What Is Rinse And Spin On A Washing Machine?

If you’ve had to replace your washing machine recently you’ll have noticed all of the extra programs available on it. Many are self explanatory but we feel it’s only right to explain the rinse and spin cycle.

If you want to know what the rinse and spin cycle is on your washing machine, keep reading.

What Is The Rinse And Spin Cycle On A Washing Machine?

The rinse and spin cycle isn’t a wash cycle at all. It is a handy cycle to have on your washing machine because of the function it provides. It’s not a full on program as such but it can be independently selected.

The idea is to give your laundry an extra rinse before spinning the laundry until it is almost dry. It is a great cycle for ensuring all of the detergent has been removed from clothes. Which is great for anyone with sensitive skin for example.

It can also be used to dry clothes that aren’t particularly dirty, like clean clothes that got soaked in a sudden downpour of rain.

How Does The Rinse Cycle Work?

The rinse cycle works by drawing water into the drum to rinse excess detergent from the laundry whilst the drum turns in alternate directions to agitate the laundry.

If you use extra detergent or bleach in your laundry you’ll probably need to select the rinse cycle more than once to remove all of the excess.

The rinse cycle starts directly after the wash cycle has drained and spun and lasts approximately 12 to 15 minutes. It is typically determined by the size of the load, so the more laundry in the drum, the longer the rinse cycle goes on for.

How Does The Spin Cycle Work?

The spin cycle is used at many stages throughout a typical wash program to remove water from the laundry. It is also the last cycle of the wash which is responsible for leaving the laundry almost dry.

The drum tends to spin in only one direction during a spin cycle and relies on centrifugal force to extract the water. The average time span for a spin cycle is around 3 minutes.

You can select an extra spin cycle if the laundry is still particularly wet after the wash program has finished.

How Does Rinse And Spin Work On A Washing Machine?

The rinse and spin cycle is a program that has many uses in the modern washing machine. It can be used to give laundry an extra rinse to remove excess detergent. And it can also be used on delicate clothes that need less time in the machine.

The rinse and spin first removes excess water from the laundry before adding fresh water to remove any detergents. It then spins the laundry to remove as much water as possible.

When To Use The Rinse And Spin Cycle

The rinse and spin cycle can be used to;

  • Rinse detergent from clothes if an excessive amount of suds are visible
  • Rinse hand washed clothes
  • Wash delicate clothes
  • Wash clothes that are not really that dirty
  • Remove excessive detergent in cases of allergic reaction
  • To remove stain remover from a dry item of clothing

How Long Is A Rinse And Spin Cycle?

There is no standard set time for a rinse and spin cycle. All manufacturers vary the timing of the rinse and spin cycle. Some last for around 10 minutes while the longest we have experienced is around 45 to 50 minutes.

What Is The Difference Between Rinse & Spin And Drain & Spin?

With the rinse and spin cycle, the laundry has an extra rinse before being spun until it is almost dry.

Drain and spin omits the rinsing with extra water. It drains the water from the machine and then spins the laundry until it is almost dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does rinse and spin do on a washer?

Rinse and spin on a washing machine does exactly what it says.  It draws in extra water to rinse the laundry before spinning it until it is almost completely dry.

What is the difference between rinse and spin and spin?

The difference between rinse and spin and spin on a washing machine is; Rinse and spin rinses the laundry before spinning it and spin omits the extra water rinse and just spins the laundry to remove water.

Does the rinse and spin cycle actually clean?

The rinse and spin cycle doesn’t actually clean the laundry as it just uses water to rinse. It is used primarily to remove excess detergent from laundry before spinning it almost dry.

Does the drain and spin Cycle add water?

No, the drain and spin cycle doesn’t add water, to add water you should select the rinse and spin. The drain and spin, drains water from the drum before spinning the laundry almost dry.

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