parts as these are typically standard throughout the range. It’s parts like control panels, doors, door handles and even control knobs that are typically affected here.

If one of these parts develops a fault, and you need a replacement, the manufacturer will send you one. However, it will most likely be of a standard colour.

This will most likely clash with the designer colour of your appliance. This has happened on a number of occasions and when questioned, the manufacturer replies saying that it is a “suitable replacement”.

Which of course, it is, in the sense that it will get the appliance working properly again. However, it might not look all that appealing.

Can I Change The Colour Of My Washing Machine?

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You can change the colour of your washing machine, by painting it a different colour. As long as you use the correct type of paint you can transform your existing washing machine to pretty much any colour you like.

You will most likely need enamel paint to cover a washing machine. After first treating the surface by sanding lightly and then priming it with an appropriate primer.

Then it’s just a case of applying the enamel paint by following the instructions on the can. I recommend using enamel spray paint as it will cover the washer more evenly. However, you can also use a regular can of paint and a paint brush if you prefer.

So, Should You Buy A Coloured Washing Machine?

The choice between a coloured or white washing machine is a personal one and one that only you can make. However, as we have seen in this article, although a coloured appliance might look good and appeal to your sense of style, it could become problematic if you need to replace certain parts.

The problem with any coloured washing machine is it is likely to fall out of fashion at some point in the not too distant future. Leaving you with an obsolete machine and little chance of obtaining the right coloured replacement parts.

Which is why I recommend going for a white washing machine whenever you need to buy a new machine. Washing machines have been manufactured in white since their early days.

It is a timeless colour and one not likely to ever go out of fashion. Which means you’ll always be able to get suitable replacement parts that don’t clash with the colour.

Here at CheckAppliance we have a number of washing machine reviews to help you make an informed choice on the brand of washer that will suit your needs best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a coloured washing machine?

No, I recommend you buy a white washing machine. The various colours of washing machines tend to go in trends. This means that a particular colour isn’t available for long. If you need to buy a replacement part, you may find it is no longer available. The manufacturer often will send a replacement part of a different colour that will work just as well, but look odd. White washing machines are always in production so spare parts won’t be problematic.

What is the most common colour for a washing machine?

The most common colour for a washing machine is white. Washing machines have always been available in white which is why they, along with other large appliances are known as white goods.

Why are black washing machines more expensive?

Black and coloured washing machines tend to be more expensive than their white counterparts. This is typically because there are fewer black washing machines produced and it’s a case of supply and demand. Added to which black or different coloured washing machines tend to be considered as more trendy and stylish which could also contribute to the higher price tag.

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