LG Washing Machine Troubleshooting [Full Guide]

LG washing machines have a good reputation within the industry for their reliability, efficiency and outstanding cleaning performance. But like all appliances, problems can occur and when a problem does rear its ugly head you’re going to need to get it sorted as soon as possible.

That’s where this article comes in, because we have listed all of the likely issues you’re liable to experience when using a LG washing machine.

Some are easy to fix whilst others will require a higher level of mechanical skills. Let’s get into troubleshooting your LG washing machine.

Troubleshooting Guide For LG Washing Machines

Statistics have shown that most LG washing machines will last at least 5 years before displaying any major problems. However, that doesn’t mean that faults can’t happen at any time. Below we have listed all of the reported faults commonly found in LG washing machines.

FaultMost Likely CauseSolution
LG washing machine won’t turn onNo power, child lock activated, control panel turned off, incorrect setting selected or the door or lid is not closed properlyCheck that the washer has power, deactivate the child lock, turn on the control panel,select the correct setting and ensure that the door or lid is fully closed
LG washing machine doesn’t spinA lack of power, unbalanced load, washer imbalance, too many soap suds, incorrect setting, door not fully closed, faulty drive belt, faulty motor or faulty control boardEnsure the power supply is connected and switched on, ensure the wash load and machine are balanced, avoid using too much or the wrong type of detergent, select the correct setting, ensure the door is fully closed, replace any faulty parts
LG washing machine doesn’t drainToo many suds, unbalanced wash load, unbalanced washer, clogged drain hose or pump, defective drain pump, defective lid switchAvoid using too much or the wrong type of detergent, ensure the washer and wash load are balanced, clean the drain hose and pump, replace the defective drain pump or lid switch
LG washing machine doesn’t fill with waterTwisted/kinked or blocked inlet hose, blocked water filter, reduced water pressureStraighten or unclog the inlet hose, clean the water filter, increase water pressure
No power, nothing lights upPower cord is loose, circuit breaker has tripped, blown fuse, faulty socket, control board faulty, defective user interface boardFix the power cord, reset the circuit breaker, replace the blown fuse or the faulty socket, replace the control board or user interface board
Start button doesn’t respondProgram glitch, key stuck, faulty control board or faulty PCB Reset the washer, clean the buttons, replace the faulty control board or PCB
Display not workingNo power, display screen damaged, faulty control boardEnsure the power supply is working and connected, replace the damaged display screen or control board
LG washing machine making unusual or strange noisesUneven load, imbalanced machine, internal component defectEnsure the load is level and evenly distributed, check the level of the washer, contact a technician to diagnose and repair any faulty components
Fill valve not closingFaulty fill valveReplace the fill valve
Water under LG washing machineWater inlet valve leakingReplace the water inlet valve

Let’s take a closer look at all of these issues and get your LG washing machine running properly again.

LG Washing Machine Won’t Turn On

person changing the program on washing machine

If your LG washing machine won’t turn on at all, there must be something wrong, however, it’s usually something with an easy fix. It’s most likely caused by;

  • No Power
    The first thing to check is the power supply, check that the power cord is undamaged and is plugged firmly into a fully functioning wall socket and the wall switch is turned on. Then check that the circuit breaker is switched on.
  • Child Lock Activated
    If the child lock has been activated, none of the controls on the washer will work apart from the power switch. This could mean the control panel lights up, but nothing else works.
  • Control Panel Turned Off
    If your LG washer has been left inactive for a few hours, the control panel automatically turns off. This is a safety and energy saving feature and not a fault in the machine.
  • Incorrect Setting Selected
    There are certain settings on LG washing machines like delay wash or demo mode for example that prevent the washer from starting. Delay wash will not start until the timer has completed its countdown and demo mode will demonstrate the features of the washer without turning it on.
  • Open Door/Lid
    If the door or lid are not firmly closed, the appliance will not start. You will need to ensure that the door or lid are fully closed before the washer will turn on. If you have fully closed the door or lid and the machine still won’t turn on, you will need to check the door/lid switch for continuity and replace if necessary.

LG Washing Machine Doesn’t Spin

All washing machines need to spin to wash and rinse your laundry properly. If the washer doesn’t  spin, the clothes won’t get clean and they will be too wet after the cycle finishes. If your LG washer doesn’t spin it’s most likely caused by;

  • Insufficient Power
    If the power cord or plug socket are defective, it could lead to insufficient power reaching the washer, this could prevent the washer from spinning. Check that the power cord is intact and plugged into a working socket and that the power supply is switched on.
  • Uneven Washer
    If your LG washing machine isn’t sited on level ground, it could affect its ability to spin correctly. You will need to ensure that the appliance is on level ground or at least that the machine itself is level. You can adjust the feet and check the level using a spirit level.
  • Unbalanced Wash Load
    If the laundry is not spread all over the drum and has all accumulated on one side, it could prevent the drum from spinning. You need to check on the contents of the drum and rearrange them accordingly.
  • Too Many Soap Suds
    If you have used too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent, it’s possible that there are too many soap suds in the drum. This can cause the drum on a LG washer to not spin.
  • Incorrect Setting Selected
    You will need to check the settings if the drum won’t spin. This is because the washer will not spin if the child lock has been activated. Plus there are no-spin options which could also have been selected.
  • Door Not Fully Closed
    If the door has not been fully closed or the latch has become faulty, the washer will not spin. You should check that the door is fully closed and if it still doesn’t spin, you will need to check the door latch for continuity and replace if necessary.
  • Broken Drive Belt
    The drive belt connects to the drum and the motor, if the drive belt breaks, the drum won’t turn. As accessing the drive belt involves dismantling the appliance we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.
  • Faulty Motor
    If there is a fault in the motor, the drum won’t spin. This typically happens if the motor is worn out however, a technician will check because sometimes the motor is just jammed and can be freed.
  • Defective Control Board

If there doesn’t appear to be any of the above faults causing the washer not to spin, it could be that the control board has failed. This could be due to a short circuit which usually means replacing the control board.

LG Washing Machine Doesn’t Drain

All washers need to fully drain the water away and if your LG washer won’t drain it needs sorting. The most likely causes are;

  • Uneven Washing Machine
    If the washing machine is not level it might not be able to drain all of the water away. Check the level using a spirit level and adjust the feet accordingly.
  • Unbalanced Wash Load
    If the clothes are out of balance in the drum, the washer could struggle to remove all of the water. Ensure the wash load is even and rearrange if necessary.
  • Too Many Soap Suds
    If there are too many soap suds the machine will not be able to drain correctly. Avoid using excessive amounts of detergent or the wrong type of detergent to prevent this from happening.
  • Blocked Drain Hose
    If the drain hose becomes blocked or clogged, the waste water cannot drain from the machine. Inspect and clean the drain hose as necessary.
  • Blocked Or Faulty Drain Pump
    If there is a blockage in the drain pump it cannot remove the water from the machine. Check for blockages and if it’s clear, check for continuity and replace if it proves to be faulty.
  • Defective Door/Lid Switch
    If the door or lid doesn’t shut fully the appliance will not drain or possibly won’t even start. Check the door switch for continuity and replace if necessary.

LG Washing Machine Doesn’t Fill With Water

washing machine with a towel in the door

To effectively wash clothes your LG washer needs to fill with water first. If your LG washer doesn’t fill with water it’s probably because;

  • The Water Valve Is Closed
    If the water valve on your LG washer is switched to the closed position, the machine cannot fill with water. Check that the water valve is in the open position. Most modern washers only have a cold feed which means there should be only one valve to check. However, older models can have a hot & cold inlet valve. If this is the case, ensure they are both switched to the open position.
  • Twisted/Blocked Inlet Hose
    If the water inlet hose is twisted or kinked it can prevent water from entering the appliance. Likewise if the inlet hose is blocked. Ensure the water inlet hose is straight and that there is no blockage in the hose.
  • Reduced Water Pressure
    The correct water pressure for LG washing machines is anywhere between 14.5 to 116 psi (pounds per square inch). If the water pressure supplying your LG washer is less than 14.5 psi, it will not fill with water. You can increase the water pressure by opening the stopcock in your home.
  • Blocked Water Filter
    If the water filter is blocked or even slightly clogged it can affect the amount of water entering your LG washing machine.This could prevent the washer from filling up. Check the filter for any blockages and clean as necessary.

LG Washing Machine Has No Power & Nothing Lights Up

If your LG washer has no power at all, the fault is usually caused by a lack of power. You will need to check;

  • The Power Cord
    If the power cord is loose or not fully inserted into the wall socket, the washer cannot power up.
  • The Circuit Breaker
    If the circuit breaker has tripped it will prevent power from reaching your appliance. This often happens after a power surge.
  • The Fuse
    It’s also possible that a power surge could cause the fuse in the plug to blow. You will need to replace the fuse with one of equal value.
  • The Wall Socket
    If the wall socket the washer is connected to is faulty, it could cause the washer to not get any power. Check the socket by plugging another electrical item into it and seeing if it works correctly.
  • User Interface/Main Control Board
    If the user interface or main control board are defective there’s a good chance that the washer will fail to light up. Check for continuity and replace parts as needed.

LG Washing Machine Start Button Doesn’t Respond

It’s quite rare for the start button on a LG washer to not respond but it can happen. The most likely cause will be one of the following;

  • Program Glitch
    If your washer has an electrical glitch it’s likely to affect the start button and possibly other buttons as well. Try resetting the washer by removing the wall plug for 10 to 15 minutes. This often returns the washer back to factory settings and clears any glitches.
  • Key Stuck
    Over time the control panel can become dirty, sometimes some of that dirt can get into the start button and cause it to stick. You can sometimes clear this using a lint-free cloth dipped in white vinegar. Just gently wipe the button to remove any grease, dirt etc.
  • Faulty Control Panel
    If the control panel develops a fault, it could make the start button and other buttons unresponsive. You will need to check the control panel for continuity and replace if necessary.
  • Defective PCB
    If none of the buttons respond the problem is most likely caused by a defective printed circuit board (PCB) that will need to be replaced.

LG Washing Machine Display Not Working

If your LG washer display shows absolutely nothing at all there are 3 main things that could be causing it. Which are;

  • No Power
    The first thing to check is that the washer has power. Check the power cord, plug, wall socket and circuit breaker.
  • Display Panel Damaged
    If the display panel is damaged it will need to be replaced and although it is possible to do this yourself, we recommend getting a technician to do this for you as the display panel can easily be damaged.
  • Faulty Control Board
    If you have power and the display panel isn’t damaged, the only possible cause left is a defective control board. Check for continuity and replace if necessary.

LG Washing Machine Making Unusual Or Strange Noises

washing machine and dryer

All washers make strange noises from time to time and your LG washer is no different. If you hear strange sounds coming from your LG washer they are likely to be caused by one of the following;

  • Uneven Wash Load
    If the wash load is not distributed evenly around the drum of your LG washer, it is likely to make a strange banging or thumping sound. Start by redistributing the wash load and restart the wash cycle.
  • Imbalanced Machine
    If the washer is not level it is likely to make noises especially when the drum is spinning. Check the level of the appliance and adjust the feet accordingly.
  • Internal Fault
    If, after adjusting the wash load and checking the level of the appliance, the noise continues, it indicates an internal fault like a defective drum bearing or shock absorber. As accessing these parts entails dismantling the appliance, we recommend contacting a technician to do this for you. A trained technician will be able to diagnose and fix any faults far easier and quicker than an uniformed amateur.

LG Washing Machine Fill Valve Not Closing

LG washing machines have electromagnetic inlet valves which control the water supply during a wash cycle. If you notice that the fill valve doesn’t close properly you need to deal with it as soon as possible to prevent your home from flooding. There are several factors which can cause this issue which include;

  • A Faulty Inlet Valve
    Over time the water inlet or fill valve can develop a fault which prevents the valve from fully closing at the end of a wash and rinse cycle.
  • A Damaged Inlet Valve
    The valve might not close fully due to it being cracked or a buildup of limescale due to hard water. The solution to both of these issues is to replace the water inlet valve. This can be done by anyone with enough DIY skills but for safety’s sake we recommend getting a technician to do this for you.

Water Under LG Washing machine

The most likely cause for water appearing under your LG washer is either;

  • Water Inlet Valve Leaking
    If there is a puddle or pool of water visible under the washing machine, it is most likely to have been caused by a leaking water inlet valve. This will need replacing (see above).
  • Inlet Hose Leaking
    Check the inlet hose is connected to the back of the washer securely and tighten if necessary.

LG Washing Machine Troubleshooting Common Error Codes

Let’s take a quick look at common error codes found on LG washing machines.

Error Code SignifiesSolution
CLChild lock activatedDisengage child lock by pressing and holding for 3 to 5 seconds
UEUneven wash loadRedistribute the wash load in the drum
SudExcess soap sudsUse less detergent or the correct type of detergent
PFPower failureCheck the power supply
nE/nFWiFi not connectedCheck the washer’s WiFi connection
OESlow drainageCheck the drain pump and hose for any blockage or use less detergent
IEWater inlet faultEnsure the water inlet hose isn’t twisted or blocked and check that the water inlet valve is fully open
LEMotor lockedReset the washer and if the code doesn’t clear contact a technician
PEWater level sensor faultReset the washer and if the code doesn’t clear contact a technician
EEMemory issue (EEPROM)Reset the washer
dE/dEL/dE1/dE2Open door/lidShut the door/lid firmly if this doesn’t work replace the switch
tEHeating sensor faultyReset the washer and if the code doesn’t clear contact a technician

Save Time & Money By Checking Your LG Washer Yourself

Above you will find all of the common faults and error codes for a LG washing machine. Before contacting a technician for every little fault, check the lists above. You could save time & money and have your LG washer working properly in no time.

We hope you have found this troubleshooting guide helpful. If you have any questions or tips feel free to comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common problems with LG washing machines?

The most common problems reported with LG washing machines include drainage issues, water inlet valve issues and control board faults.

How do you do a hard reset on an LG washing machine?

To do a hard reset on a LG washing machine simply remove the plug from the wall socket or switch off the circuit breaker for 10 to 15 minutes.

Why is my LG washing machine not spinning or draining?

If your LG washing machine fails to spin or drain, the most common cause is an unbalanced wash load. Try rearranging the wash load so that the laundry is more evenly distributed around the drum.

Why does my LG washing machine not start?

The most common causes of LG washing machines not starting are related to a faulty power supply, a tripped circuit breaker or a power surge at home.

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